Dan Hallam: NXT 16/09/13

Dan Hallam

NXT started this week with tag team action as Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy took on Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev accompanied by Sylvester Lefort. Enzo is getting over nicely with his sawft catchphrase which the crowd seems to love. This was a strange quick match which started with Amore and Cassidy working on Dawson until Dawson hit a hard clothesline on Amore and he and Rusev took control but lost by DQ when Dawson failed to exit the ring before the referees 5 count after a tag. It seems odd seeing that ending when it’s a rule which is barely used very strictly.

Bo Dallas made his way to the ring in a suit with the NXT title around his waist and thanked all his Bo-lievers for the support while the crowd chanted ‘No More Bo’. He said that he was out last week to help Sami and didn’t mean to cost him the match and that when he is medically cleared he will give Zayn a match but not a title match.

CJ Parker was interviewed about his problems with Tyler Breeze. He spoke about the differences between them. I like this rivalry as Tyler loves himself with his Zoolander model gimmick and CJ with his hippy gimmick. Tyler jumped CJ and then took a selfie of him lying over the fallen Parker.

It was Diva action next as Sasha Banks took on NXT women’s champion, Paige. This was a good match and much better than any Diva match you will see on Raw or Smackdown mostly because it went for longer than 3 minutes. It was a nice back and forth match which finished when Sasha went for a crossbody and Paige rolled through to get the pin and the win. Sasha looked heartbroken after the match, Paige tried to console her and offered a hand shake but Sasha wouldn’t. When Paige went to leave Sasha attacked Paige from behind and hit a neckbreaker on Paige. The main event for the evening saw Leo Kruger taking on Xavier Woods. Xavier’s gimmick is a lot of fun and I think the only way to describe it is that it is the 90s, with the music, the dances, the 90s references he makes and 90s catchphrases he shouts in his matches I think the 90s is all I can say to describe his gimmick. The match started with Xavier chasing Leo out of the ring until Kruger started working on the left arm. Kruger hit a nice suplex with Woods arm in a hammer lock to continue working the arm. Xavier fought back with some kicks to Kruger but he was cut off again with a backbreaker followed by a jackhammer slam but Xavier wouldn’t give up. Kruger missed a big axe handle off the 2nd rope which allowed Woods to come back with a flurry of strikes with his good arm, a head-butt and a dropkick. Woods went for the honour roll but Kruger reversed it into a spinebuster for 2. Woods yelled ‘it’s morphing time’ and finished Kruger off with eat defeat.

This was another fun episode of NXT with a lot of good wrestling action. The finish to the opening match seemed a bit odd but other than that it was a good show.