TNA Views: Dan Hallam 28/07/2013

Dan Hallam

This week on Impact they had a 3 way Ultimate X match to crown a new X Division champion. This match is very unique and had created some great moments over the years however this week the match just didn’t seem as great as it has in the past. The match was entertaining but Greg Marascuilo seemed out of place. His offence didn’t seem to be in the style the X division was created to be.

He does hit some high flying moves and some dives but he just seemed to slow down the action during the match. The strangest part of the match to me was when Greg and Sonjay climbed up the structure above the title and teased suplexing each other on top of the structure. To me it just seemed odd, if the idea to win the match is to climb up to the cables and along to the middle to claim the title why would you climb above the title? While they were battling on top Manik did the most sensible thing and climbed along the cable to pull the title down.

A few months back I met Jigsaw who wrestled on the Destination X Impact as Rubix and he said something that stuck with me. When playing football a goal keeper would never leave the goal open so when wrestling a wrestler should make sure they never have their shoulders down as that is how they would lose. Using this logic why would wrestlers climb past the title belt to the top of a structure where they cannot reach the title belt and cannot possibly win from? It’s great when a wrestler puts on an amazing athletic demonstration but I feel that its better when these moments make sense rather than just jumping off something for the sake of jumping off.