Liam Shade – Juniors Corner: Jimmy Havoc


Jimmy Havoc is a death match specialist.

I have seen him in two death matches, one in New Scene Wrestling (NSW) and the other time I saw him was in Extreme American Wrestling (EAW) at their first over eighteen show for EAW.

There are not many people in the country who will do a death match.

Jimmy Havoc is also a very good standard wrestler I have seen him in a good match between Jimmy Havoc and Darrell Allen at Southside Wrestling Entertainment (SWE).

He is from Dartford, Kent in  England UK.

His trainers were  Andre Baker and Jon Ryan.

He also is trainer at Progress Wrestling in London not hardcore wresting but normal wresting. He is also in a hardcore rules match at SWE on August 16 in Nottingham with Sabu who of course is a former ECW original and WWE and TNA star.

Jimmy Havoc has changed going from a Death Match wrestler to more of a regular wrestler.

Going back to EAW Mr Monster vs. Jimmy Havoc  was an outstanding match there were tables on fire, barbed wire wrapped round the ropes, weapons and  glass everywhere in the ring.  When I saw him in NSW he was against Loco Mike Mason.

A match I would love to see is Sabu vs. Jimmy Havoc in a death match.

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