Dan Hallam: TNA Views 14/07/13

Over the past 2 weeks things have really stood out on Impact. Last week the 3 way X Division Title match between Manik, Chris Sabin and Austin Aries and this week the Knockouts number 1 contender ladder match. If TNA continues to put these 2 divisions in the spot light they could continue to grow and move up to the next level.
The X Division Title match had an entertaining start but once Manik was taken out and it became Sabin and Aries 1 on 1 it became special. These 2 went all out and made winning the X Division championship and receiving a World Heavyweight title shot seem important. They had some great false finishes, kicking out of each other’s finishers and an amazing ending sequence with a Cradle Shock off the 2nd rope allowing Sabin to get the win. If the X Division continues to get this kind of spot light and got rid of the 3 way match rule then the X Division could really shine again and easily be the best part of TNA.
Gail Kim and Taryn Tarrell put on a great show in the ladder match on this weeks Impact. I had heard good things about this match and seeing how good their match at Slamiversary was I went in with high expectations for this match. I was not disappointed, the figure 4 around the ladder, the cross body off the top of the ladder, taking some big bumps off the ladder and the unique ending of Gail tying Taryn’s hair to the ropes made for a very entertaining match. TNA have a lot of great female talent and have really been showcasing them well lately. Allowing the Knockouts to go out there and wrestle makes me pay attention whereas having bikini models that can barely wrestle go out and have a 2 minute match really does not interest me.
TNA has impressed me with how they have put focus on the X Division and Knockouts lately and I hope they continue to do so. These 2 divisions are full of talent and make for very good TV when given the opportunity to do so.