Land Of Extreme Is Back!

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Back in 2001 we saw the demise of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) which too many wrestling folk was the end of an era which could never be recaptured in its totality.

When you combine what they used to put on, the type of matches, the ferocity of the matches, the truly extreme levels they would reach and the intensity and the fire of the crowds all combined to make for one hell of a show every single time that they put it out there.

Since then we have been ‘treated’ to a number of ECW tribute shows which as they have progressed have become increasingly sad to see as the ECW originals in the majority of cases are now so bashed up and/or so old that they clearly cannot go like they used to and it is like watching the olden days in slow motion with more bodges and none of the original creativity.

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Of course the golden goose who laid the egg for ECW Paul Heyman has absolutely nothing to do with any of the modern day tribute shows and his passion and skill along with his creativity all played a massive part in the ECW success story although you could argue that his poor business skills directly led to the downfall of ECW in the end.

There are current promotions such as CZW in America and BJW in Japan who specialise in the more hardcore adult type of matches and in Britain we have both HXC Wrestling and Fight Club Pro who put on over 18 shows due to the nature of some (not all) of their matches and associated language and general direction of the show.

If you skip over to our You Tube Channel (LockUPWrestling) we have put on there for you some matches from BJW in Japan to familiarise yourselves both with what they do and the type of matches I am referring to here in this article.

This type of wrestling I know is not to everybody’s taste and that is fair enough we shall be doing plenty of writing about the more traditional form of shows but there is definitely a market out there for this and with so many British shows being family orientated it does make a nice change for the adults who do enjoy the hardcore type of matches to have the shows for them.

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Coming up on Saturday 13 July in the Corby Masonic Complex in Northamptonshire at 7.00pm is the first over 18 show for Extreme American Wrestling (EAW).

EAW is a promotion which despite it’s name usually puts on family friendly shows over a range of different venues with Corby, Rushden, Yaxley and Skegness and they put on shows nearly every weekend for most of the year and sometimes more than one show a weekend, these are always well attended and EAW also put on outdoor shows at festivals in the area in the summer months as well.

The production values of EAW are as good as any in the country and it certainly provides that big time feel when at a show.

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The wrestlers on the shows are typically a mix between their wrestlers who have come through locally and some of the well known talent from around Britain and in August the ECW legend Sabu will be appearing on two of their shows.

Returning to Saturday’s show though the whole set up has a very adult theme, free shots will be provided (one per person) and it is all standing, there will be a live band entitled ‘Army Of Walking Corpses’ and of course the matches themselves will all have a hardcore theme running through them

So to the matches on the card we have in no particular order:

EAW’s own Monster in town who has experience on the family show’s of steel cage matches. street fights and dumpster matches Mister Monster going up against, in EAW’s first ever deathmatch one of the very best in the business today in such an environment, Jimmy Havoc whose very inclusion on the show demonstrates how serious EAW are about this event.

People will be familiar with Mr Havoc but Mister Monster has been bearing his teeth on the family shows and keeps on getting involved in hardcore themed matches such as outlined above but is frustrated with the limitations on him and is now unleashed to his full capacity so I would not underestimate him.


We have Alpha Female offering an open challenge to anybody in a street fight I guess male or female I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of that though either way!

There is an I Quit Match on this show.

I have seen two I Quit Matches this year on other promotions and they were both excellent this one has the potential to be the same but for possibly different reasons.

mad manson

We have EAW star Dan Darkstar who will be determined to go out there and make a name for himself going up against British superstar Mad Man Manson who of course will be totally confusing Dan Darkstar with his various antics and Manson will probably be thinking that he is in a totally differently themed match so this could be interesting,funny,riveting and unpredictable all rolled into one, Dan has a true dark side and Manson will be in trouble if that comes out but will we see a darker side to the Mad Man?

We have a tables match between two EAW regulars Chris Tyler and The Chameleon, both of these young men who have fought each other in different matches on EAW previously will be at the top of their games to put the other through a table to get one over the vanquished and to be able to stand there in triumph afterwards, will the winner be content with one table I wonder?

We have a singles match which might sound a bit out of place on this show but when you hear of one of the combatants you will realise that this will be anything other than a standard singles match.


Rude Boy Nate an EAW man through and through gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he takes on the bizarre Loco Mike Mason led to the ring of course quite literally on his leash by his erratic wife Rebecca Mason.

Trying to predict the outcome or direction of this match would be like attempting to predict how long the next Chelsea manager will remain in post for impossible but it will definitely be fun!

Finally we have a triple threat match with the stipulation being decided upon by the EAW fans who have been voting for a while now.

The three combatants are all EAW regulars, we have the topically named Sam ‘Man Of’ Steel who is one of the most difficult guys to beat in EAW going up against The Pretty Boy who will not be living up to his title by the end of the night with the final member of the match being the increasingly over Ultra Mark Massa who is a beast of a man.


The three stipulations being voted on currently are:

1) Elimination Dumpsters Match

2) Weapons Of Choice match where each wrestler brings into the match any weapon they like no limits.

3) Canvas Of Pins Match – this is where 30,000 drawing pins are put onto the canvas before the bell!!


If you wish to vote please go to the EAW Facebook page on

Tickets are £13 each for all of the above…. well actually no it is all of the above PLUS… for every SINGLE match Barbed Wire will be wrapped around the ring!!!

So worth a view without a doubt, please try them out and relive some of those memories of yesteryear but with a modern twist as EAW go all out to entertain you!!