Dan Hallam- TNA Views 11-08-13

Dan Hallam

One thing TNA has always been good at is tag team wrestling. Over the past few years they have made the tag titles seem important which something WWE seems to forget half the time. However TNA has dropped the ball on this lately. A few years ago they had some great teams with the likes of Team 3D, Beer Money, MMG, British Invasion amongst other but now it seems to be short on credible tag teams.

The only real team that comes to mind now that team on a regular basis is Bad Influence. Daniels and Kazarian are one of the most entertaining parts of Impact most weeks and I would love to see them be the tag champs and have great matches with other teams.

Just a few months ago Bad Influence were feuding with the teams of Roode & Aries and Chavo and Hernandez and it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the series of matches these guys had but once Storm and Gunner won the tag titles the titles seem to have been forgotten about.

TNA has always had great teams and great tag team feuds but when I look at the roster they don’t seem to have much of a tag division at the moment. Bad Influence appear to be the only actual team and other teams they have just seem to be thrown together.

Bro Mans don’t have any serious threat to the titles as they are just a comedy heel team. 2 members of Aces & 8s could team up as could 2 members of MEM to challenge for the titles. Chavo and Hernandez could continue to team but they just seem to have been put together because they are both Mexican.

Gunner and Storm as tag champs doesn’t make any sense to me. I have never been a fan of 2 guys just being put together to be a tag team. Sometimes it really works like when Beer Money first formed or with Kane and Daniel Bryan last year but I feel a team should be a team and not 2 random singles wrestlers.

I really hope TNA brings the tag team titles back to relevance like they used to be and gives us great tag team action again. On a side note I have to say that the TNA Tag Team Title belts are some of the best looking belts in wrestling and I am glad they haven’t changed the design they introduced in 2007 like they have with the World Heavyweight and X Division Titles.