Dan Hallam: NXT 22/09/13

Dan Hallam

NXT kicked off with Sami Zayn taking on Curt Hawkins, in a rematch from Zayn’s NXT debut. Hawkins looks very different from when he was last seen on WWE TV with Tyler Reks, with a short haircut and his Prince of Queens gimmick. This started with a nice amount of counter wrestling until Hawkins took control. Hawkins hit a great enzurguri during the match and it’s nice to see him paying homage to his former mentor Edge with the Impaler DDT. Hawkins slapped Zayn with his glove and Zayn went mad. I do love his Helluva kick big boot and then finished Hawkins off with a tornado DDT for the 3.

Next up Aiden English demanded a spot light, then sang himself to the ring for a match. Aiden has the gimmick of a theatre actor turned actor. He made quick work of his opponent and then demanded the spotlight again, and got a nice pop when he said he was going to perform an encore when he won. I have seen Aiden before but this was his debut as a featured character on nXt and I have to say that the song before and after the match was very entertaining.

Bo Dallas was interviewed by Renee Young, once he finished leaving a message for his Bo-lievers on the new Bo Dallas hotline. He was asked if Sami Zayn has earned a title shot after his victory over Curt Hawkins but Bo said he has an idea for naming a number 1 contender which he won’t announce until next week.

It was main event time with 8 man tag team action. Tyler Breeze was teaming up with Leo Kruger and The Ascension to take on CJ Parker, Xavier Woods and the tag team champions Corey Graves and Adrian Neville. The match started off with the face team working over Kruger’s arm, until Kruger cut off Corey and tagged in Conor O’Brien. The crowd then chanted ‘We Want Breeze’. Graves managed to get the tag to Woods who hit the honour roll on Kruger who then exited the ring. Neville and Woods flew out the ring to take out the heels as it went to a break. Back from the break and Rick Victor was working on Xavier Woods. Breeze was then tagged in, to a big pop, and quickly shot the crowd down, as he tagged back out again, because he almost got hit. The crowd chanted ‘That was awesome’ at Breeze. The fans do seem to love the Tyler Breeze character. Breeze tagged back in to another big pop to get a few shots on Woods and quickly tagged out again with the crowd going crazy for him. Woods got the hot tag to CJ Parker who went after O’Brien. Victor broke up a pin attempt by CJ so Graves took Victor out the ring, O’Brien hit a big flap jack on CJ so Breeze tagged himself in to go for the pin. CJ kicked out and Breeze went to tag out but his team walked out on him and left him to be hit in the face by all the faces and then he finished off with the corkscrew shooting star press by Neville for the 3.