Breaking: Welcome to the jungle

Good evening, after a solid day of work, with much excitement, I will announce this new project that I pitched to my good friend Robert Shade. After our ties with WhatCulture took an unexpected turn for the worse, and with House of Pain: Evolution just around the corner, I had to act quickly to ensure we had a platform to produce our writing on. You have previously seen this partnership at “wrestlingslasthope” but now it’s time to do something slightly new.

Let’s get down with the sickness. I am here announcing LockUP: Because every good match begins with a good LockUP! We will build this from the ground up, and don’t expect to get big very quickly, but I and Robert Shade will be in partnership running a whole new set up.
It took just 30 minutes of negotiations, but, we pretty much nodded at each other and we knew what we wanted to do!

What do we want to do with this?

We have noticed that certain sites such as WhatCulture prefer you to write in their specific style, and as a professional writer, I found this very hard to agree with. Every author has their own writing style, this is why people like them. With this website, we aim to promote unrestricted creativity. Allowing pretty much anything that the mainstream contribution websites won’t allow you to do.
Along with this, we launch a twitter account @LockUPWrestling and the Fan Group, which will be shared and plugged in due course.
With regards to competition, we don’t want to war, we want to be a neutral party that PROMOTES THE GOOD IN BRITISH WRESTLING. Join us. Have a coffee.

However, I will also confirm that we will be supporting Callum Murray in his quest to get the life saving treatment he needs in America. All that’s required will be posted.

The inclusion of more writers to our team will broaden our horizon with wrestling coverage. Do you want to the opportunity to contribute to us? Contact either myself or Robert Shade.