Dave Bodymore: TNA 22/09/13

Dave Bodymore

I feel it would be impossible to talk about this weeks Impact without first talking about some of the internet rumours that have been a discussion point for many this week.

The first rumour came fresh off the back of last week’s episode of Impact. According to ‘Sources’ Ken Anderson’s contract with TNA has expired. I’ve got mixed feelings about this rumour. Initially I was really disappointed that Anderson would not be appearing in a TNA ring in the near future, but when I stopped to think about it I am not surprised that Anderson hasn’t been re-signed. With TNA’s money troubles and Anderson being on a main event wage, the decision may have been forced upon them.

The second rumour is that Mickie James’ contract is nearing an end. After the result of her match on this weeks Impact, this rumour looks like it could be true. Losing James from the Knockouts division will be a big loss for TNA. I have really enjoyed her recent run and will be disappointed to see her leave.

The third rumour is probably the most important one, if true. This is the rumour that Hulk Hogan ia yet to agree terms on a new contract, meaning he will leave when his current deal expires in October. Now I’m not naive enough to think that Hogan leaves and everything changes at TNA, but if Hogan were to leave then TNA may be able to make some changes for the better.

So onto this week’s episode of Impact. If you judged it by recent standards then it was a decent episode. However judged directly next to an episode of Raw or Smackdown then TNA does really lack that something special.

In terms of matches the main event of this weeks Impact between the Main Event Mafia and EGO was really entertaining and easily Match of the Night. Meanwhile, the opener between Manik and Jeff Hardy was disappointing. Manik was trying to have an X division paced match up, whilst Hardy was working at a slower pace. This meant that Manik was going far quicker than Hardy and things didn’t really click between them. The scheduled Chavo & Hernandez vs. Gunner and Storm match was changed because Chavo Guerrero was injured. Gunner vs. Hernandez was a pretty standard match, which was never going to set the world alight. Robbie E had matches with Eric Young and Joseph Park, which both ended up in quick roll-ups and Robbie E trying to make excuses for his loss.

The big match news from Impact was ODB winning the Knockouts title, thus virtually confirming the Mickie James rumour. ODB becoming the new knockouts champion is an interesting decision but when you look the rest of the Knockouts roster there isn’t a clear champion.

This weeks Impact as a whole was centred on the A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter confrontation. I was very interested in this and was excited to see where it led. When you watch the segment you will struggle to not think CM Punk. Styles acknowledged several former TNA stars like Jerry Lynn, Low-Ki, Alex Shelley, Petey Williams and Jay Lethal. He said that these guys had been replaced by MMA guys and those that needed 2 year paid vacations before going back to where they belong. Unlike the Punk ‘shoot’ on Raw, where Vince was criticised but didn’t appear, Dixie Carter came to ring and accused AJ of being past his best. She said that she couldn’t remember the last time he had a 5 star match and that everything about him was sub-par.

The segment was entertaining and is certainly worth watching, but it is virtually a replication of the CM Punk moment on Raw and that disappointed me a lot. Whilst it is almost impossible to do something new in wrestling nowadays, to copy something that happened only quite recently is a real poor decision and one that makes TNA look very stupid in my opinion.

Other segments from this week’s episode include a heel turn for Chris Sabin, who challenged Manik to a match next week after beating him up and the start of the end for the Ace’s and Eight’s.

So overall it was a ok episode of Impact with a couple of decent moments and with Bound For Glory coming soon, we can only hope that things pick up for TNA leading into the biggest show in their calendar!