Dan Hallam: Chris Sabin views

This week on Impact Chris Sabin became the new World Heavyweight Champion. It was something I did not think would happen but TNA surprised me this week. I was so happy to find out he’d won and one of the guys that I look up to in the business had made it to the top. I would have preferred for Sabin to pin Bully after the cradle shock and make him look stronger but the way he won by using the hammer did tell a good story with how Bully has used the hammer so many times.

Sabin has been a favourite of mine for a long time. When I first started watching TNA in late 2006 Sabin soon won the X Division Championship and held the title for 6 months and really impressed me. When he and Alex Shelley joined forces to become the Motor City Machine Guns was when he and Shelley became 2 of my favourite wrestlers. One of the few TNA shirts I own is the MMG shirt. When I am training I watch guys like Sabin and Shelley to get ideas of the things I could do in the ring as they are around the same size as me.

TNA have done a great job of building Sabin up in the last few weeks, with the match against Austin Aries 2 weeks ago, the promo he cut on Impact last week made it seem believable that he could beat Bully by bringing up the facts that he kicked out of the 3D and he pinned Bully in the Team 3D retirement match. The video packages they showed throughout Impact and Austin Aries talking to him before the match made Sabin look great. If young talent could be built up like this on a regular basis then both TNA and WWE would have the stars of the future ready made.