Evolution 1: Pre-show Thoughts


After months of anticipation, one of the UK’S most prolific wrestling academies will evolve. The House of Pain has answered the call for evolution.

House of Pain: Evolution will finally open the doors to locals and nationwide wrestling fans in just one week. It’s a day that will go down in the history books of British Wrestling, this show will be one of a kind.

Coming off the back of the success of the academy, House of Pain: Evolution stand in good stead to do well in the city, as over 80% of tickets were sold with only 2 weeks remaining!

If you walked around Nottingham, you wouldn’t miss the signs plastered everywhere! But one of my good friends said to me when we were talking about it, he said: “There are no imports on the show” to my response: “We don’t need any.”
House of Pain: Evolution, will be 100% British, which means that only British talent, or talent trained in the UK will be called up to the show. But with this, there are still many stars who will draw the crowds in, namely, El Ligero, Doug Williams, Mark Haskins, Marty Scurll and Kristoffer Travis!

Now, wrestling aside, there has been another outside ‘feud’ taking place between “The Man With The Golden Tongue” Harvey Dale and Ruffneck. For months, these two have been at each other’s throat over social media website, Facebook, however, this argument wasn’t for the feint hearted, as death threats were indeed flying between the two. However, following months of dispute, Harvey Dale has finally apologized and will offer Ruffneck a front row seat at Evolution 1. But will he turn up? Will he kick off? We will have to wait and see.

CARD IN FULL: Not running order.

Kris Travis vs Mark Haskins vs Marty Scurll vs Doug Williams

“The Bastard” Dave Mastiff vs T-Bone

“Dynamite” Pete Dunne vs “Liverpool’s #1” Zack Gibson

“Special Edition” Joseph Conners vs “The Juice” CJ Banks

Robbie X vs Wild Boar vs Alex Gracie vs Ryan Smile 

Max Angelus vs El Ligero

Battle Squad Awesome vs Project Ego

Now, it’s hard to pick a match to look out for, but you can’t look no further than the main event, although normally anything with El Ligero and Max Angelus in would be set in stone!

The main event is a 4 way dance, not literally, that would be silly. So, a four way match containing four well-known figures in British Wrestling! This is a match anybody would want to see. It contains two former TNA superstars in Doug Williams and Mark Haskins, TNA British Bootcamp and Take me out star, Marty Scurll and of course one half of Project Ego, who are one of the best tag teams in the UK, Kristoffer Travis.

There is heat, tension and everything that comes with it, British wrestling will takes another step, get your tickets whilst they still remain. House of Pain: Evolution, Sunday 14th of July, be there and be squared circle.

Remember, if you can’t make the show, be sure to support your local independent wrestling scene!

We here at LockUP! can’t wait for the show.

To purchase tickets, you can find House of Pain: Evolution on Facebook, or their online store, which is http://www.houseofpainevolutionwrestling.com/online-store.php

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