Refs reflection – Monday Night Raw 22nd July.

Monday Night Raw? More like Monday night bore…

It seems Monday night Raw can best be described as my dirty little secret. A passionate and combustible lover who when she’s good, she’s very good. But when she’s bad…
Let’s just say she didn’t have her finest week. The Show started off again with the Brilliant Brad Maddox who I hated at Money in the Bank, but really enjoyed on last week’s Raw as I thought what they were doing with him as a face GM was different and refreshing. This week however – it all changed again. The opening segment looked clunky, badly timed and had Maddox being schooled by Cena. Even if creative intended for him to come across ‘nervous’ and like someone had put ‘words in his mouth’ – for me it didn’t work. By the way what’s going on with his eyebrow? Is he Dwain’s love child with a nervous twitch?

Cena then proceeded to put Bryan over only to have the bearded wonder mocked by Maddox. At this point it became clear to me we are going down the HHH vs Vince power struggle line with the GM who doesn’t know which way to turn or who’s orders to follow . Wait a minute – didn’t we just do that last month with Vicki?

I love the McMahon family and they should be used sparingly and for big occasions in WWE to add to the impact and legacy ‘the boss’ has created. HHH is doing fine for my money, but Stephanie and her dad are becoming too much. It’s clear to see the changes Hunter is making in the direction of the business with the likes of the Wyatt family, DB, The Shield, Fandango etc and all the new exciting talent that is coming in to play. Why waste time playing out this feud (which is inevitably going to lead to a WM 30 match where they both pick a Superstar (Hunter will probably pick himself) in a winner takes the business / loser retires type match.

Del Rio vs Seamus was a good match – but we have seen this match countless times before and it is starting to get a little stale. I think they are stuck with what to do with the ‘Great White’.
Next up – TOTAL DIVA’s on Miz TV…Think I’ll go to the toilet then. Followed by Teddy Long arguing with Booker T about Vicki who is now running Smackdown. Fantastic, can’t wait to see where this feud goes…
On to its Christian vs Titus O’Neil…Really? Because that is the stellar match Austin, Texas and the rest of the universe want to see right now. Follow this with Ryback who last week was Rybaby and has in the space of 7 days metamorphoses into Rybully and the whole show is starting to go South. But at least I have the Wyatt’s to look forward to and lift my dampened spirits hey?
Whats that? Oh…they’re not booked…
Henry calls out The Shield, The Shield attack Henry, Uso’s save Henry, The Shield runs away. The End.
But all is not lost…Like Cassius Knight charging to the ring in a blaze of glory here come the top guys of Monday Night Raw…Ziggler, Punk, Bryan, Heyman and… Darren Young – again no room for the Wyatt family on this week’s episode remember.

To be fair Young filled a spot to set up Ziggler and Big E so I have no problem with that, but there are other singles superstars that could have been given an opportunity to shine on TV for a while like Alex Riley who did get 10 seconds talking to Maddox in the back when critiquing Daniel Bryan. Another segment that made no sense at all.

Thank god for the shining light that is Paul Heyman and CM Punk. The chemistry these two men have in the ring and on the stick is enough to liven this crowd and make me feel the buzz again that is in the air for Summerslam. I have said it before and I’ll say it again – Paul Heyman is the best in the world at what he does. I would say the best ever. Punk’s intensity is also off the scale and adds to the aurora that this match is going to be something very special.

But let’s face it – this show is all about DB and its obvious now the Wyatt’s have been kept off air this week with the DB vs Kane match in mind next week so I’m willing to cut the show some slack and call it half time.
One thing that’s crystal clear is Mr Swaggers recreational habits prior to last year’s Wrestlemania have caught up with him. The former World Heavyweight Champion jobbed to DB in less than 3 minutes as compared to his partner Cesaro who had a great match with the former member of Team Hell No, going over the 20 minute mark.

Maybe, just maybe this show is getting better….Maddox tells a randomly placed Riley –‘Lets see how he gets on with the next one’ (the next one being the third match in a row Bryan has to compete in this evening)
Queue the Big Show. – Great booking and a fantastic way to bring the big man back on to Raw. They were never going to go with Rybore because that would be the completely obvious choice and for me wouldn’t work as Cena will be making the save and has already had this feud.

‘Welllllllllll it’s the Big Sh….’ Hang on – that’s not his music. – Enter feed me more.

Next week – Please don’t.

Quite a cynical side of me today and I’m sure a ton of you will have your own views and thoughts. Please feel free to write them below and again, many thanks for reading.