Ref’s Reflection – Monday Night Raw 29/8/2013

Alex Knowles

Hello everybody – its Wednesday afternoon on a typical rainy British summers day. So what better way to brighten up my afternoon than a quick reflection on this Mondays Raw… First of all, I’m going to share an intimate moment with you. A honest moment. How many of us when we are driving, walking or just genuinely relaxing daydream? But day dream about that finest sporting achievement where we are headlining Summerslam, scoring that hat-trick in the world cup final, walking down the red carpet after our new action film has broken the £1 Billion mark…… If this doesn’t apply to anyone else reading I shall go and get myself sectioned as soon as I have finished my latest ramble…but for those of you who can emphasize with putting themselves in positions of grandeur – and I wanted you

to see my vision of me winning the World Title…I would demand WWE Creative made that video for me!!! The current package videos and vignettes used by the WWE are the best I have ever seen. Storylines that I have watched a previous week that look dire and embarrassing are sprinkled with Vince’s magic dust and all of a sudden given a Rocky Balboa style montage that gets my heart pumping and excited about a match I couldn’t give a monkeys about before. They recap the storyline and lead the viewer down the right stream in explaining why these superstars are feuding and who you should be cheering for. Take the Wyatt family for example – I am so excited seeing these guys every week because of the well marketed build up of the video packages. The Shield were the same. In this business anticipation is huge and creative are right on the money when it comes to producing a 30 second snapshot to build their talent and ramp up the crowd.

Speaking of ramping up the crowd – despite my moaning about Vince and Co last week I am enjoying the ride The bearded warrior is taking us on and it is fantastic to see how over he is with the fans. DB is a natural on the mike and this comes across in spades to those viewing at home as well as the YES crowd in the arena. A good opening segment and then the five letters of destruction began…S.H.I.E.L.D and I looked forward to a beat down of either Vince or most likely DB…but no beat down happened. Just a triple tag match against Mark Henry and the USO’s. Shame as the Shield seem to be losing some of the momentum they initially had when coming in, but I guess they can’t attack and make a major impact every week – and as far as three way teams go, The Wyatts are top of the current agenda.

I hope they have finally decided on a role for Ryback which appears to be the Bully type character that will get served his comeuppance. The problem is Mark Henry and to some extent Big Show have played the same role so it’s not exactly ground breaking exciting stuff. Who is going to ‘teach Rybully a lesson’? The obvious candidate would be John

Cena but that ship sailed a long time ago and the main event we saw on Monday was nothing spectacular. Another member that is also not pulling up trees at the moment is Fandango. A brilliant talent and not his fault for certain – I’m just not sure creative know what they are doing with him and which direction to take the character. They don’t want him to job to RVD, but at the same time Van Damme has to go over to maintain his return and momentum…so Fandango is counted out…again. It’s becoming a little too often.

A lot of matches I would have expected to be shown at Summerslam (and still might be) were also aired during the show. Shield vs Henry/USO’s, Ziggler vs Big E and even Del Rio vs Christian was a possibility – which by the way was a very solid bout between the two of them.

I’m also glad Cody is getting a decent push and am loving Sandow at the moment. The chemistry between him and Cody is very clear and I’m buying in to the programme. Watching Sandow dive into the sea to retrieve his briefcase on Smackdown and now building the two against each other can only do good things for both their careers and hopefully take Cody out of the mid card territory that he has always been accustomed to. Just a shame how Wade Barrett is being wasted – but given the talent on offer at the moment, everyone is having to wait their turn and then grab the ball with both hands. Unless you’re a Diva of course. Then you can be the drizzling **** and still get over. A duck caller to distract Natalya and give one half of the Bella twins the win? Really…REALLY???

Not sure how I’m feeling about Curtis Axel – unfortunately for him he is the bait to promote Punk and Heyman and this works well. But shouldn’t a holder of a major belt (and it appears WWE are trying to give the belt more prestige) be involved in a storyline of his own? That being said it will lead to Axel having a mini feud with Punk while we lead up to the Beast vs the Best match at Summerslam which is great exposure for the Perfect son.

Then the music hits, the lights go out – not a ‘dong’ in earshot which can only mean one thing – It’s time for the Wyatts. They are so over with the crowd as well who are buying into the product. Gone are the Husky Harris chants and Bray Wyatt looks like he has been doing this gimmick for years. Another excellently worked attack on Kane which will give him a new focus after Team Hell No and remove the comical aspect from his character. Kane would fit in well with the Wyatts who’s appearance and complexion remind me of some of the other past WWF and independent personalities that were built around a hero or villain type scenario – Big Boss Man, Earthquake, LOD, Ultimate Warrior and Rob Toxic – just to name a few.

So a ok show this week – more wrestling than usual but nothing spectacular. An awkward finish as the main event (Cena / Bryan) is a face off so no room for run ins, back handed tactics etc to finish the show on a high. Here’s hoping the next couple of weeks vamp up the anticipation for the biggest show of the summer…