House of Pain Evolution: Just a Kind of Magic


Nottingham basks in the heat, as House of Pain: Evolution open their doors to the public for the first time, in what was a very special show, it will be remembered for time to come. We were treated to flips, slams and technical wrestling. A must see for any wrestling fan.

Fans turned out in numbers to see this debut show, they didn’t leave disappointed, as the array of talent on the card was enough to keep anybody interested in the show.

This show was simply, “just a kind of magic”

Along with this, Ruffneck also attended but the rest of the story is later!

Adam Curtis announced as the General Manager, whilst Zero Tolerance will be our ring announcer (With the evolution girls.) Zero Tolerance certainly brought another character to the scene, he was well received by the HOPE fans, i will look forward to seeing more of him in the House of Pain: Evolution

Match One: CJ Banks vs. Joseph Conners

This match was definitely the greatest way to kick off H.O.P.E, CJ Banks and Joseph Conners had the honours of kicking us off, and did so in fine fashion, as the two displayed a great move set.

CJ Banks came out and pretty much hated on Nottingham, putting Joseph Conners right on top in terms of fans. CJ is from Merseyside.

The match started with a brilliant showing of high-tempo technical wrestling.

Joseph Conners took the match Victory, taking his record to 1-0, after a series of pins.

Match Two: Project Ego vs Battle Squad Awesome

Another good match, from two talented tag teams. Two House of Pain Graduates, Diamond Dave Andrews and Adrenaline Danny Chase, take on Project Ego, who is made up of by far 2 of the best wrestlers in the country, Kristoffer Travis and Martin Kirby.

Project Ego, who are billed from their own ego, gained laughs from the crowd throughout their match, even when Kristoffer ran backstage and stole a friendly spider’s outfit. He became Spidertrav. The crowd loved this spin, as “Yes” chants began to break from the mass of followers who turned out in the blistering heat.

The first OMG moment of the show came during this match, and a great bit of creativity on DDA’s part. As he was in show reel form, monkey flipping one competitor into another. Just WOW!

To prove crowd backing, Iron Dan or Adrenaline Danny Chase picked up the win for BS: A, as the crowd go wild, surely a fan favourite already!


The time is now, Harvey Dale has finally apologized for his actions towards Ruffneck. Almost. Harvey Dale let it set in, before turning on the injured Ruffneck, who was clearly displaying shoulder injuries, and letting out an ear deafening laugh, which enticed Ruffneck into attacking “The Man with the Golden Tongue” with a vicious choke.

The crowd thought that this was the end for Harvey Dale, but no. Both Bam Bam Barton and SC Supreme run in and literally destroy Ruffneck. Leaving him on the floor in obvious discomfort.

Harvey Dale then called on a group of House of Pain academy representatives, which included myself, to remove Ruffneck from the Evolution Ring. Is this the end of the story? Or does Ruffneck have more to say? An announcement is expected from Harvey Dale soon.

Match Three: Alex Gracie vs Ryan Smile vs Wild Boar vs Robbie X

It just gets better and better, another match packed full of talent. Alex Gracie, who impressed many at House of Pain, came out to chants that followed him from the academy shows, “Nancy Boy” to be precise. Alex Gracie deserves his place on HOPE, as visible progression has been noted on his behalf. The sky is the limit for Alex.

All performers were impressive during this match, most notably, Wild Boar.

As Nottingham has lacked this level of wrestling, consistently, many wouldn’t have known who Wild Boar was, and if I’m honest, I had no idea either, but he proved why he was selected to be a part of the match, and most of the crowd loved him, after talking to a few members of the crowd, they admitted they weren’t expecting that, but now love him.

Ryan Smile, another talented individual who I hadn’t heard of prior to the show, but once again proved his worth to the show, most notably by hitting a cutter off the second rope.

We all knew what to expect from Robbie X, as he appears in Nottingham regularly with Southside Wrestling Entertainment, and didn’t let us down. Robbie brought some impressive moves to the match, Including a Coast to Coast on “Nancy Boy” Alex Gracie. Whilst in a separate instance, he hit an awesome kick on Nancy Boy then back flipping into Wild boar, this got the crowd on their feet in appreciation for the young man from Lincolnshire.

However, the match ended in illegal fashion, as Jürgen Heimlich interfered, to aid “Nancy Boy” Alex Gracie to the win, much to the dismay of the crowd.

Match Four: Max Angelus vs El Ligero

This match was hard for me to cheer or boo, as I have so much respect for both competitors, for different reasons. Max Angelus has incredible in ring movement, despite his visible injures, as he seems to come out to the ring with another body part strapped up, but this aside, Max is exceptionally under rated on the UK scene, as many believe he should be working more shows. As he possesses the quality to do so.

El Ligero was on the first UK show I saw back in 2005, Real Deal Promotions (RDW) to be exact, back when I was little Nick. Over the years, El Ligero has improved leaps and bounds in the ring, as he has obviously put in the time and effort to get that far. He is inspiration to trainees like myself, as he proves that focus, intensity and time is the greatest key to success.

El Ligero is yet another fan favorite, before the match began, he stole Zero Tolerance’s top hat, trying to land the hat back on his head from distance, however he failed twice, and sold accordingly. Was it just me, or did the top hat suit the horns? Maybe it’s something to consider in the future Ligs!!

Max displayed disrespect to the Mexican flag at one point during the flag, by spitting on it and throwing Ligero into it on separate occasions.

Ligero almost won the match, after hitting his finisher, but failed with a pin attempt.

Max Angelus looked dominant throughout the match, however his determination to unmask El Ligero ultimately cost him the match.

Again this match was hard to side with anybody, as I have so much respect for the two of them, but the best man in El Ligero won the match.

Match Five: Zach Gibson vs Pete Dunne

This match also pained me to pick my favourite wrestler to follow, so I just went with the crowd, who were quite vocally supporting Pete Dunne.

Zach Gibson, from Liverpool, also supports Liverpool, which is what I liked, he chanted “We hate Nottingham, We hate Everton and we hate Man U” I agree with two of his statements.

This match had another great technical base to it, which immediately made it one of the best matches of the night, as it is widely regarded as the British style of wrestling. However, this technical wrestling had an air of destruction to it, as it was hard hitting, which got the crowd behind the match.

The crowd thought the match was over when Dunn hit something that looked like a flip flapjack! But he failed with a pin.

Zach Gibson could’ve killed Pete Dunne, as he dropped him on his head, and landed a painful kick to the chest to take the win with him to Liverpool.

Match Six: Dave Mastiff vs T-Bone

This was a match between two heavyweights, with Dave Mastiff visibly the bigger of the two, but Tyson T-Bone is certainly no push over.

The match began with both competitors attempting to knock each other down. I hope we reinforced the ring when we built it.

T-Bone displayed his obvious strength throughout the match, as he was able to pick up Dave Mastiff on separate occasions. However, he was too much for T-bone at one point.

Mastiff however dominated, and could have taken the match at any point, but T-bone’s incredible showings of strength obviously won the match for him. Bone hit a Powerslam and a Fall away slam.  Before eventually finishing it all, but it wasn’t over there.

Harvey Dale made it quite clear that he hated T-Bone, he quickly rushed to the back and found a destroyer, who has torn apart the House of Pain locker room.

BARRICADE arrives on the scene. Looking dominant as ever, he destroys T-Bone, leaving him laid out as he leaves, still to be knocked off his feet by an opponent.

It’s Main Event Time, Match Seven: Mark Haskins vs Kristoffer Travis vs Doug Williams, vs ????????

As a result of an announcement made by Co General Manager, G-Man, earlier in the show, he admitted that Marty Scurll was nowhere to be seen, therefore prompting a search for another man.

Another stipulation added to the match was “If my man beats your man, you will be my bitch.”

G-Man introduces Christopher Andrews to Nottingham, and oh my, he is a man mountain of muscle, he looks like he could tear a man apart like he could probably tear apart a copy of yellow pages!

Another thing to note, was how good Doug Williams looks for his age, I was sceptical when I first heard he was added to the card, as he had been released from TNA months prior to his inclusion on the card.

Doug can still go in the ring, in fact, he can still go better than some of the younger competitors on the card, which is just a real testament to his quality.

The fatal four way was in traditional elimination format, meaning there can only be two competitors in the ring at one time, whilst you can tag in and out. This eventually formed a tag team, Face vs Heel.

Williams and Andrews worked well together, as did Haskins and Travis, this produced some highlight reel events from both of them, most notably the LOD style attack from Williams and Andrews, where Andrews lifted Haskins and Doug flew off the top with a back elbow.

The match significantly changed when Travis hit a super-plex off the top on Williams, both men’s shoulders were down, therefore resulting in a double elimination.

Chris looked injured toward the end of the match, but he fought through it and almost won it on several occasions, but dirty tactics from Haskins’ girlfriend prevented Chris from winning it.  He hit a powerslam and a T.K.O, both match winners were halted by the outside interference.

G-man reluctantly becomes Adam Curtis’s bitch.

It isn’t over there though! Chis destroys Haskins with yet another spear, to end the show on a high, sending the amazing fans home on a high.

Christopher Andrews will be back for more.