Nick Mason: Ones to Watch: Gabriel Kidd


Welcome back to another induction to the ‘Ones to Watch’ section, last week we had the 10 Year Veteran in Kaleb Hughes. This week, we turn to a fan favorite in Gabriel Kidd, formally known as Kid Danger in the House of Pain. So, as always, sit back and grab a beverage of your choosing.

Gabriel has trained with the House of Pain wrestling academy for Four and a Half years, to date, and since his academy show debut, he has been a fixture with the fans, and with the show itself.

Since his debut on the academy show, Gabriel has worked for such promotions as TIW, EAW, GWA and OBW.

Gabriel has high expectations for the future, and he has a right to have them. I’ve seen him several times both in show situations and in training situations, he looks a very strong wrestler. By that I mean, he has the character and the skills to back it up, he will be a must have for any promotion in the next five years.

His future looks bright, and has already been there and done some of the things that wrestlers starting out would only dream of.


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Hello Gabriel Kidd, how are you?

GK: WASSUP! I’m all good home dawg, what’s crackalakin?

Up until your debut, how do you believe training went for you? And how long have you been training?

GK: I have been training for 4 and a half years now! Training went well for me, I started when I was 12 years old and when I first started I was the only kid training, so I was quite scared but then I started to make friends and fitted in with the older trainee’s.

Considering your age when you started training, do you think other trainees looked down on you? Or was there a level playing field, a mutual respect if you like?

GK: I think when I first started people went easy on me, then I got to the stage where I felt I didn’t need to be treated different so when people went easy on me I asked them not to and treat me like any other trainee.

Who was your biggest inspiration during training, and why?

GK: I had always been a wrestling fan, but guys like AJ Styles and Christian were my inspiration when I wanted to start training. Then I saw some of CM Punk’s ROH matches and they amazed me, so I think they influenced me a lot.

Nice, so, did you ever stumble upon any setbacks which made you ask yourself “Is wrestling really for me?”

GK: There have been points when I have thought about stopping training and giving up, not for any particular reason. But then I will go to an awesome show or hear about an awesome match being announced and it just makes me think how much I actually (hashtag) love wrestling.

Now, moving on to your time on HOP academy shows, how to you think you’ve performed in the many matches you’ve been involved with?

GK: I’d say every match I’ve had at HOP has been an enjoyable one. HOP is very unique in the sense of you have guys performing such as Joe Conners and Battle Squad Awesome who are working for some top UK companies. And you also have guys who I can see getting booked on those big promotions in the future such as Barricade and Jürgen Heimlich. So wrestling guys like that really helps you see the bigger picture, you also learn a lot just by wrestling them.

You speak about those performing around the country, have you performed for anybody else?

GK: I have wrestled for promotions such as HOP, TIW, EAW, GWA and OBW. All great promotions to wrestle for.

Having already performed across the UK, what do you think your biggest selling points are?

GK: I think like any young wrestler, my age is a highlight. Everyone loves to see the underdog win, I think that’s the factor I bring to any match I wrestle

Within five years, where would you like to be in the wrestling business?          

GK: In 5 years time I would like to be wrestling regularly in the UK, with booking in country’s such as france and germany. But the main promotions in the UK I would like to work for are All Star and ICW. The atmosphere at an ICW show looks amazing and I think wrestling in front of that crowd would be awesome.

If there are any promoters reading this, which there will be, what is your message to them?

GK: I am in a tag team called “The Stash Dollar Connection” with a wrestler called Moustachio. We are looking to take over the british wrestling tag team division! We are current OBW tag team champions and are looking to capture many more titles together. So promoters, you know what to do! #BookTheSDC.

For your fans, do you have any final words?

GK: I appreciate your support muchly, hearing the crowd chant your name when you think you can’t carry on really gives you a huge confident boost, even if its just one fan. So thank you, and stay awesome!