Nick Mason: Random WWE Views


cover1Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

Now, some of you guys may know that I live tweeted WWE Battleground over at my twitter address @MrNickMason.

Battleground was an average PPV, in my opinion, some matches were good, and some were terrible. However, this is the first time I have managed to stay awake throughout a WWE showing for a while, not to mention I fell asleep the following night watching Raw!

Moving on, I was fixated on the Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. The Shield match, to decide if Cody and Dustin get their jobs back, this match proved to the rest of the locker room what a real match was.

It saw a return of a true great in Goldust, whilst we also saw a bionic elbow from the American Dream himself.

This match was just amazing, and should have been the main event for sure, maybe that’s why the millions of WWE fans tuned in, well I lie, that’s why I tuned in.

This whole WWE title vacancy thing has gone too far, and spreading it out even further? Members of the WWE universe will begin to lose focus on the storyline.

Why did I tune in directly for the match? The answer is simple. Goldust.

Goldust is an over the top character, a type of character which I believe the WWE need to invest in, because it will take them even further. Los Matadores is the most recent example of WWE taking advantage of an open gap. Will there be even more OTT characters? Or will WWE continue to invest in the same generic character that will continue to bore the masses of fans?

However, there is further evidence in NXT that WWE are willing to give OTT characters the chance to prove their worth.

Times are looking good for WWE, RAW has been OK consecutively for a few months, for the first time in a few years. Maybe it’s because WWE are giving their top talent room to breathe, with respects to matches and promo’s. Is this true, I certainly think so.

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