Dave Bodymore: TNA 03/10/13

Dave Bodymore

So apart from discussion about the Carter’s selling TNA, this week been another slow week for the TNA rumour mill. This for some is a bad thing as they seem to thrive on discussions that TNA will be going out of business, however I am pleased that there hasn’t been many rumours this week. I’ve been a fan of TNA since it started and, whilst it’s now very obviously not what it originally set out to be, I would hate to see the company go out of business.

With the rumour mill quiet for a second week running, Impact took the focus and in a similar vein to recent episodes this weeks was a mediocre offering. The episode started with AJ Styles coming to the ring and, after saying he appreciated Hogan’s attempts to smooth things over, announced that he was here to talk about his Bound for Glory opponent, Bully Ray. Bully Ray came out and the two guys had a good back and forth segment to open the show.

Other notable segments on the show saw Hogan get a new watch delivered as a gift from Dixie Carter whilst he spoke to Sting. Sting and Hogan agreed that Dixie is now worse than Eric Bischoff. Kaz and Daniels, whilst making their own words up for Roode’s music, told Bobby Roode that he will be the first inductee to the EGO Hall of Fame and they will hold a ceremony next week, queue an Angle return? And, for those able to tell from the back of his head, we found out who Ethan is. Michael Hutter, the former Derrick Bateman in the WWE, looks like he will be portraying an A-List, showbiz style gimmick. I personally think this is a great move for Hutter and the gimmick will work really well for him, but only time will tell. And to top off the show we had the Dixie Carter/Hulk Hogan showdown, which I will talk about soon.

The first match on this weeks Impact was a tag team match which saw Jeff Hardy & Manik taking on Kenny King and Chris Sabin. For a second episode running King bled in a normal match, this week he bled after Manik gave him a hurricanrana. I haven’t established why he feels the need to bleed in a standard match but it certainly isn’t adding to the match. Manik and Hardy won the match only to be attacked by Sabin as they were celebrating. Aries, who was on commentary made the save and issued a challenge for Bound for Glory. He announced that it would be him vs. Manik vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin. Hardy took the mic and said he wanted to do something he had never done before and so at Bound for Glory the four guys will be in an Ultimate X match for the X division title.

Magnus challenged all 3 of EGO to a gauntlet match after the recent shenanigans from EGO causing him to suffer a losing. First up for Magnus was Christopher Daniels who, in his 40’s, is still one of the best talents on the Impact roster. Magnus got the pin after hitting the Michinoku driver on Daniels. Next for EGO was Kazarian, who tried to make use of Magnus being tired from facing Daniels already. Magnus beat Kazarian with the ‘King’s Lynn Cloverleaf’, as Taz is now calling it. Before Bobby Roode reached the ring, Kaz took out Magnus’ previously injured left knee, which gave Roode the upper hand. Roode got the victory with an ankle lock on Magnus. Post-match Sting came out to try and get Magnus to go backstage and calm down but Magnus wasn’t having any of it. Magnus said he looked up to Sting from the minute he got into the business. Sting tried to calm him down by saying he was in Magnus’ position once and that it was Ric Flair who put him on the map. When Magnus asked who will put him on the map, Sting responded by saying he would. So at Bound for Glory we have Sting vs. Magnus!

The third match was supposed to be Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher but before the match could start, new knockout Lei’D Tapa came to the ring and attacked Velvet Sky. Lei’d Tapa’s debut was very reminiscent of the old Knockouts division days. She is a very imposing women and will be a big star in the knockouts division.

And after the Ethan vignette, we had the main event of this week’s episode. As announced by AJ Styles at the start of the show, it was Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray. It started out as a great heavyweight contest but soon broke down, with the usual Bully Ray antics. Hebner was squashed in the corner by Joe, which left Bully Ray the opportunity to hit Joe with his chain. However, Earl Hebner saw this and disqualified Bully Ray. As Ray was about hit pile drive Joe onto the concrete AJ Styles, who was previously kicked out of the building by Dixie, ran in and made the save!

So after all of that it was decision time for Hulk Hogan. Dixie Carter asked Hogan if he was going to take a ride on the Dixie train? Hogan said it was an amazing offer… for someone else and that he quits. Hogan went to walk away with Dixie chasing after him begging him not to quit. This weeks Impact ended with Dixie holding Hogan’s leg and being dragged along the entrance way.

With Hogan quitting in Storyline is this the end for him and TNA? I know a lot of people are hopeful that this will be the end of his relationship with TNA. After sitting and thinking about things I can see the potential for two things happening next 1) Eric Bischoff returns to TV as Dixie Carters business partner or 2) Jeff Jarrett Returns to try and win back the company. I personally hope that Jarrett will return to TNA programming but I can see it being Bischoff that comes back.

Overall, this weeks Impact was ok but nothing spectacular. However there is the potential for things to vastly improve at Bound for Glory.