Nick Mason: Shooting from the Hiptoss 2

Nick Mason Weekly

Good Evening to all LockUP readers, it’s that time again for another edition of ‘Shooting from the Hiptoss’

Before we go any further, I must insist that anything said in these blogs are not a dig at anybody, just how I feel when I get on my computer and decide to write something.

Extreme American Wrestling

Many are aware that recently I was invited to attend EAW, and interview Sabu, which we will talk about later.

I really enjoyed my time at EAW, and I intend to return one day in the future. The crowd was wild all night long, especially for the main event, which involved the hardcore legend himself.

EAW is a dream place for a worker to work, why? Because the crowd are responsive, and forever active, I cannot remember just for one moment, when the crowd was silent. However, I do remember chanting “Where’s my sammich” which got a few laughs from the audience, I felt happy with myself!

Nick, the promoter, has really high production values, why? It’s evident from the get go. Guard rails and pyro, which is definitely different, as you don’t see many wrestling promotions doing such a thing, all over the globe.

EAW give chances to those who need them the most, I enjoyed seeing some new faces, not just the same old faces you see time and time again on the main shows.

EAW is a place I would like to perform for, either as a ref or a wrestler.

Interviewing the Hardcore Legend, Sabu


Prior to the interview, both Robert and Myself were warned about the potential danger that Sabu could pose in an interview, but those fears were soon put to bed, however, the ever present barb wire steel chair could have dampened that one at any time. No Arabian facebusters please. (My spell check changed that to Arabian Facebook.

We were also scared that Sabu wouldn’t give us answers, but again, these fears were put to rest, as he wouldn’t stop talking, in fact, we ran out of time, as we only had a tight spot, due to his slightly late arrival on the scene.

After we conducted the interview, Sabu then insisted on taking photos with me, Robert and his son, and our junior writer, Liam.

I will remember talking to Sabu after the interview, I think we held a good 5-6 minute convo after the interview, as it seemed that Sabu didn’t want to get ready for his match!!

Overall, considering the circumstances, I reckon this interview went as well as it could have gone, Sabu was a really good guy to interview, and I wish to interview more stars like Sabu in the near future, although I will try to push UK interviews as well. Let us know what you think about that.

For Sabu’s age, he is still a very good hardcore wrestler, and I reckon he could go for more years, he is a true inspiration, in fact, I am now going to Wilkinson’s to buy a Steel Chair #ArabianFacebusterTime (Facebooker)

Other stuff

At the moment, we currently have no other interviews planned, but we are looking into more possibilities. If you want to hear from a British wrestler, let us know, maybe we can sort something out for you. I already have a shortlist of those who I want to interview.

As always, I am Nick Mason, and this concludes my second adition to Shooting from the Hiptoss. I hope you liked it, if you didn’t why not check out the Sabu interview. Although you should check that out even if you did like this!!!!!

Untill next time, Thanks…. #WelcomeToTheJungle