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Nick Mason Weekly

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of ‘Shooting from the Hiptoss’, with your resident, injury prone, co-founder, Nick Mason.

Yes, I felt like I had to add injury prone in there for some reason, that reason will be explained a little later, now, my topic of the evening is criticism.


I know it might sound like I have an ego, but I have been actively involved in professional wrestling now for well over a year. I have seen many individuals react badly to criticism, mainly because they think they are better than the individual giving them the constructive advice to move on.

If you use your head just a little bit, any criticism can be turned into a positive, because it gives you something to work on to become a better performer in ring.

You’re always learning something in professional wrestling, no matter who it’s from. Even a fans opinion could be valuable to you.

For example, if somebody watches you in training or in a match, ask them how it went. I’m sure they would be willing to give you the time of day, to give you the advice, I certainly would. It’s not always going to be good advice, but it gives you something to work on.

I’ve always liked to say, “Never help anybody, who isn’t willing to help themselves.” Those, who react fairly negatively to criticism clearly aren’t willing to help themselves.

Remember this is Shooting from the Hiptoss, this article isn’t aimed at anybody, just a generalisation.

What’s happening with me and LockUP

Many know me personally would know that I am currently down and out with a few slightly torn muscles in my neck, which is currently preventing me from bumping, I hope that will sort out soon so I can get back in the ring. Although my return date is uncertain. I’ll also have more time for LockUP after my birthday, for a reason which I won’t reveal.

We’ve had a slight change around here at LockUP, due to Alex Knowles having to cut down his content production, he will still be on hand to write feature pieces, which you should still look out for.

We have found a readymade replacement for our Raw Articles, Joseph Hegarty, who wrote the Smackdown column, was preferred to take over in the role.  Which means, we are now on the lookout for a Smackdown writer, but we aren’t looking to fill that role any time soon, let us know if you’re interested.

What’s coming in next week? Nick Mason returns to House of Pain: Evolution for a review.

We will have another brilliant opinion piece from Ben, another raw review from Joseph Hegarty. Hopefully another Shooting from the Hiptoss piece.

Remember, if you want me to talk about anything in this piece, send it across to us, we will consider it.

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