Extreme American Wrestling: One Night Stand with Sabu, in Corby

Good day to all catching this review, I, Nick Mason, will be reviewing today, as Robert Shade has too much going on.

Before we get the ball rolling, I want to express how happy I was watching the show as a fan, it’s always great to see new faces in action, and heels of course!

Although I would be keen to point out, a lot of heels do get hammered with inflatable hammers.  It’s clear from this point that the hammers do actually hurt, and I may want to join in with a hammer in the future, or a steel chair, whichever first. Generally the steel char.

Rude Boy Taylor vs. “The Thunder” Tommy Oliver

So EAW kicked the show off with a rather good opener, featuring a rather twisted individual, Rude Boy Taylor, we did understand him, he didn’t understand us! And of course “The Thunder” Tommy Oliver, who is the clear fan favourite.

The match kicked off with a back and forth between the two, as they exchanged arm drags, ending with two, tornado style, dropkick. A very impressive opener from the two.

Rude boy eventually slowed the match down to his pace, after more impressive moves from Tommy Oliver. Taylor began to gain dominance looking to either choke or hit cheaply at any given time, Tommy Oliver was given a small chance to regain his composure, but he was soon cut off by Rude Boy.

Now, this should spark a bit of debate, chants were ongoing throughout the match, could somebody inform me of what the crowd were chanting to Rude Boy, was it “Dirty Chav” or “Dirty Tramp” or a mix of both?

Toward the end of the match, Tommy Oliver fought his way to a comeback, using a move I really liked, yet I can’t remember if I’d seen it somewhere before, he did a flip shoulder tackle. I liked that. After his little comeback, the crowd thought it was over, but Rude Boy showed the courage to go on, as he kicked out at two. The Thunder sat him up, and gave him a meaty kick to the chest, following it up by a moonsault, which again was unsuccessful.

Once again Rude Boy cut him off, as the match spills to the outside, but not for long, as The Thunder was rolled back in to the ring, for a close 2 count. Rude Boy then called for the finish and ascended to the top rope, he was then caught by Tommy Oliver. The Thunder then delivered two G.T.S’s and secured the win.

After the match, Rude Boy was again hammered by the hammers.

Tag Team Championship: The Revolution vs. Sam Steel and Super Koji


The second match was a tag team contest, for the titles, it featured the much hated, The Revolution, and the crowd favourites, Sam Steel and Super Koji.

After a few back and forths, The Revolution looked to gain an advantage early on, but Sam Steel saw the attempts and thwarted them, he went for a pin off a waist lock.

Looking rather angry, one member of The Revolution tried to escape the clutches of Sam Steel, he was unsuccessful on two occasions, as Sam held on and turned it into a sit out flapjack! The tag match rumbled on.

As Super Koji was tagged him, he remained dominant, after heading into an international sequence, finishing with a pristine arm drag.

The two individuals, Super Koji and Sam Steel, held dominance in this match up for a long period, hitting a double hip toss to secure dominance, as Sam Steel re-enters the ring.

The Revolution make a tag, after a distraction from one of their members on Sam Steel, as the chants of “You sold out” rang around the venue. The Revolution could gain control here, as they get their own tagging game on.

The Revolution are attacking in force, and fairly dirty, which should be expected from a powerful tag team. They continue to look more dominant as the match goes on.

The Revolution hit a double team of their own, the crowd thought it was over, as did I, but no, Sam Steel survives!

The crowd cheered, as it looked like Sam Steel had the opportunity of a life time to regain his composer, but no, one member of The Revolution hit him in the gut, and the control of the match remains with The Revolution.

A delayed Power slam should have finished it, but Sam Steel again held on, and kept his team in the match.

Finally, Sam Steel breaks and turns The Revolution inside out with a thunderous clothesline, can his team regain dominance? Yes they can, as Super Koji is tagged in, begins his comeback, hitting a hurricanrana in the process, then flying outside the ring, with a tremendous suicide dive.

It looked to be over as Koji ascended the ropes, but he was held back by one half of The Revolution, which left Sam Steel in a world of his own. As theother half of The Revolution rolled him up for the win.

After the match is over, The Revolution are not done, as they continue attacking the two who they have dominated for the most part of the match.

“The Heavyweight House of Pain” Stixx vs. Ultra Mark Massa

1174627_10151750822917696_1581946989_n - Copy

Prior to the match, Stixx warns Ultra Mark Massa of the beating he is about to take, as the crowd continue to boo and scream “What” at Stixx. Rather amusing actually.

Stixx begins the match as a bully, but Massa strikes first, as a flurry of fists and kicks begin the match, with Massa emerging from the confrontation, until Stixx took over, and gave his own version of events.

The beginning of the match got too much for Stixx, who rolled to the outside, looking for a breather, however Mark Massa followed him and immediately threw him back into the ring. As Mark was attempting to chase Stixx into the ring, Stixx cleverly slid out. Into the oncoming Suicide dive from Mark Massa.

It’s clear that the crowd don’t like Stixx, it was pretty much confirmed as Stixx left Massa out to dry with a painful move on the guard rail, before launching him into the ring post.

Stixx looks dominant early on, going for a pin at every attempt, as he looks to slow the match down to his pace, which is affective for a guy like Stixx, as he will use his size to his advantage, as he does regularly.

However, Stixx’s power was tested to the max, as he failed to lift Mark Massa for a suplex back into the ring, as Massa was discarded to the ring apron, Stixx was hung up on the ropes, which wasn’t good news for the next generation of Stixx’s. Massa thought he was back in the match, but Stixx once again cut him off.

Mark Massa finally spots an opening and hits a comeback, as he finishes his sequence of moves with an amazing power slam. Mark Massa, who at this point was gaining confidence, looked to finish the match by getting Stixx in a fireman’s carry. He however reversed and sent Massa of the ropes for a spine buster. More back and fourths with the pair lead to Massa nailing Stixx with a suplex. Which he kicked out of.

The crowd thought it was well and truly over when Massa was tied up in a Figure Four Leg Lock, but Massa grabbed onto the ropes, saving himself, from further pain.

As Massa was regaining his composure, he was plotting his next move to foil the tactics of Stixx, he guessed right, as he picked him up and hit a nice sit out fireman’s carry slam, which Stixx kicks out off.

Massa takes his eyes of Stixx for just a moment, which gave the Heavyweight House of Pain time to reign his chains over the turn buckle, before eventually retaining them from the buckle. But he was caught using his bad tricks, as Massa once again picks him up for his finish. 1, 2, 3, the crowd go wild for Massa.

“Diamond” Dave Andrews vs. “Mr Cool” Freddy Nova


We have a new ref, what happened to the other one, maybe the ref monster is striking again and we don’t even know it. Ok that’s enough, I’m beginning to scare myself with even the bare thought of a ref monster.

Anyway, I notice during the entrance, the talented camera crew caught be having a back and forth with Mr Cool. Surprisingly, I didn’t make this DVD an 18, which is normally what happens when I attend a show. I was on best behaviour.

The match began with Mr Cool mocking Diamond Dave Andrews’ walk, which doesn’t happen, nobody mocks the walk. #Betterwalkthanvince. Although, Mr Cools walk was fairly entertaining, it’s always funny to see somebody goofing off, and them falling on their face, anyway onto the wrestling.

DDA is looking good early on in the contest, and has the full backing of the fans, although he looks dominant, Mr Cool continuously shows competitive signs, which means he could, repeating could, get back into it at any time. DDA is just out witting him now.

“Come on splodger” Said DDA, as he continuously shows Freddy Nova how it’s done, until of course, Freddy Nova remembers what he’s doing and where he is. He finally gets a successful reversal! As he looks to take control.

Nearer to the end of the match Freddy Nova looked to suplex DDA, but DDA blocked his attempt, and returned the suplex attempt with an actual suplex, however, it wasn’t effective, as Mr Cool retains control of the match.

DDA spots an opening hitting two flying shoulder tackles, but Mr Cool kicked out of his attempts, maybe DDA got a little too excited, as he carried on, and attempted to take the fight to Mr Cool again, which he failed at. Mr Cool dominant again, that is until DDA hit a sweet dropkick!

DDA then attempts his signature cutter twice, to no avail, as Freddy Nova sneaks a quick pin in, but Referee Alessandro Gravina failed to spot the leverage used on the ropes. None the less, a solid match from the two I have seen so much of over the past few months at House of Pain.

It’s time for the MAIN EVENT of the evening!!!!!!!!

Tag Team Extreme Rules Match The Revolution vs Sabu and Mister Monster


The Heavyweight Champ, Mister Monster, gets a brilliant reception from the fans, as he should, he’s embraced them as his own, today he gets to tag with Sabu, surely a once in a life time feat.

Time for the biggest pop of them all, as Sabu is chanted around, as we wait for the Homicidal genocidal suicidal, death defying, SABU!!!! (Who was scared by the pyro?)

The opening of the match was all over the place, as there was no real follow up from either team, as The Revolution absconded from the ring three times, to avoid the wrath of Sabu and Mister Monster.

The tides are turned, momentarily, as Sabu and Mister Monster were thrown into the ropes, but hung on, later sending one over the top, and one under the ropes. Mister Monster then launched into a flipping suicide dive! Which was awesome

Sabu then threw a chair at Masters, who is one half of The Revolution, the only one I know the name off, could a table be introduced to the match? As Mister Monster places it in the ring. Time for Air Sabu? Yes!! Houston we have a problem, Sabu is in the air, as he hits it like he did in his hay day.

Mister Monster wanted to try his hand at an air Sabu, but Masters was wise to the attempt, as he courteously put him through a chair (By courteous, I mean rough).

The other member of The Revolution introduced both a keyboard and the fire extinguisher to the match, as Mister Monster is suplexed into a table, set up into the corner.

Following the effects of the wreckage, a member of The Revolution hit a suplex on Sabu, but he caught his head on the corner of the table, that one could have been nasty. But that’s the expectations of a hardcore match.

However, Sabu carried on, as he always does when he feels an injury, just look at all of the scars he has glued together on his body. This was only a light knock, he’s overcome worse.

Arabian Facebuster from Sabu, as he nails it on the other member of The Revolution, as the crowd went wild, his pin attempt was unsuccessful though.

For an old age in wrestling, Sabu can still flip, as he displays, he hit a vicious clothesline of Masters, who was rendered paralysed by the sheer power, Sabu went to the outside and flipped over the ropes, landing on Masters.

Mister Monster now goes extreme, as he climbs the ropes, takes a little walk along them, and sets flight onto the second member of The Revolution, who must now be tasting his own blood in his mouth, if he moves again, I would be surprised! He looks broken in half.

Sabu hit’s a DDT to Masters outside, setting up one of the crowd’s favourite move, which he fails the first time, but hits the second time, much to the love of the crowd.

The second member of The Revolution is up! And fighting for his life, as it looks over for them. Masters hits a super kick on monster, and calls for a brain buster, but Sabu breaks the attempt up, with a rather nice springboard DDT. Leading to yet another Arabian Facebuster!

A moment for the scrap book here for Mister Monster, as he joins Sabu is launching a steel chair at both members of the Revolution. This could surely be it!

Both men are now on tables, however, both Sabu and Mister Monster have a chair in hand, could it be TWO ARABIAN FACEBUSTERS? DAMN STRAIGHT!! 1,2,3 MISTER MONSTER GETS THE WIN. The crowd are on their feet, saluting the pure effort put in by the winning team.



This was my first EAW event, and I can admit that I loved every minute of it, and intend to go again, before I don the ref stripes.

This was a really well structured show, and good matches all round, Thank you once again to Nick Ashberry, who allowed us to Interview Sabu prior to the event. It’s a shame we didn’t have much time to conduct the interview.  But it was great none the less!

I really want to see some more from these guys who I haven’t seen before, as I said, it’s always great to see some new faces in wrestling, otherwise you will see the same matches over and over again.

If you have never been to an EAW show, but have been considering it, go along, have a great time. You won’t be let down.

Furthermore, for those that read through the entire review, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed it.