Ref’s Reflection: Money In The Bank Views

I don’t know about you, but for me MITB is one of the highlight PPV’s on the WWE calendar along with Wrestlemania, The Rumble and Summerslam. Last night’s show didn’t disappoint and was solid throughout with a lot of high points – but also lows. Here’s my reflection on the evening…

The Usos took on The Shield for the tag team titles in the pre show and this was a great way to kick things off and a much better match than I had expected. Rollins and Reigns are over with the crowd, but in a dwindling tag division I had feared Jay and Jimmy would be afforded a five minute ‘tons of funk’ type spot. What we got was a fast paced, action filled opener which hyped up an already hungry Philly crowd – who were electric all night.
Perhaps this is the push the Usos have been waiting for and they stood up well to the stealth and power of the Shield with some particularly good spots. The ‘Super Samoan Drop’ cum ‘Powerbomb’ being one of the main highlights.
But Reigns is such a beast and when he connects with the Spear there is only one way the match is going to finish. 1, 2, 3.
Inevitable the Shield were going over but The Usos really put themselves on the map tonight in terms of serious contenders down the line.

Not sure I’m keen on the WWE panel to hype up the matches. The idea is good and very ‘American’ in terms of how they portray their main sporting events – but is Vicky supposed to stay in character or be face?

The first match on the PPV was well booked and excellently put together for my money.
The contract match for the Heavyweight Title could have gone horribly wrong being an all heel outing but everyone stepped up to the plate. Well almost everyone.
Sandow going over was a good call and cemented a face turn for Cody in the offing. Doubt many saw this coming with Ambrose / Barrett both winning the Smarks vote.
I think it would be too early for Ambrose who no doubt is part of an exciting future with WWE but should keep the US belt and try to restore it back to its former recognition. Holding the US or IC belt was always seen as progression to championship gold anyway with the IC belt being the pinnacle for some of the greatest performers ever to work – the current holders father being testament to this.
So a good opener and sets up a push for both Cody and Sandow. I’m not a fan of Swagger and nothing he did last night convinced me otherwise in a singles capacity. That being said – with Cesaro and Coulter the ‘Real Americans’ as a team could convince me otherwise. Nice spot on Cesaro’s shoulders – how strong is that guy!?
Sadly the only guy who I didn’t notice once the dust had settled and the Halleluiah chorus sang out was Fandango – not a great night for him.

Brad Maddox – what the hell was that? A half arse Raw Segment that took up time in a PPV and didn’t make any sense…I’m sure it will after tonight’s Raw but I don’t think I care where its heading.

Miz vs Curtis Axel was another solid bout. Nothing major but a good way to get Curtis over with a clean win on a big stage without Heyman in his corner. Mission accomplished.

Kaitlyn vs AJ was also a better match than a lot of the recent Diva’s outings. Both women are on top of their game in terms of physical / ring presence and the black widow looked great. The question is how much further are they going to run with this story line? I was expecting Kaitlyn to go over or a heel turn from Layla. Shows how much I know!

Jericho vs Ryback – Did the WWE’s Juggernaut win via a roll up? Not sure where they are going with Ryback at the moment. Don’t care anymore either. I enjoyed ‘Feed me more’ while it lasted but have now had my proverbial fill. Perhaps being aligned to Vicky can help raise the fortune of a man who’s stock is rapidly falling down the ladder.

Ziggler vs Del Rio – Loved it! / hated it! Such a lame way to end an electric match and the crowd were all over Ziggler. But he wasn’t going over and they needed to start severing the ties between him and AJ so I guess on that front – job done. It just didn’t make sense for AJ to interfere at that moment in time. I would of had her accompany Dolf to the ring to begin with the tease her interference slowly.

Henry vs Cena – let’s get one thing out there right from the start. John Cena is great for business. (I can feel the abuse about to pour on the comment section below…) He is not Punk, Bryan or Ziggler in terms of wrestling but in terms of business he is vital to where the WWE are going and the audience they are appealing to. Whenever he is performing – there is a reaction. Good and bad – or mostly bad in the case of Philadelphia! Henry has been superb the past 18 months and has put in the finest performances of his career – ironic given he took a 50% pay cut to re-sign with the company. I think even the biggest Cena haters got more than they expected from this match. I liked how Henry worked the ring and the match as a whole, buying into his sense of urgency and need to justify his time with WWE – an element of desperation creeping in to win the belt at any cost. (Also a nice ref bump by Scott Armstrong )
Just a let down on the finish. Cena could hardly get his arms around the medicine ball that is Sexual Chocolate’s head and making the ‘Hall of Pain’ tap out just didn’t sit right with me.
Still we all knew there was only one outcome from this match (and any other Cena PPV until we get to Summerslam or Orton cashes in.)

Speaking of which – The main event was superb, although I won’t be surprised if all 6 participants are not injured now. Some sick bumps and spots along the way.
So the WWE gives out fines for chair to head shots – but Ladder to head is fine?

RVD came out to a huge pop and hit all his signature moves off the ladders, although he wanted none of the frog splash from the top – and I don’t blame him! Sheamus took a nasty fall on his arm but this was nothing compared to Heymans ‘ladder sandwich’ with Punks head as the filler. We had all been waiting for this moment and now sets up Punk / Brock nicely. Also looking forward to seeing Heyman go to sleep in the not too distant future.

So Punk is busted open, Bryan is out cold from Axel, Seamus is looking for his arm and RVD is climbing the ladder…That’s when we knew (cause it was never going to be Christian) that the viper was about to attack.
A good ending but my money would have been on Bryan. Hopefully the obvious Cena vs Orton main event for Summerslam isn’t heading our way – but I assume it is.
Thanks for reading – hope you enjoyed and no doubt have a totally different take on the show. Feel free to leave comments below.