No Canvas, No Mats, Just Bare Boards Is This Crazy Or An Act Of Genius?

magera vs jester

This Saturday in Coventry on the 10th August a historic event shall be taking place at The Britannia Hotel at the House Of Pain Evolution (HOPE) show, no it is not anything to do with the Aussies winning a Test Match or Wayne Rooney scoring a goal but it is the UK’s first ever Bare Boards match up and the two combatants could hardly be better picked then Jack Jester and Clint Margera who to the uninitiated are two of the most renowned hardcore fighters across the UK and to put this pair into such a match type can only lead onto a match full of havoc!

Talking of havoc of course there is a third party not involved at all in this match up but a guy who both Jester and Margera hold a real history with and that is the other most reputed hardcore fighter in the country Jimmy Havoc who must be sitting by a mirror with a smashed up brick ready to hit himself around the head with to compensate for missing out on the potential punishment and pain which is likely to occur on Saturday without him!

For anybody who has been in a wrestling ring and I have been although never wrestled in one, the usual surface of the canvas is a hard surface generally unforgiving although of course it does have a certain amount of give and cushioning in it, many people I suspect will have little idea as to what is underneath the ring unless it is ladders, hammers, chairs or Hornswoggle!

There are a whole range of match types which are possible within the realms of wrestling, these go from the standard type matches commonly seen such as singles, tag matches etc through to the slightly lesser used match ups such as I Quit and Money In The Bank Matches and continuing to range through to other matches which are well known from television but which are rarely seen live in the UK such as cage matches and in the over eighteen environment death matches which usually involve an awful lot of blood, a day of profit for Wilkinsons as dozens of lighttubes are commonly smashed over skulls and even stapleguns receive an outing where you can live out a playground dream of stapling your enemies face for fun.


When I looked into how many previous bare board matches have occurred previously I was unable to find any at all where it was a pure straight up bare board match without other added stipulations such as barbed wire wrapped around the ropes so this is a genuinely unique occasion and a very special match indeed.

Some of the other match types I came across were simply bizarre ranging from Exploding Ring Matches in Japan where explosives are put on a timer and blow the ring up if the wrestlers have not finished the match in time!!!!! through to Scaffold matches where the scaffolding is hung above the ring and to win you have to push your opponent off the scaffolding and then ranging to a more mature if you like type of match such as a Move Match where to win you have to apply a particular move on your opponent before they do their named move on you and a Pure Wrestling Rules match where you are allowed up to three rope breaks and once you have done that you cannot use the ropes to escape submissions or pins and if you try to then you are disqualified so there are a significant number of matches besides the ‘norm’.

Back to this match up I implore you to shut your eyes for a moment, consider the big moves which happen in a standard match up, think and hear in your mind now the enormous thwack on the canvas certain moves make, then imagine, just think of that protective canvas and associated matting stripped away, leaving nothing there but two semi clad men who are each specialists in hurting others badly putting these big moves on each other but now when the body comes thudding down, instead of hitting  a hard but specially built to protect canvas the body is directly connecting with wood, hard wood with absolutely no give in, rough around the edges, not necessarily smooth or straight and totally ungiving and unforgiving.


Imagine the demonic look in the eyes of both men as they realise the pain which they could inflict upon each other, picture the imagination running wild when both guys realise just how innovative they can be in such an environment and just consider this…..

Both Clint Maghera and Jack Jester have proudly built their reputations along with Jimmy Havoc of being the real nasties, the hardmen of the scene, the guys who will take a lighttube smashed in their face without even blinking, these are fearsome warriors who will receive a staple in the head and think nothing of it, this is a historical match up, whoever wins will have their name carved in history, not just within HOPE or even just within the UK but globally such is the unique nature of this match.

Just imagine what it is going to take for one of these men to stay down, picture what they could do with a ring starting off half deconstructed, this is going to be brutal, this is going to be savage, this is going to be something that not one person going will have ever seen before and do not forget the other vital detail, in HOPE the rule is that the winner of each and every match and the loser have the match result go against their names, wins and losses matter in this promotion like in no other, it will lead to title shots and because of the nature of how you earn a title shot it will mean that the HOPE titles will become the most valued in the business within the British Isles and that added factor which makes every single match matter will just be a further added element to this likely carnage.

To go and be part of history yourself please visit the HOPE page for tickets