Dan Hallam: NXT 29/10/2013

Dan Hallam

NXT started with Tyler Breeze telling Brad Maddox that he should be in the tag team gauntlet match tonight, CJ Parker interrupted and said the same thing. Brad told Breeze that he has found him a partner to which Breeze asked if it was Brad Pitt, Maddox told him it was CJ Parker to which both were disappointed with, Breeze even suggested cloning himself but Maddox said it wasn’t possible.

The tag team gauntlet match started with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy coming to the ring. Enzo and Cassidy are very popular with the NXT universe with their catchphrases ‘Badda Boom, realist guys in the room’ and ‘S A W F T… Sawft’. Tyler Breeze made his way to the ring and was joined by CJ Parker to start the match off. Enzo and Parker started for their respected teams with CJ quickly put Enzo in the fireman’s carry position for an airplane spin, Breeze demanded the tag but CJ refused and Enzo tagged in Cassidy who used his power to quickly put away the distracted Parker. Sylvester LeFort introduced Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev as the next opponents. Cassidy used his power against Dawson who quickly tagged in Rusev and the 2 big men went at it until Cassidy knocked him down with a big boot for 1 and tagged in Enzo who got hit with a Samoan drop. Dawson tagged in and hit a nice spinebuster on Enzo but Enzo rolled him up in a small package for the 3. Rusev ran into the ring and attacked Cassidy from behind and then beat down Enzo for good measure. The Ascension made their way to the ring as the final team in the gauntlet. O’Brien started off against Cassidy but they made quick tags until Cassidy hit a big boot on O’Brien for 2 and then tagged in Enzo who was quickly over powered by O’Brien. Victor was tagged in and they hit the leg sweep flying back elbow combo for the 3 and to become the new number 1 contenders for the tag team championship. This was a nice match which continued the Tyler Breeze CJ Parker rivalry, gave Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy momentum and allowed The Ascension to become the number 1 contenders.

Up next was the star struck diva Bayley in action against Sasha Banks with the new mean girl attitude and Summer Rae at ringside. The match started with a tie up with Bayley forcing Sasha to the corner and a clean break where Bayley gave Sasha a high five, Sasha didn’t like that and chopped Bayley several times until she reversed it into a drop toe hold. Sasha worked over Bayley’s head and put her in a rear chin lock but Bayley rolled back for a 2 count. Sasha went to the top rope to hit a nice arm drag and went to work on Bayley in the corner but she reversed and hugged Sasha and then hit a belly to belly suplex or hug-plex if you will. Bayley went to the top but Sasha pulled her off and hit a nice neckbreaker for the win. Summer Rae got in the ring and announced that her man Fandango would be at NXT next week and that she and Sasha were going to take over NXT. Emma ran to the ring which chased Summer and Sasha off. This was a fun match which showed what the 2 divas can do in the ring and showed off each character off very nicely.

The Artist Aiden English sang his way to the ring next finishing with the line ‘putting the E back into WWE’ for a match with Bull Dempsey. The crowd was chanting ‘bravo’ at Aiden when he finished his song. English made quick work on Dempsey finishing him off with a leg drop and his take a bow finisher. The crowd chanted for an encore which Aiden delivered with a short song. Renee Young caught up with Summer Rae backstage. Summer said that Emma better find a partner for next week as she will be taking on her and Fandango in mixed tag team action. El Local made his way to the ring for a match with Sami Zayn. This match started off very quickly with them trading arm drags and Zayn hitting a nice hurricanrana. Local took control with a hard kick and a suplex and put Zayn into a headlock. Zayn powered out and fought back with kicks and forearm shots. Zayn picked up the win after the helluva kick in the corner for the 3. This was a nice little match which showed what Zayn can do with his quickness and its nice seeing Ricardo Rodriquez actually being allowed to wrestle and show he has actual wrestling talent. Bo Dallas came out to the stage after the match to congratulate Sami on his win and announce that he is healed and can defend his NXT title so next week it’ll be the Bo Dallas invitational where any NXT star can challenge him and if they win they will receive a title shot. Sami said he’ll be the first to sign up and that they do it right now. Dallas said this business is about respect and Zayn has none because he interrupted the champion so the Bo Dallas invitational is open to anyone in NXT except Zayn.

Maddox was in the office on the phone when someone walked up to him, the camera panned up to reveal it was Kassius Ohno. Ohno asked why he’s not been on NXT for so long and Maddox said its because they see him as a D+ superstar. Ohno threatened Maddox and he said he can have a match next week against 1 member of the Wyatt family. In the main event Triple H came out and put over how great NXT is mentioning guys like Sami Zayn, Leo Kruger, Corey Graves and others. He said he was here to talk about the Rhodes family and how Dusty is not fit to run NXT so he is giving him some time off and announced that JBL would be the interim GM of NXT. JBL made his way to ring and said that he is a wrestling god and knows what is best for business and will make NXT better. This was another fun episode of NXT. I like that NXT has some truly over the top characters like Tyler Breeze, Aiden English and Bo Dallas with his super face heel gimmick. Star of the show: Bayley, she is really starting to get a nice following with the NXT fans and she plays her character so well. She walks to the ring like a nervous child and just wants to get on with everyone. I like the hug-plex as it fits her character perfectly. Match of the night: Bayley v Sasha Banks This was a good divas match, a lot better than what you will see on Raw of SD. It allowed both the girls to show what they can do in the ring and show what their characters are about.