Dan Hallam: NXT 08/09/2013

Dan Hallam

NXT started with Diva tag team action. There’s something about Bayley that I really like, the star struck character just comes across as so lovable. Bayley was teaming with Charlotte to take on Alicia Fox and Aksana. This was a nice tag match with Fox and Aksana working together to keep Bayley away from Charlotte. After a lot of quick tags Bayley broke through and made the tag to Charlotte. I like that Charlotte uses little subtle things that her father used but doesn’t rely on her famous wrestling family name. Charlotte had control of the match when Bayley tagged herself in, she ducked Alicia’s kick which took Aksana off the apron and rolled her up to get the 3.

Rick Victor of the Ascension was in action against Corey Graves. Conor O’Brien and Adrian Neville were ringside for this one. Victor was holding the tag title he stole from Graves last week. It’s nice to see that the ring attire for both Victor and O’Brien have been slightly changed so they are wearing more similar gear and look like a team. I always prefer it when a team is a team and not 2 singles wrestlers who are randomly paired up. As good as both Neville and Graves are they just aren’t a team in my eyes. Victor spent the match working on injured ribs of Graves which included a very nice hot shot onto the ropes ribs first which sent Graves crashing to the outside. O’Brien tried to get involved but Neville came flying through the ring with a dropkick knocking O’Brien off the apron followed by a diving cross body to the outside, this allowed Graves to reverse from a fireman’s carry to roll Victor up for the 3.

Alexander Rusev was introduced by Sylvester Lefort for his match against Mason Ryan. This was a match of 2 big power houses. It was a very physical match which saw Rusev pick up the win by submission with the camel clutch.

In the main event of the night Sami Zayn went one on one with Jack Swagger who as always had Zeb Coulter by his side. As great as the 2 out of 3 falls 2 weeks ago was between Zayn and Cesaro I would argue that this match was just as good. Sami started out fast and the crowd went crazy for him. There was a great moment where Sami teased going for the suicide dive and when Swagger moved he turned it round bounced off the top rope and back flipped back into the ring. Swagger slowed Zayn down and went for the patriot lock and got a great near fall after a gut wrench powerbomb. After another attempt at the patriot lock Sami got to the ropes, Sami got the knees up to reverse the Swagger bomb and then hit the Helluva kick for a very close near fall. Zayn went to the top put Swagger cut him off, after a fight on the ropes Zayn hit a sun set flip powerbomb for 2. Bo Dallas arrived at ring side which distracted Zayn which allowed Swagger to lock in the patriot lock again and get the win. I do truly believe that NXT is the best wrestling program on TV. It’s amazing how popular Sami Zayn is already after his short time on NXT but he truly is the star of the show right now and whenever he wrestles he always has the match of the night.