Face-Off – Leicester Championship Wrestling (LCW)


This Saturday at Brockington College in Enderby, Leicester commencing at 7.00pm is LCW’s Face-Off Show which promises to be another terrific night from this rapidly evolving and improving promotion.

Before I run through the card a few words about how I have viewed LCW in my time watching them.

My first show was around the October/November 2012 period and I am candid enough to say that I was not overly enamoured with that particular show, there were some good match up’s and some decent performers such as El Ligero and Stixx both of whom never seem to have bad matches but there were also some other wrestlers on that show who I was not familiar with and to be honest was not overly taken with and I did leave the show wondering if I would return or not as for possibly the first time in the fairly brief period of time I have been attending British Shows I felt deflated when it was over.

As time passed I was reading posts by others on facebook about the next LCW show which I did miss and they were positive and then I saw the card being assembled for the next show and I know Rob Maltman who works for LCW and he is a man I respect enormously, I was also aware that Harvey Dale another individual whose work I deeply respect was forming some kind of invasion angle so I thought that I would give it another go.

This time around despite travelling still with some trepidation I really enjoyed the show, it was a lot of fun and some seriously good storylines were forming and there was some excellent wrestling on display and also the first sign of a gradual move over to a higher calibre of wrestler was in evidence so when I then saw Marty Scurll blazed all over the poster for the following show it felt that LCW was a promotion aware of it’s own previous shortcomings and was working hard to grow and to establish itself amongst the more widely recognised and respected promotions in the country and moving from then to the current period it is absolutely fair to say that they really have gone a very long way down that path and I shall travel to the show on Saturday with no doubt at all in my mind now as to how good and enjoyable the show will be.

The setting has always been good, it creates and promotes a good family feel but I am also increasingly seeing faces that I recognise from other shows such as Southside which evidences that the word is out about LCW’s growth and the size of the crowds has always impressed me, the arena is usually close to or absolutely full.

This is definitely a promotion which is maturing into something very very good indeed and I feel that it is a reflection of the hard work put in by the promoter John Shipley and his staff and is also a reflection of John himself who was well aware that not all of my words in this article would be 100% complimentary yet he displayed both the maturity and the confidence in his product to have no issues at all with me being honest, sadly that cannot be said for all promoters out there and that is another reason why I am confident that even though LCW is now a very good product it’s improvement and growth will continue unabated.

Onto the card for this show.

The order of matches I shall preview is my random order it bears no relation to the order of matches on the night.

So first up we have Xander Cooper vs Jim Hunter.

cooper vs j hunter

I expect this to be a quick moving, technical and high flying treat as I’ve seen both of these guys in action before and have always enjoyed their work.

It will be interesting to see Jim Hunter in singles action as that is a first for me but there is no doubting his quality in the ring but will his mindset be able to adapt to not having his brother to tag if the going gets tough and trust me given his opponent it is quite likely that the going will get tough, Xander Cooper is one of the UK’s few full time wrestlers and that is for a reason, once this guy gets going he is tough, he is skillful and he is a devil to go up against so the outcome of this one will be fascinating to see.

Then Lee Hunter takes on Max Angelus.

angelus vs l hunter

Again the question will be asked how will the Hunter brother fare without his own flesh and blood on the side ready to help him, this time though this particular Hunter brother will face a different challenge to Jim as Max Angelus in my book is one of the UK’s most underrated and underutilised performers, this man is a former Southside Heavyweight Champion and during that reign defended his title against some well established names but now in LCW faces a very different challenge in Lee Hunter, I would expect this one to be the kick exchange combined with some high flying from Jim and some rather heavy hitting from Max, it is likely to be the type of match up that will have you wincing on the sidelines at the brutality of it, in other words it will be awesome!

The Predators vs Robbie X and Blue Thunder.

PREDATORS vs robbie x and blue thunder

This will be an absolute humdinger, The Predators who may well be managed by Harvey Dale are a tough tag team with a lot of experience working together who are a formidable barrier for any opposing side, they work properly as a team and if Harvey Dale is in tow also possess an undoubted asset outside of the ring as well.

For their part the opposition possess an awful lot of natural talent and absolutely have more than the edge in terms of flair and speed, Blue Thunder I saw in a decent match at EAW last week and he looked the part for a guy who can fly through the air, who is comfortable on the ropes and who knows where he is and what he is doing, Robbie X is a superstar in the making, I saw him have a simply astounding match with Jay Lethal last week and if he brings that game to this show then LCW fans are in for a real treat, many UK fans wax lyrical about Noam Dar being the future of Brit Wrestling, Noam is awesome but in my book Robbie is up there toe to toe with him so this match I expect to see Robbie and Thunder make most of the running but the superior know how and teamwork of The Predators in the end to triumph.

Alex Gracie vs Kris Travis

travis vs grCIE

This match has me intrigued, for those not in the know you soon will be about Alex Gracie, this man has it all in bucketloads, whether operating as a face or as a heel, whether on the mic or in the ring, he is an absolute natural, his opponent in this match is the bigger and much more experienced Kris Travis, Ordinarily for an opponent of Travis I would say that they would lose any mic battle and would be hard pressed to match Travis in the ring but in the case of Gracie I personally hope that we see some form of exchange on the mic because if we do then trust me we are in for a treat, these two verbally would produce one hell of a match up, we all know how great Travis is verbally but Gracie can match his instant wit and also technically in the ring I would expect Gracie to produce a performance that will testify to everybody that he is a talent here to stay and whose name soon will be spoken in similar terms to the MK McKinnan’s and Pete Dunne’s of this world so this match is worth travelling to the show for alone and in terms of it’s outcome difficult to pick one so highly do I rate Alex Gracie so all that I will say is who will win I have no idea but what will the match be like, a humdinger!!

Stixx vs LJ Heron (Champion) LCW Title Match.

stixx vs heron

Stixx the Heavyweight House Of Pain is a veteran of the British circuit and during his time has handed out some pretty brutal beatdowns to pretty much everybody who has crossed his path whether that is international talent such as Davey Richards and Kevin Steen or pretty much any of the top UK talent, Stixx has fought them and often destroyed them and if you see Stixx he is one fearsome beast to look at, he will also be managed in this match by the sneaky but brilliant Harvey Dale who always finds ingenious methods of involving himself in matches to his clients benefit.

Going up against them is LJ Heron the defending LCW Champion who possesses a spear of such magnitude that he makes the spear of Roman Reigns look like you are being struck by a cotton bud in comparison to the fearsome spear in the locker of LJ, this has been a key reason for LJ Heron holding onto the title for several months now despite a number of strong challenges, he is very much like Edge at his peak when no matter how the match is progressing out of nowhere and in a nanosecond he has hit the spear and his opponent is now looking like the victim of a trainwreck usually in a heap on the floor.

Another contrast of style this match which again is likely to result in a high quality match up, I would anticipate Stixx attempting to use his superior size and strength as well as the tactical cunning of Harvey Dale to get the advantage over LJ Heron but LJ is so quick and can produce this truly devastating finisher in such explosive fashion that it is possible the LCW fans may have the double pleasure of seeing both Stixx and Harvey Dale basically speared back into hell.

Potential outcome here is so tough to call, again Harvey Dale could be a real factor but it takes a split second for LJ Heron to turn any match his way so I shall back the current champion in this one.

Also to look out for on the show is a furtherance in the issues surrounding Stixx, The Predators, LJ Heron and The Hunters, in recent shows there have been some issues between those various parties so look out for people looking to get one over the others at various points here.

So a very strong card in a great venue with lots of free car parking and close to the turning from the M1 (J21), I shall be there with my family and I would strongly recommend anybody reading this to if at all possible get yourselves down there and to be part of this rapidly growing promotion and to share in what will be a really enjoyable night.

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