Dan Hallam: TNA Views 04/08/13

Dan Hallam

This week Impact I feel was a bit of an up and down show, it had some very good segments and some segments that were just bad. The show started with Taz not being allowed in the building which had Taz acting like a spoiled child. I am all for this as I feel like Taz has not been great on commentary for quite some time now so not having him talking all the way through the show can only be a good thing.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode opened had a nice exchange in the ring with Roode saying he is going back to what got him to the top after a bad year that starting with him losing the world title to Aries at Destination X. Aries really shined at the end by saying he hopes Roode gets to the final 4 so he can beat him again.

Roode and Hernandez then had a good physical match but I have a slight gripe with the ending. The ref was clearing the ring of the chairs and saw the smashed bottle in the ring, was questioning the smashed glass but still counted the 3 even though Roode has a history of using a beer bottle to win matches. This is where I feel common sense needs to be used rather than referees just appearing to be stupid.

Sabin and Manik had a backstage segment talking about giving each other their best. This seemed a bit off and the fact that Manik’s face has been shown on screen several times now was there any point in having his back to the camera in order to protect his identity that we already know. Following this we had Joseph Parks taking on Jay Bradley in a very bad match.

Parks sold a kick that was nowhere near connecting and Bradley hit the worst backbreaker I’ve ever seen. Sabin and Manik had a World champion v X Division champion match which when they came out I wondered why this was not the main event. Surely the world champion should be who the company is built around and should be in either the opening segment or the main event. This match was great though and Sabin won after a lot of back and forth action.

The X Division stars are once again proving to be a highlight of the show. I think if this was a 3 way then it wouldn’t have been as good and I do hope that TNA see this and get rid the of 3 way rule for all X Division matches. Bully Ray attacked Sabin after the match but Sabin fought back and sent Bully running. I am glad they are booking Sabin strong as the champion.

Kaz and Daniels were talking about the match they will be having next week. Daniels mentioned how he is 3 and 0 and how poor Kazarian was yet to win. Kazarian was upset by this comment and stormed off. I liked the tease here for a potential break up in the future.

ODB and Gail Kim had a good knockout match. It was a good brawl and yet again the knockouts are going out there and putting on a great showing.

AJ Styles cut a promo backstage where he spoke about how he isn’t the bright eyed kid from 10 years ago and he doesn’t care about the dream match. I am really enjoying the new dark side of AJ and think this could be a very interesting character going forward. The highlight of the show for me was the AJ v Aries match.

The crowd were chanting this is awesome and they were right. This match was great however the finish seemed a bit odd and it just suddenly seemed to be over. I could have happily watched these 2 wrestle for another 15 minutes. The main event segment of the show was the main event mafia offering the aces and eights an offer they cannot refuse.

This offer was for a 10 man tag match where the person who gets pinned leaves TNA. They had a short brawl and Anderson accepted the challenge. Then all of a sudden the August 1st Warning was revealed. It was Tito Ortiz. I had no idea who this was as I am not an MMA fan. I can’t help but wonder why this was the main event. I said that Sabin should have been in the main event because he is the world champion however if AJ v Aries was the main event I would have been more than happy with how great that match was.

TNA made get a lot of stick from people saying they suck but TNA is a very enjoyable product in my eyes. Yes they have some bad segments and they don’t lose logic a fair bit but they are putting on great wrestling matches on a regular basis and that is what I like to see.