Joseph Hegarty: Monday Night Raw 10/09/13

Joseph Hegarty

The Air Canada centre exploded as this week’s Raw began with five simple words, “You think you know me,” followed by that heavy guitar riff and smoke obscuring the top of the ramp. The man they call the Rated-R Superstar then appeared out of the smoke and the cheers grew louder into a spine tingling ovation as he hyped up the crowd, and Michael Cole told the viewers at home that Edge had come home not only to Toronto but the WWE. A thought that Edge himself echoed once he had made his way into the ring and been given a microphone. He then welcomes us to the first edition of the Cutting Edge for just under two years. Edge explains that Triple H, the mention of his name brings loud boos from the crowd, invited him back to reunite with his ex-tag team partner, no not Christian but the WWE Champion Randy Orton because it’s best for business (more boos). However, Edge informs us that he has decided Orton will not be his guest tonight, the crowd see where this is going and respond with chants of “YES! YES! YES!”, and indeed he announces that his guest will instead be the No.1 contender for the WWE Championship, Daniel Bryan. As he makes his way to the ring we’re treated to a recap of last week’s post-main event action which saw Bryan knocked out by the Big Show. As we return, it seems like Canada loves the No.1 Contender almost as much as they do Edge, as a deafening Daniel Bryan chant rings out in the arena. Bryan can’t quite hide his glee. Edge greets his guest, telling him that he appreciates him coming out considering everything he’s been through in the WWE recently. Bryan acknowledges the raucous crowd, saying they make it a lot easier for him. He elaborates further, telling us “There is satisfaction in the struggle.” because he will beat Orton this Sunday, despite the McMahon’s efforts, and regain the WWE Championship. Edge then gives his guest the rub, telling him he sees that the people have chosen him as their guy and that he reminds himself of him with his passion for wrestling. Edge then made the mistake of uttering those dangerous four words, “Face of the WWE”. Cue Randy Orton’s entrance.


Orton comes out sneering, garnering some nice cheap heat hitting two birds with one stone, running down both Edge and Canada, claiming it’s a shame that it’s the only place that’s cares when he returns. Orton continues with a nasty remark pointing out that it’s also a shame that Edge’s body failed him at such a young age, the crowd bombard him with “Randy Sucks!” chants. Edge fires back asking if Orton really is the face of the WWE because he seems like another body part, before retorting that while he may have problems with his spine, at least he has one. He then turns to the one who makes Orton’s spine all squishy, the Chief Operating Officer Triple, whom he claims never has been able to recognise the talent that’s in front of him, citing Chris Jericho, John Cena and himself (Is this another subtle note for the smarks at home? i.e. Sin Cara etc.). This brings out the Game to the stage to join his personally picked champion. First Triple H, pauses for promotional consideration due to the vast amount of money he has wrangled to promote Edge’s new TV programme, Haven, which is conveniently on straight after Smackdown on the same channel in the US. I enjoyed this little touch, it seemed exactly what a selfish corporate type, like the current Triple H character, would find to be most important in the situation. Edge warns the COO that unlike the rest of the WWE roster he doesn’t have to worry about biting his lip in regards to criticizing Triple H’s new regime. Edge seems to have hit a nerve with the COO as he goes into worked shoot mode, talking about being tired of having to pretend Edge is a bonafide star and a legend of the business whenever they’re in Canada; with the closing remark, “You never drew a dime buddy!” The COO however acknowledges Edge’s claims that he didn’t initially see the potential of either Jericho or Cena, but they proved themselves worthy, so he’s giving Daniel Bryan the chance to prove himself in tonight’s main event versus United States Champion Dean Ambrose. The game then plays the “nice guy” card, telling Bryan that since fellow Shield members Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are in Ambrose’s corner, he’ll be generous enough to put someone in the No.1 Contender’s corner. This news excites the two men in the ring as well as the crowd who chant Edge’s name. However, the COO tells us that “Edge’s ability to fight like a man is long in the past,” sparking a very audible “ASSHOLE!” chant from the Canadian fans in attendance, why don’t we hear this one in America? Anyway, Triple H informs us that it will in fact be the Big Show in Bryan’s corner tonight. Yep, that same wrestler who will be fired if he goes against any of Triple H’s orders, sneaky eh? Then things begin to break down and feel less scripted, with Edge firing back with some blurred lines of his own, claiming how he earned his Hall of Fame ring all from his own effort rather than marrying into the company, before firing his parting shot, “Hunter, you’re not a dictator, you’re just a dick.” This visibly angered Triple H, but he remained aware that he couldn’t do anything to Edge due to his injuries, thus deciding “If I can’t hurt you maybe I can hurt the ones you love.” Cue the Shield carrying out an incapacitated Christian who cannot stand on his own and collapses as the Hounds of Justice drop him on the ramp. The night’s first segment ends with Edge cradling his best friend in his arms, shouting desperately for help.


Personally, I found this opening segment very entertaining. I know not all wrestling fans enjoy the blending of kayfabe and reality in pro-wrestling, preferring a more old-school good vs. evil superhero vibe, but I consider the treading of that reality line to be a very unique asset that professional wrestling holds over other entertainment forms. Reality TV in the vein of The Only Way Is Essex can tread a similar path reality wise, but for me that still doesn’t even come close to replicating the intrigue that professional wrestling can develop through the ambiguity of whether that is for instance Edge talking or Adam Copeland. And this element is perhaps what made me enjoy the segment so much; whether they got lucky with timing, scripted it to perfection or they’re all just better actors than most would give them credit for, that crescendo towards the end of the segment which culminated in Edge calling Triple H a dick felt very real (yeah, it might sound immature written down but the delivery and the fact that words like that don’t get thrown about on Raw, meant it was very effective). They certainly made me doubt that these guys weren’t just actors reciting lines, I felt some real feeling heat. Whether it was or not doesn’t really matter, they certainly made it feel real, and that exhilarated this writer. If Edge had miraculously found out he could return for another match without any lasting physical repercussions, I wouldn’t rather him face anyone else but Triple H right now.


Edge’s involvement in the night ended abruptly as we came back from the first commercial break, finding him confronting Triple H and Stephanie backstage as The Shield stepped in playing their menacing silent security role to perfection (I could watch Dean Ambrose sneer all day). The Game once again pushed his (sizable) nose close to the reality wheel, telling Edge to take the bass out of his voice and stop acting like he can back up his words when he can’t due to that “withered up stack of dimes” neck. Triple H follows this up by aggressively telling Edge that tonight “Toronto is my town,” before telling the Rated-R Superstar to get out of his town However, it was revealed later in the night that Edge will return this Friday for WWE’s Smackdown from down the road in Ottawa, Ontario (Speaking of which, I believe the lovely people here at Lock Up are still looking for someone to fill my wee little booties reporting on WWE’s Friday night output). Next up, Kofi Kingston takes on the Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel in our first match of the night, which is preceded by a recap of Kingston defeating Axel this past Friday night on Smackdown with his S.O.S. Ranhei manoeuvre; proving the Intercontinental Champion is beatable, meaning you should order Night of Champions on pay-per-view so you can see CM Punk finally get his hands (or perhaps his kendo stick, ooh err missus) on Paul Heyman. Back to tonight’s action, Curtis Axel comes out of the blocks flying with an aggressive strike based offensive, before a loud CM Punk chant breaks out (We’ll all know who the major player is in this angle, however well Paul Heyman is holding up Axel’s end). However, Kofi fights back upping the tempo, once again hitting the S.O.S. on the Intercontinental Champion. Although, this week Axel is in reach of the ropes and manages to void the pin with a rope break (Cheap Plug: remember to watch out for my blog of the same name launching soon with various feature articles, the first being a comparison of the rise of both the popular Indy style of wrestling and the tiki-taka style of football, that’s soccer to you across the pond). The match soon comes to an abrupt end as Axel gets disqualified for not breaking before the referee’s five count while he hits multiple knees to Kofi in the corner; handing Kingston his second successive victory over the champion. Paul Heyman is irate, entering the ring and warning Curtis Axel that if that happens on Sunday he’ll be left alone in the ring with the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era. Determined to prove his worth to Heyman, Axel returns to Kofi intending to deliver some lasting damage before Kofi quickly hits Trouble in Paradise on him to confound his terrible past few days. This match is followed by the intriguing news that tonight Randy Orton will be facing the brother of the man he confined to unemployment last week, Goldust, under the stipulation that if the Bizarre One is victorious Cody Rhodes will be reinstated to the WWE roster. Subsequently, we are treated (I actually mean it this time) to a vignette recapping the Goldust character.


As we come back from a commercial break, we see Paul Heyman limping backstage being held up by his client Curtis Axel, apparently he has slipped on a wet floor. Next up, a recap of last week’s Raw segment between the Big Show and Stephanie McMahon reminds us that if the World’s Largest Athlete doesn’t perform his duties he won’t see a dime from his “Ironclad” contract. Additionally, part of Big Show’s duties this week involves not laying a finger on The Shield. However, for now Big Show is backstage in the locker room being advised by Booker T, who reassures Show that he would’ve done the same thing in his shoes last week (re: knocking out Daniel Bryan) and encouraging him to continue being professional so he can provide for his family. This left me wondering if this (along with Booker’s advice to Bryan last week) is the start of a subtle heel turn for the former five time WCW Champion or purely a narrative tool to make the audience sympathise with the Big Show. Raw’s second match of the night pitted Bray Wyatt, in only his third match on the main roster, against the former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. I have mixed feelings stemming from this match: I have stated on this website that I’m worried about the Wyatt family’s direction, with no storyline progression and them just knocking off bit players like R-Truth and Tons of Funk (especially as they return the next week seemingly no worse for wear). Therefore, in that sense it is positive to see Bray Wyatt facing a wrestler with a more impressive pedigree. However, if there is any wrestler who I’m currently worrying about their current direction more than Wyatt, it’s Ziggler. I had renewed hopes for the Show Off coming into the current Corporation storyline, but this week he seems to have been frozen out when it made for all the sense in the world for him to be booked in a match this Sunday at Night of Champions in a United States Championship match with Dean Ambrose, who last week beat down Ziggler before his matchup with Ryback. However, that feud doesn’t seem to being followed up and this week we have these two directionless superstars facing off; something has to give. Bray Wyatt starts off the match dominating the smaller man, throwing him to the mat; it seems like this is going to be a complete squash match as Wyatt teases his finish with his unique hanging from the corner pose which we have seen usually precedes his Sister Abigail swinging reverse STO. However, as he ran at Ziggler, the Show Off (thankfully) hit a snap dropkick to delay his eventual demise. Wyatt’s family help distract Ziggler to restore the upper hand to the Eater of Worlds. Ziggler did manage another fightback, raining down punches in the corner then hitting a neckbreaker followed up with a Fameasser for a near fall, before he was once again distracted by Harper and Rowan. Bray Wyatt then got the win with a hard corner clothesline followed up with the most impactful looking Sister Abigail he has yet hit. Next up is another enjoyable vignette for Goldust, this time recapping his comical side with moments featuring various other superstars including Booker T and The Rock.


Next up was a humorous segment featuring Paul Heyman (now on crutches) and his poorly knee. First off, Heyman gets on the mic and buries Canadian social healthcare (Crikey can I be a mark both for the NHS and Paul E? I can’t make that choice, dammit!), before telling us that his own personal doctor has diagnosed him with a torn meniscus or ACL. Therefore, he informs us that regretfully he must remove himself from his match this Sunday at Night of Champions. However, RAW General Manager Brad Maddox appears at the top of the ramp to inform Heyman that he can’t be removed from this month’s pay-per-view without the consideration of the WWE’s own doctor (I wonder if this could lead to a crooked doctor angle in the future forcing a kayfabe injured superstar to compete against Orton or The Shield). Maddox brings the official doctor down to the ring, who asks Heyman to sit down on a folding chair, to which the crowd amusingly chant “SIT! SIT! SIT!” the former Voice of the Voice of the Voiceless obliges. Even more amusingly while the Doctor rolls up Heyman’s trouser leg to examine his injury, the Canadian faithful chant “THIS IS AWKWARD!” in perhaps my favourite chant of the year so far. This seems like a really good quality crowd, reacting to the action and adding to it with relevant interaction, rather than the random chants that have become popular as of late to prove what a “smart” crowd you are. Now just as earlier in the night, Heyman’s presence ignites another CM Punk chant from the crowd, before the WWE doctor declares Heyman to be fine condition and Cult of Personality blasts out around the arena, followed by CM Punk running down the entrance ramp Kendo stick in hand. It seems like the doctor was right, Heyman is indeed fine as he flees from the scene as quick as a hiccup, “He’s healed, it’s a miracle!” Lawler screams on commentary. Back in the ring, only Heyman’s personal doctor remains in the ring, ridiculously a “Kill the Doctor!” chant breaks out, before Punk indeed destroys the so called doctor with various kendo stick shots, culminating in a blow to the head.


As we return from commercial break we’re treated (I’m less serious this time, although to be fair I haven’t watched any of the series so far) to a promo video hyping the mid-season finale of Total Divas, before the Divas Champion herself makes her way to the announce table to offer her opinions on the six women in the ring who are about to engage in a three on three tag match, featuring Brie Bella, Naomi and Natalya versus Layla, Alicia Fox and Aksana. For once, commentary is more entertaining than the in ring action as AJ ridicules Jerry Lawler, finally putting him in his place, “ I think I’m a little old for you Jerry, I’m twenty-six and I hear you like them younger.” She continues to embarrass the commentary team, while Natalya dishes out an impressive beatdown in the ring with the exclamation point of a kip-up, before forcing Fox to submit to the Sharpshooter. AJ had me marking out on commentary, as she strived to keep the Divas’ division relevant despite the ridiculous old fashioned chauvinistic burial attempts from the old boy’s club that is the WWE commentary team. AJ Lee really is one of the best reasons to watch Raw right now, she’s really stepped it up in recent weeks, I can only hope she isn’t punished for standing up to JBL, Cole and Lawler. This segment is followed by another Goldust vignette, this time stressing his prowess, featuring his past United States, Intercontinental and Tag Team Championship wins.


Raw’s fourth match of the evening featured R-Truth taking on the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. The match began with the two men locking up before Del Rio won that test of strength, pushing Truth to the mat, before the former United States Champion sprang back up and planted a hard slap on Alberto’s kisser. Ah, it seems I spoke too soon earlier regarding this being a “proper crowd”, as they give us a completely unrelated JBL chant, followed by ones for Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, Randy Savage, Undertaker and finally an RVD which was at least a little relevant since Del Rio faces him this Sunday for the World Heavyweight Championship. Oh well, I suppose at least they’re having fun, perhaps this writer shouldn’t take his wrestling so seriously. Anyway, while the crowd has their fun Truth hits an impressive plancha to the outside taking down Del Rio, before the action returned to the ring where the champion regained his dominance with various stiff looking kicks. R-Truth catches a glimmer of hope with a sunset flip pinning combination, but Del Rio kicks out and comes back at him with a heavy clothesline, before hitting a superkick followed by the Cross Armbreaker for the win. Following this we have the fifth match of the night which is a tremendously fun affair pitting Antonio Cesaro versus the returning Santino Marella. The contest is prefaced by a promo from Cesaro’s manager Zeb Coulter, who runs down Canada for some nice cheap heat. Santino gets some nice support, with the Canadians loudly cheering his entrance and then chanting his name, before Cesaro kicks the match off with a fluid gutwrench suplex. Santino feeds of the crowd and fights back with some martial arts kicks, but he soon falls victim to Cesaro’s giant swing, which even the Santino loving crowd go nuts for. The crowd are really having fun now and decide to deliver a Maple Syrup chant to Coulter in reference to his earlier promo. And Cesaro’s swing is still going on… This is amazing, and the crowd know it, they’re now chanting “Holy Shit!” before the maneuver finally comes to an end after nearly a whole minute. However, now it’s time for Santino’s babyface comeback hitting his signature split dodge, before landing a hip toss and a falling headbutt on on the Swiss Superman. Then out comes the Cobra, before Cesaro kicks it off Santino’s hand and throws it out of the ring. Cesaro then hits Santino with a heavy European uppercut in the corner for a near fall, before holding the Italian Stallion and trash talking (which seemed to be censored by the powers that be) him, allowing Marella to roll up Cesaro with a unique Judo pinning combination for a victory that the crowd gleefully received.


Tonight’s matches are now coming thick and fast but unfortunately this next match was not as entertaining as the last. Damien Sandow and The Miz squared up in this contest, but no one told the crowd that Sandow was the bad guy and Miz was supposed to be the fan favourite. A “Let’s Go Sandow!” chant broke out early on and The Miz was booed loudly throughout, even being hit with the dreaded “You can’t wrestle!” chant later on. Thankfully, Sandow put him out of his misery, rolling Miz up for the three count after a distraction from Miz’s rival, Fandango, who once again the crowd lapped up in comparison to the WWE’s “Most Must See Superstar”. Afterwards, the scene is set for Randy Orton vs Goldust, as Renee Young interviews the Bizarre One backstage. He tells her it’s no secret that’s he’s the screw-up of the Rhodes family, yet he has always been given chance after chance, whereas his brother Cody always does the right thing, but he gets fired as soon as he slightly puts a foot out of line. Triple H appears and interrupts him mid-sentence, before piling the pressure on Goldust to win. Back at ringside, Orton enters to audible boos, before we’re treated (and I really mean it this time) to a recap of the ending of last week’s career threatening match. Goldust then makes his unique entrance, as a film buff I blooming love the widescreen sepia filter while he made his way to the ring, especially as the camera cut to Orton unfiltered before returning to the filtered Goldust; a great little touch that made the match seem the little extra special for me. The match starts off red hot from the get go with both men slogging each other with hard right hands, Goldust’s being met with an almighty “YES!” from the crowd. Orton decides to take a breather, meanwhile the fans let Goldie know that he’s still got it, before the Apex Predator makes his way back into the ring to offer his opponent the old test of strength lock up. However, after luring his opponent in, the dastardly WWE Champion hits a cheap shot with a kick to the gut. Orton continued his devious ways with a hidden poke to the eyes, which he followed up with several nasty looking punches to his opponent in the corner. Goldust managed to stem the tide rolling up the Viper who kicked out and then managed to slither out of the bizarre ones’ attempt to Shatter his Dreams, as we went to a commercial break. As Raw returned Orton had slowed the pace placing Goldust in a rear chin lock, but the action soon spilled outside where Orton attempted to ram his opponent’s head into the steel steps. However, in a repeat of a spot from last week’s n a repeat of a spot from last week’s match with Cody Rhodes, Goldust blocked him hitting Orton’s own skull on the steps instead. Back on the apron, Orton throws his opponent into the ringpost with Dustin Rhodes taking a big bump, which was followed up by the WWE Champion back dropping him onto the ringside barricade. Returning to the ring, Orton placed Goldust in another rear chinlock, which he would eventually manage to escape after working the crowd up into a frenzy chanting his name to get out. He then hit a huge bulldog followed by his trademark uppercut (the one that Cody’s taken to using) followed by the time tested ten punch in the corner. Goldust nearly wins it with a roll up pinning combination but Orton kicks out and manages to hit his signature rope hung DDT. The champ then takes some time out to send a message to his opponent for this Sunday, Daniel Bryan, mocking his “YES!” chant, before stalking Goldust for the RKO. However, just like Cody did last week, he reverses it into Cross Rhodes, which again just like last week gets a very very very near fall. Orton then connect with a roll up of his own that Goldust kicks out of but finally gets caught with an RKO, and it’s another W in the column for Randy Orton against the Rhodes family. After the match, Randy gets on the mic and brags about he has shattered Goldust’s dreams of saving his little brother, just like he will shatter Daniel Bryan’s hopes of winning the WWE Championship at Night of Champions. Backstage, we see an emotional Goldust who is confronted by a conceited Stephanie McMahon, who tells him he has let his whole family down, asking him how it feels to be a loser, and finally telling him to join his brother in the unemployment line.


The penultimate match of the night finally saw the battle of the airbrushed singlets as Rob Van Dam took on Ryback. This match was quite sloppy in places, and it worries me that the Whole Dam Show might be returning to the same half arsed ringwork that his time in TNA saw, which would be a pity since I’m quite looking forward to his match with Alberto Del Rio at Night of Champions from an in ring standpoint, as far as the narrative goes however I do not feel connected at all, although Ricardo Rodriguez describing himself as Van Dam’s “Numero Uno Amigo” did make me chuckle slightly… Yup that’s about as good as this build has got, that and Del Rio has called the fans peasants a couple of times and told us ADR is a better three letter combination than RVD. The match finished with a scrappy looking DQ win for RVD where Ryback thrusted the Whole Dam Groin into the Whole F’n ring post. Ryback then followed that up with his Shellshock finish after the bell, seemed a slightly odd way to end the segment since it’s Van Dam who should be being built up for sunday rather than Ryback who doesn’t have a match (similar to how they booked the Great Khali to beat down Big E before Summerslam), however I suppose they still have Smackdown to put the final touches on the build for the World Heavyweight Championship match. Next, The Shield followed by The Big Show both made their way to their respective corners in preparation for tonight’s main event.


Tonight’s main event saw the No.1 Contender for the WWE Championship up against the United States Champion. Much like Orton/Goldust this match started with a brawling start before the heel excited to ringside to take a breather, Dean Ambrose unlike Orton however could confer with his teammates Rollins and Reigns. Back in the ring, Daniel Bryan hit a kitchen sink knee to the oncoming Ambrose, following this up with his signature YES! kicks. Bryan then utilised his submission skills culminating in a surfboard stretch maneuver from which Ambrose managed to ease the tide by getting a rope break against the Submission Specialist. However, for now he continued to dominate, avoiding the US champ with his trademark back flip of the turnbuckle and lariat, before hitting a lovely snap underhook suplex. However, the tide turned in the matchup when Ambrose managed to push Daniel Bryan off the apron taking a bump on the barricade. Dean Ambrose dominated until Bryan managed to avoid the Shield member’s big corner shoulder tackle, the No.1 contender took advantage hitting his cornered opponent with two stiff looking dropkicks to the face. Next the two competitors went up top and Bryan delivered a beautiful top rope hurricanrana to his opponent. The former WWE Champion continued to stay on top until Ambrose dodged Bryan’s wild roundhouse attempt. Dean then attempted a Boston (or should that be Cincinatti?) crab, but the Submission Specialist rolled through into his YES! Lock, however Ambrose once again gets to the ropes. Daniel Bryan once again goes for a big dropkick to Ambrose in the corner but this time the US Champion manages to avoid the impact, before landing a near fall with a rollup with a generous helping of Bryan’s trunks. Instead, Ambrose tries to finish off the No.1 Contender with a superplex but it’s countered, hooking Ambrose into the tree of woe position, from which he receives a vicious low dropkick to the face. Bryan manages to hit a suplex of his own off the top rope, a massive super back drop, which brings the crowd alive with a huge “This is awesome!” chant. However, Bryan find himself on the outside where he avoids a spear from Roman Reigns who goes clattering off into the steel steps, before also dodging Seth Rollins as he flies at him with an aerial attack, not that it matters as Ambrose manages to hit a DDT to Bryan on the outside. However, back in the ring Ambrose starts to get frustrated as Bryan kick out of his pin attempts, asking “Why won’t you stay down?” and in turn putting over the No.1 Contender’s resilience; when out of nowhere Bryan rolls up his opponent in a small package for the win! This forces Randy Orton to ringside to take care of business himself, but before he can make it to the ring, Bryan flies through the air hitting Orton with a spectacular suicide dive through the ropes. However, the numbers game catches up with Daniel Bryan once more as The Shield come to the WWE Champion’s aid, they bring Bryan back into the ring and Orton hits him with an RKO. We’re once more blessed with presence of the WWE’s Chief Operating Officer, who tells Big Show (who is still at ringside) that it’s time to be professional and once again knock out Daniel Bryan. The World’s Largest Athlete gets in the ring but delays his attack on Bryan, causing Orton to get frustrated shouting at the Giant and eventually telling him to knock the No.1 Contender out while he held him up. However, all this took too long and Bryan recovered hitting his high impact running knee attack to floor the WWE Champion and send Raw off air on a happy note for the first time in recent week, with Bryan holding up the Championship he hopes to take back on Sunday.


While I enjoyed both the main event and Antonio Cesaro swinging Santino Marella around the ring, this week’s Raw Match of the Night has to be Randy Orton versus Goldust. It had great fundamental wrestling elements as well as the extra edge of emotional involvement that separated it from the pack. As for the Raw Superstar of the Week? It’s wide open, with lots of superstars in the mix: Edge, Randy Orton, Goldust, Triple H, Antonio Cesaro. Daniel Bryan, The Shield and AJ all have claims to the accolade this week, Kayfabe it’s Bryan, for sure. Heck Bryan really could be the new face of the WWE/John Cena; main eventing Raw while the WWE Champion wrestles on the midcard, it’s 2012 all over again… But my favourite performance this week came from Edge, just pipping AJ (If the ref had only trimmed his fingernails and all that), having really enjoyed the edge (pardon the pun) in his verbal sparring with Orton and Triple H during the opening segment. This week’s Raw dragged slightly during some matches (notably RVD/Ryback & Sandow/Miz) with the Cutting Edge, Santino/Cesaro, Orton/Goldust and the main event being the most notable segments. Although, on reflection having four really enjoyable segments is definitely an improvement on many episodes of Raw we’ve had in the past few years. Perhaps, this hot streak the WWE has been on as of late has spoiled me a little, this week’s episode was still very enjoyable in parts and overall definitely a more than decent show.


Until next week Raw fans, when we will witness all the fallout from the Night of Champions pay-per-view. Make sure you come back to this blog and tell me what you think by commenting below or tweeting me @HelloHegarty, and let me know what feuds should end this Sunday and which ones should begin next Monday.