Dan Hallam: TNA Views 18/08/13

Dan Hallam

This week TNA had a hardcore justice themes episode of Impact. These themed episodes that they have I am finding very enjoyable. Last month the Destination X special had solid in ring action and hardcore justice followed this pattern. Impact opened with a 4 way ladder match with 20 bound for glory series points between Kazarian, Hardy, Aries and AJ Styles. This match was a lot of fun and the 4 guys put in a great deal of effort. The appletini to the face looked like it barely went near Hardy put it was a unique ending.

Gail Kim, Mickie James and ODB put on a nice knockouts hardcore match with ODB picking up the win.

The 4 way Tables match between Roode, Magnus, Kennedy and Samoa Joe was another good match with a lot of teases for someone going through a table. This match ended with another appletini to the face of Magnus which allowed Roode to put him through the table.

The World title Cage match between Bully Ray and Chris Sabin was yet another good match with Bully doing what he does best and bullying Sabin until Sabin made his comeback and really got the crowd into the match. The match ended with Tito hitting Sabin with a hammer and Bully hitting the bully bomb for the pin and title win.

TNA put on 4 good matches which all had a decent amount of time which really made the show enjoyable. The only problem I have with the show was when Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz cut a promo. It just felt like they were advertising an MMA show and not really doing a good job of it, neither of them seemed too comfortable on the mic and it became really obvious when Bully Ray came out and spoke for 2 minutes and showed them both up with his mic skills.

TNA has some really great talent on the roster and put on great matches on a consistent basis but I feel the in ring promos and the Aces & Eights v Main Event Mafia storyline is bringing the show down. I feel that if you can sit through the stories then you can see some amazing in ring action.