Nick Mason:Ones to Watch: Guise


Image taken by Dan Hallam, our NXT writer.

After years of being removed from training academies all over France, Guise has finally moved his training to the well-respected, Nottingham based, House of Pain Wrestling Academy.

Many who don’t know of the House of Pain Wrestling Academy would believe that this place is just another centre, no, this isn’t the case. House of Pain and Stixx are well respected around the UK wrestling scene, for creating some of the top talents who currently wrestle on shows today. Some names Stixx has trained include: Heavy J, Max Angelus, Jürgen Heimlich, Joseph Conners and Paul Malen. There is a consistent flow of new talent coming through the UK wrestling scene, all that many need is the opportunity to showcase what they have in their locker.

When Guise made his debut against now fan favourite, Heavy J, his alliance with the European Legion was made public, which was to be expected, considering he is from France. So, the crowd immediately took to Guise as a heel, who generated a negative response with great ease, which is an art form for heel wrestlers.

Since his debut, Guise has consistently proved his worth to the show, and given his 110% on every House of Pain academy I’ve seen him perform on. He performs in both singles and tag matches, and uses either to his advantage, not to mention, he always finds the time to annoy various individuals in the crowd.

I feel that Guise is just lacking that step up in show, for individuals to realise what kind of talent he is, hopefully this will come soon, as he has a bright future on the UK wrestling scene.


In the video, you will see Guise’s debut match with Heavy J!


Before I post the interview, I would like to comment that Guise didn’t attempt to kill me at any time, despite his demonic presence.

Good Afternoon, Guise, how are you?

G: Bonjour, je suis bonne et toi?

G: Wait…. Wait … Maybe if I speak in your language it be better no?

NM: Bonjour mon ami, ca va?

NM: Sorry, that’s all I have.

NM: Please in English!!

G: Tres bien, but let’s keep this so everybody can understand. Ok…. Continue.

How do you think your training went for you, and how long have you been training?

G: I came over to England searching for a place to train in late 2009, after being thrown out of some of the schools in France due to my aggression levels, lucky for me I came across hop in late 2010 November to be exact after coming across an article on google, I contacted Stixx and it went from there. Being taught by Stixx mostly and other talented guys who appear on the shows such as Max Angelus and Kaleb Hughes has helped me fine tune my aggressive nature in a constructive manner, however I don’t train much due to flying to and from France but when I do I enjoy it and learn more each time.

What makes you commute from England to France to train? Who was your biggest inspiration during training?

G: That’s easy, in France there are too many French wrestlers but none that I know of currently in the UK? I want to fly the French flag here, and I know that you English love the French. No one inspires me to do anything other than myself.

During your training, did you stumble over any setbacks which made you think, “Was wrestling really for me?”

G: If I thought that mon ami then I wouldn’t be talking to you right now.
NM: Ok, that’s understandable.

So, you’ve made your debut at the HOP, how do you feel that went?

G: Yes I made my debut Septembre (September) last year against Heavy J…. Why the outcome of the match didn’t go the way I hoped, I know that I showed the hop fans and guys at hop how aggressive I can be. I want a re match with heavy j I feel me and him still have unfinished business even after all this time!

Do you prefer tag wrestling, or singles wrestling?

G: Solo, I think the European Union is no more which saddens me. I was away a few months ago, I came back to hear that Zhukov and Jürgen had fallen out, due to a wildcard match up? Now I’m back we don’t really talk but we do keep an eye on things when it comes to show day. I’m happy to compete solo or in a team but I feel I can do more damage in singles competition

What do you think is your best selling point?

G: To be honest I couldn’t care less what crowds think of me. I come to win. Not to entertain. Their negativity only makes me stronger.

Where would you like to be in five years?

G: I believe that is left for destiny but I would like to be traveling the world and competing for various championships maybe even sooner a championship at hop or various companies in this country. I think France can wait for guise

There are many well performing wrestling promotions all over the UK, if you had the freedom to pick who you worked for, who would you pick and why?

G: I hear the biggest is All-star? No? So the bigger the stage, bigger the how you say……… Recognition?
NM: Bigger recognition, yes. I understand that All-star is the biggest, but not many people travel out to holiday camps just for wrestling.
G: Je ne sais pas? I guess we will just have to see what the future brings

If there are any promoters reading this, which there will be, do you have any words for them?

G: Come to see me in action and then they can judge for themselves? Like my saying goes …”Je suis le surprise de guise” maybe I can surprise them

We’ve come to the end, do you have any final words?

G: Yes I do these words are aimed at the wrestling world and to the management and superstars of House of Pain ” le meillieur est a venir” (the best is yet to come) de rien (you’re welcome!)
NM: Thanks for not ripping my head off, Bonne chance pour l’avenir (Good luck for the future).
G: Merci beaucoup and no, Le Guiseotine is saved for my unfortunate opponents. Au revoir.