Dan Hallam: NXT 20/10/13


NXT kicked off with The Ascension making their way to the ring to defend the tag team titles against the former champions Adrian Neville and Corey Graves. Victor started out against Graves with Graves starting out quick taking control and tagging in Neville. Neville was sent out of the ring by O’Brien pulling the top rope down which allowed Victor to take control and work on Neville’s leg but he managed to make the tag to Graves who used his speed to work on O’Brien. Graves locked in the unlucky 13 submission hold but Victor broke it up. Graves tagged in Neville but his leg was still bothering him which allowed The Ascension to take control again. Neville went for the tag but Victor knocked Neville into Graves and tagged in O’Brien and they hit the leg sweep back elbow combo to finish off Neville and retain the tag titles. After the match Graves yelled at Neville for losing but helped him up, he then ran off the ropes and hit a chop block onto his injured leg and beat him down. This match was a lot better than the match they had 2 weeks ago because it didn’t have a long period of time where The Ascension beat down 1 of the good guys. It was nice to see Graves turn on Neville because I feel he works better as a heel and his face work didn’t seem to be connecting to with the fans.

Tyler Breeze made his way to the ring followed by CJ Parker. CJP started off with some chops and followed up with an airplane spin and pushed Breeze out of the ring. Breeze took control with a drop kick and pounded away on CJP. Breeze was being pulled back from the edge of the ring but grabbed hold of the apron and pulled it into the ring which distracted the referee and allowed Breeze to hit a thumb to the eye and a spin kick to put CJP down for the 3. After the match Breeze got his phone and tried to take a photo of himself over the fallen Parker but CJ knocked him down and stole Breeze’s phone and took selfies of himself with fans at ring side.

Paige made her way to the ring followed by her partner Emma dancing to the ring for a tag match against Summer Rae and Sasha Banks. Paige went straight after Sasha but she tagged in Summer, but Paige kept control and tagged in Emma. Summer ran away from Emma and tagged Sasha in, but Emma took her straight down with a snapmare and took control with a series of roll ups, but Sasha got the advantage back when Summer Rae distracted Emma. Emma tagged out to Paige and she took control of Summer with a quick offence, and hit a nice fisherman suplex, but the pin attempt was broken up by Sasha. Emma ran in and went after Sasha but was sent out the ring, Paige knocked Sasha out the ring and Summer Rae took advantage and got the pin on Paige for the win. This was a good divas tag match but it was a little distracting with what was going on at the commentary table as Tony Dawson asked Renee Young about the divas and she questions him on if he was only asking her as she is a woman and called him sexist. Commentary went silent for a good 30 seconds after this they were either being yelled at over the head sets or they edited out whatever was said next. After this Tony didn’t seem to know what to do and only really asked stupid questions and called the moves the wrong names.

The main event for the night saw Bo Dallas defend the NXT title against Sami Zayn. The match started out with chain wrestling which allowed Zayn to take the advantage with a series of roll ups. Bo got a headlock on Zayn and knocked him down with a forearm and followed up with 3 knee drops. Zayn made a quick comeback and hit a helluva kick out of nowhere and pinned Dallas for the win. JBL came out and restarted the match as Bo had his foot on the rope. Bo took advantage and ran in with a huge forearm which knocked Zayn out the ring and it cut to break. Back from break and Dallas was in control with Zayn in a headlock but he fought back with shots to the midsection and ducked a clothesline attempted to send Dallas out the ring. Zayn ran in with a somersault plancha to the outside, rolled Bo back in and hit a huge crossbody for 2. Zayn went for the helluva kick again but Bo caught it and pushed Zayn back but he hit a spinning doctor bomb for a near fall. Bo came back with some kicks and a bulldog for 2, Bo hit a reverse DDT for another 2 count and look frustrated that he couldn’t put Zayn away. He whipped Zayn off the ropes and Zayn hit a spear for a 2 count. Zayn grabbed Bo’s hand and jumped upto the top rope but Bo tripped him and he landed on the ropes and fell to the ring, Bo ran in and hit a spear of his own for 2, Bo took Zayn to the top and went for a superplex but Zayn reversed it and hit a sunset flip off the top for another near fall. Zayn hit a german suplex, pulled Bo back up but he grabbed the corner, when Zayn pulled him back Bo pulled the turnbuckle cover off and Zayn hit a 2nd German Suplex, Zayn went for a 3rd but Bo pulled Zayn into the exposed turnbuckle and rolled him up to retain the title.

Star of the show: Sami Zayn. Zayn showed how great he is again tonight with a great match with Dallas, the crowd love this guy and he can really go in the ring. When he is given time he can put on a great match with anyone.

Match of the night: Bo Dallas v Sami Zayn. The last few minutes of this match were phenomenal and they had the crowd eating out of their hands. All the near falls where getting great reactions and they had the crowd believing it could go either way. The ending with Bo using the exposed turnbuckle leaves it open for a rematch which I am looking forward to.