Dave Bodymore: TNA: 29/09/13

Dave Bodymore

On the whole it’s been a quiet week for TNA, no big rumours about top talent leaving and fewer stories about their financial troubles. So with fewer negative stories about your company the best thing to do is release a video that says ‘Ethan is coming’. Based on TNA’s recent form of big reveals there stands a good chance that this could be another mediocre attempt at creating a buzz about a new star.

So with Ethan on his way, what awaits him when he arrives? Well based on this weeks Impact, a very flat and uninteresting product is what he has to look forward to. That’s not to say that there isn’t the potential for something interesting to happen at TNA, because there is. Currently you have the Magnus heel turn in full flow, you’ve got Chris Sabin becoming the egomaniac heel, the rise of EGO, there’s the AJ Styles/Dixie Carter feud and the self-destruction of the Ace’s and Eight’s. In all of these storylines there is the potential for some really good television but still TNA seems to be stuck in mediocrity right now.

Impact started this week with Bully Ray announcing that he had nothing to worry about when it comes to AJ because Dixie is in his head. The remaining 3 Ace’s and Eight’s members interrupted Bully because they wanted to make it known that Ray has become more interested in his own business, than cub business. Bully Ray told them that if they lost tonight against the Main Event Mafia then it would be curtains for the loser.

Match wise we opened up with the Bro-mans and Gail Kim taking on Joseph Park, Eric Young and ODB. Now I don’t care what people say about Park reverting back to Abyss, the Joseph Park character is amazing. The 6 of them have a really good opener, both entertaining and fast paced and really get the crowd going.

Next up we had Austin Aries come to the ring to tell everyone what was next for him. He’s cut off by Kenny King who jumps Aries but doesn’t want a proper match. Aries and King end up in a match which was pretty good, but one thing that frustrated me about this was Kenny King bleeding then having a standard singles match. If it was an accident then forgive me, but if this was deliberately done then it makes no sense. I am all for blood when it means something, but for 2 guys with barely any heat to use blood in a standard singles match on TV doesn’t make sense to me.

We also had Chris Sabin vs Manik which was a good match with a decent story to it. Sabin feigned a knee injury to gain the upper hand on Manik but it wasn’t enough as Manik retained his X Division title. Post-match Sabin attacked Manik, who was saved by Aries. Seems a return to the X Division is what is next for A Double.

And so we had the Main Event seeing the MEM taking on the Aces and Eights. Early on EGO attacked Magnus leaving Joe and Sting in a 2 on 3 handicap situation. For the second week running Sting took the heat and it looked as if the advantage would allow the Aces and Eights to pick up the win. But a spirited come back saw Wes Brisco get choked out by Joe meaning that he was kicked out of the Aces and Eights by Bully Ray.

The final segment on Impact began with Hogan trying to get Styles to sign a new contract and put to rest any bad blood between him and Dixie Carter. However Dixie was having none of this. She came to the ring ripped up Styles new contract and demanded he leave her ring. She then gave Hogan an ultimatum. Is he on Team Dixie or not?

The episode ended without Hogan giving an answer which has further fuelled the rumours that Hogan will be leaving TNA and this could be how it happens. My current view is that Hogan won’t be leaving TNA anytime soon, but we can always hope hey!!