Nick Mason: Shooting from the Hiptoss 11/09/2013

Nick Mason Weekly

Hello and Welcome to another edition of Shooting from the Hiptoss. However, this week, I won’t really be shooting on anything, I haven’t got anything to say. So, I’ll just fill you guys in with what’s happening with us.

First and foremost, I would like to point out that our Sabu interview was broadcasted on the Total Wrestling Show, which is a massive achievement for us at LockUP, considering we launched only a few months ago.


Furthermore, we have rung a few changes with regards to our writing team, just a shake up more than anything, here is what has happened.

Dan Hallam has been moved from TNA to NXT.
Joseph Hegarty has been moved from Smackdown to Raw.
Alex Knowles has been moved from Raw to WWE PPV’s.

Now here is the biggest news of this section, LockUP can officially confirm that we have signed Dave Bodymore from BritWresChat, one of our biggest affiliates, to write mainly TNA and other pieces of his choosing.

We will also be in talks with two other individuals, names will be confirmed as and when.

To confirm, there will be a redesign of the headers which are used as the front image for articles.


So, we have noticed that content production to LockUP has been a bit spikey recently, and I have noted this as something that needs to be improved, as we need to promote active content, as and when we can.

So, to do this, there will be set pieces up on set days, which is a step in the right direction, if we want you guys to have something brand new to read, hopefully daily, due to the amount of writers we have.

We also want to cover more of the UK scene, as we do cover a lot of the US scene, so, if you’re interested in writing, and you’re a wrestling fan, contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, I would just like to add that LockUP is growing fast, and both Robert and I are happy for this, as this is a clear indication that we are and have continued to hit the right note with wrestling fans both here and in the states. Remember, if you think there is something missing from the website, don’t be afraid to let us know.

Have a great week guys and girls. More information coming soon.