Nick Mason: Shooting from the Hiptoss

Nick Mason Weekly

This is just my opinion, and is definitely not a strike at ANYBODY. 

Hello and welcome to the first edition of my new weekly column named Shooting from the Hiptoss, I am Nick Mason, one of the LockUP co-founders, generally found roaming the House of Pain: Evolution parts.

The whole idea of this column is for me to get my opinion in, and what I think of current trends in the wrestling industry. I actively encourage questions for me to answer and this whole thing isn’t scripted, it’s almost like a written air of randomness from the self-professed king of random.

In person, I am known as just saying what I think, this is my chance to tell you all what the F**K I think.

And so it begins

Hello *Awkward wave and smile*

In today’s edition, I will be commenting on what ever comes to mind.

Outside interferences

One of the biggest talks in UK wrestling at the moment is crowd interaction in wrestling matches, something that should never be done, no matter what show you attend.

However, not all fans would choose to jump a wrestler before, in between or after a wrestling match, mainly because they understand that the wrestler would knock them the fuck out. But, there are the minority, it’s like football hooliganism, but on a much smaller level.

Now, if a drunk in the crowd chooses to attack a wrestler, either outside or inside the ring, I believe the wrestler should just kick his ass out right, the wrestling ring is supposed to be a highlight to make a competitor look strong, not get his ass whooped by a drunk or an over excited member of the crowd.

Should more be done to stop ‘outside interference’s’? Yes, definitely, I mean if the crowd has a history of doing such a thing, not all promotions would need to folk out the money to buy protective barriers. But if it’s a regular occurrence, you need to.

Just general chit chat.

So, recently, I have been in contact with a few of our contacts recently, trying to set some things up, hopefully, Myself and Robert will still be travelling to interview Sabu, should he still want to join us for that.

I recently confirmed I am likely to be attending UBW’s first show on the 7th of September! So there is likely to be a review following the show. It’s going to be a packed weekend for me, because I have House of Pain: Evolution the day after.

Alongside all of this, I have also confirmed that I will be taking part in the Nottingham Young Creative Awards for next year, this is something  have wanted to do for a few years now, but never really had the time to do it.

As for wrestling training, again, I feel that I am progressing at a steady rate, as I continue to return from my knee injury that almost cost me my future career in wrestling, I have now scrapped my knee brace and wear only a support and knee pads.

For next week, I would like more questions, so i have something to answer or respond to! This would be brilliant, get your awesome questions in!!

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