Dan Hallam: NXT 06/08/13

Dan Hallam

NXT began with Fandango and Summer Rae dancing to the ring with the fans Fandangoing. Emma made her entrance and Renee Young asked her who the partner is and Emma introduced Santino. Emma danced towards the ramp while Santino power walked, they went back to the stage where Emma power walked and Santino danced, they tried for a 3rd time and they both did a power walking dance to the ring. Once in the ring Santino climbed to the bottom turnbuckle and got a nice pop from the crowd. Fandango tried and got a mixed reaction. Santino climbed up to the 2nd turnbuckle but fell off, the crowd chanted 1 more time so Santino slowly climbed the turnbuckles but didn’t dare to stand on the top rope. The match started with Fandango and Santino facing off, they both showed off their dancing ability and Fandango went for a kick which Santino caught and went for a kick of his own which Fandango caught, they spun each other round and had a stand off to a nice reaction from the crowd. Santino went for the cobra but Fandango rolled out of the ring. Emma jumped in the ring and put Santino’s other hand in the cobra position and made the cobra’s do the Emma dance. Back from break Santino gave Emma a high five which the ref counted as a tag, Santino and Emma kept tagging in and out which was annoying Fandango and Summer, Fandango had enough and gave Santino a kick and started beating him down. Summer got a slap in on Santino which caused Emma to run round the ring after Summer Rae, Santino managed to break away from Fandango and go for the tag but Emma wasn’t there. Fandango knocked Santino down and went to the top rope, Santino rolled away to the opposite corner so Fandango went to that corner and Santino rolled away again, Santino managed to get to Emma for the tag and Emma went after Summer Rae, Emma locked in the dilemma and was then passed the cobra by Santino but while she was putting the sock puppet on Summer Rae rolled her up for 2. Summer tagged in Fandango but carried on going after Emma, both Santino and Emma did the splits to avoid a clothesline, bit a hip toss and a diving head butt, Emma passed Santino and cobra back and he hit Fandango with it for the 3. This match was a lot of fun with some great comedy spots. Santino showed how great he is at connecting with the audience and they didn’t even need to wrestle for the 1st few minutes to get the crowd involved.

Kassius Ohno made his way to the ring for a match with Luke Harper. Harper dominated Ohno from the start and tossed him out the ring, he went to do it a second time but Ohno spun himself round in the ropes and kept himself in the ring to a nice pop and hit Harper with a kick. Harper quickly took control of the match again and beating Ohno down and working on the head. Ohno fought back with some kicks and Harper rolled out of the ring, Ohno ran across the ring and went through the ropes with a nice dropkick to Harper on the outside however Harper took control back and sent Ohno back in the ring hit him with a big boot, splash in the corner and finished him off with a powerful clothesline for the 3.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy cut a promo on how close they were to being number 1 contenders last week and they would have been if it wasn’t for Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev attacking them.

The Ascension made their way to the ring for a shot at the tag team titles against Corey Graves and Adrian Neville. This match had Corey Graves taking the beat down from The Ascension where they worked on his injured ribs. This match was very slow paced and the crowd hated it. Several boring chants throughout the match and the action didn’t pick up until Graves made the hot tag to Neville and he came in with his fast paced offence which really woke the crowd up. The finish of the match came when Graves was double teamed by The Ascension with their leg sweep back elbow combo for the 3 and the title win.

The main event for the night was the Bo Dallas invitational for a shot at the NXT title. Bo cut a promo on how he is giving a new, young, up and coming start a chance at greatness. A skinny wrestler made his way to the ring and was never announced. It’s great to see that the crowd hates Bo so much that they were chanting for the unknown wrestler with chants of ‘Let’s go this guy’. The wrestler got a quick roll up on Bo for a 2 count which got a huge pop from the crowd followed by a chant of ‘This guy’. Bo hit him with a spear for the 3 count.

Leo Kruger made his way to the ring but was followed by Antonio Cesaro. They argued over who should face him next, Cesaro allowed Kruger to go in but hit him with a cheap shot from behind, Leo and Antonio fought in the ring until Bo tossed them both to the outside. Mexican music started playing and Sami Zayn dressed as El Local made his way to the ring hit Bo with the helluva kick and pinned him. After the match he took the mask off to reveal it was Zayn which Bo looked shocked at and Zayn celebrated.

This was a fun show. It opened with a great mixed tag team match, it was nice to see Kassius Ohno back in action even if he was losing in what was a glorified squash match. The Bo Dallas invitational was what it needed to be. Bo gets so much heat that the crowd were going crazy for ‘This guy’. It potentially set up a Leo Kruger/Antonio Cesaro feud and it allowed Sami Zayn to become the number 1 contender by outsmarting Bo Dallas. The only issue I had with the show was the tag team title match. It was just boring and too much time was spent working on the ribs of Corey Graves. The crowd just don’t seem very interested in The Ascension.

Star of the show: Santino. Santino is just prefect when it comes to comedy wrestling. He got the crowd into the match well before any actual wrestling had taken place and he brought out more personality in Emma and gave Fandango his best match since he faced CM Punk on Smackdown a few months back.

Match of the night: Mixed Tag Match It was a lot of fun with good wrestling, good comedy spots and great crowd participation.