House of Pain: Evolution – The Finer Details


We are just days away from the much anticipated arrival of House of Pain: Evolution, but after reading some pre event reviews, we have noticed that a few things have gone untold. These things make House of Pain: Evolution stand out from the pack. We feel that it is important to let all be told.

The Record System

The record system is very unique and different for the UK, it already happens in a promotion in the United States of America (USA).

After speaking to the promoter, “The Man with the Golden Tongue” Harvey Dale, he said that the record system will add logic behind number one contender spots, instead of just picking a random guy out in the back and saying, BANG, you’re the number one contender, go perform.

The Record system will define the title picture, because it will prove that a wrestler has performed well consistently to be considered for a title shot. This could also give wrestling the ‘Real fight’ feeling again, which it has been lacking for so long. This is where House of Pain: Evolution will stand out from the rest.

Along with this, a record also means quite a bit to a fighter, as the record will eventually become a pride. As in the Ultimate Fighters Championship (UFC), Legendary announcer, Bruce Buffer, states: “So&So has professional record, 10 wins 4 draws and 1 loss” this could be the same with House of Pain: Evolution.

No Death Matches, Just Hard Hitting Action

LockUP has been informed that House of Pain: Evolution will not promote a particular extreme match type, this is the death match.

This means, fighters will have to perform at high intensity all the time for their record, meaning that the fighters record will be a “Live by the sword, die by the sword” meaning that grapplers won’t want to lose their record, fight by it.

House of Pain: Evolution looks to be a family friendly show, so this call really makes sense, but does this jeopardize future hardcore matches? We don’t think so. But heavy hitting action is a must, and will be showcased at Evolution 2 in a ‘First time in the UK’ Bare Boards match, featuring Clint Margera and Jack Jester.

The House of Pain: Evolution titles

Along with this all, we have confirmed two House of Pain: Evolution titles, a Heavyweight Championship and a Tag Team Championship.

However, there could be more confirmed in the future, but these are the only two titles which will be up and running from the get go.

The Trainee Link

The name House of Pain: Evolution is literal, an evolution of one of the most prolific wrestling academies in the United Kingdom.

House of Pain: Evolution will aim to give those who are underrated, or have become a success on the House of Pain academy show, a chance to perform alongside the best in the UK.

When Owner/Head Trainer, Paul ‘Stixx’ Grint, was informed of the idea, he immediately gave the go ahead to Harvey Dale.

Stixx said: “When the idea was propositioned to me, I was all for lending the House of Pain name to Evolution, as long as it was done to the highest of standards”

He Continued: “Dale has achieved this beyond my expectations. The roster is first class, and the match card he has arranged is littered with some of the UK’s hottest talent. So far, he has done the House of Pain name proud, it really will be a show not to be missed.”

Quote courtesy of Lauren Soar.

However, this should be seen as added inspiration for trainees like myself at the House of Pain, why? Because there could be something for you after academy shows. House of Pain: Evolution look to provide that much needed next step.

House of Pain graduates that have already been confirmed as part of House of Pain: Evolution are as follows: Diamond Dave Andrews, Adrenaline Danny Chase as Battle Squad: Awesome, Barricade, Bam Bam Barton, “Noisy Boy” Alex Gracie, Jurgen Heimlich, “Special Edition” Joseph Conners, “The Heat” LJ Heron, Max Angelus and SC Supreme.

100% British

As previously reported, the show will be 100% British or British trained talent, no imports on the show.

This is great news for British wrestling, as it now means that promotions no longer need the big name imports to sell out a crowd, as almost all tickets have been sold for the first House of Pain: Evolution event.

Talent on the shows will be given the build they both need and deserve, as there won’t be any big imports on the show to overshadow their name. It’s time for the next batch of UK wrestlers to come of age.

This show is down to be one of the best of the year, as all the talent on the show will want to prove who they are, and why they have been specially selected to take part in House of Pain: Evolution.

Now, we would like to hear from you. What do you guys/girls think to the policies in place at House of Pain:Evolution? What do you think to the record system? We would love to hear your comments either below here, or on either our facebook wall, which can be located from the bottom of this page. Or, alternatively our twitter, which is @LockUPWrestling We look forward to hearing from you!