The ‘Final’ Feud!


Travelling to St Neots is always a joy, it is the home to my favourite chippy but the question is after the show will I be having some celebratory Mexican Oregano on my chips or will it be a real downer of having to put some Yorkshire mustard on the chips, hope it’s the former!

Cuauhtemo is one of the all time Mexican heroes due to his ascension to the ranks of Aztec Emperor at the tender age of 18 and how he heroically died despite being tortured by the bad guys whilst he refused to submit to their will to force him to talk about where lost treasure was.

That was around 500 years ago, in 2013 we have a modern day Mexican Hero amongst us in the shape of El Ligero who for over 2 years now has been stalked and punished and tortured and ridiculed by Ego Dragon Martin Kirby for, well for possessing the talent that persuades promoters to award El Ligero the top matches on the card whilst in the mindset of the warped Ego Dragon he suffers by comparison and receives the leftovers of the card, the opponents who after the promoter has booked his top matches are the filler, the matches which people politely watch but who are in reality just awaiting the moment to arrive when the matches which they have really wanted to see, often involving The Mexican Sensation El Ligero start.

I have the following quote by Aristotle

Jealousy is both reasonable and belongs to reasonable men, while envy is base and belongs to the base, for the one makes himself get good things by jealousy, while the other does not allow his neighbour to have them through envy.

To me this applies perfectly to the root of this feud, if you dig deep and look back this is what Ego Dragon is all about, he is simply incredibly envious of what El Ligero brings to the game – in fact Ego Dragon is so insecure about his own qualities that he initially hid behind a mask to avoid betraying revealing the true inner self, the man warped with inner demons and like many people with a big ego is actually a man who inside desperately requires the assurance from those around him on a constant basis that he is as good as he thinks he is and when those do not provide that assurance such as the promoters who do not award to Kirby the matches that he feels he merits then this feeds that insecurity, it feeds the paranoia and it creates the envy which is where this tantrum driven egotistical man has lived for the past two years or so.

Ego Dragon Martin Kirby truly will not settle until he has proven beyond doubt that he is the better man and the superior wrestler to El Ligero, remember with his psyche he has to prove this to others, then he requires the public adoration and public assurances that indeed THEY view him as the superior person, it is not enough for him to know or believe that, it is the nature of a man filled with self torment and lacking in self belief that those reservoirs are tanked up on a regular basis and even if he does win this cage match, his mental saviour of this victory shall be short lived unless he continue to receive the very public platitudes of all.

“Envy can be defined as feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that arise when our personal qualities, possessions, or achievements do not measure up to those of someone significant to us.” (Salovey & Rodin, 1985; Silver & Sabini, 1978a)

So we see that behaviours are effected by envy and this is absolutely true, Ego Dragon Martin Kirby has been driven absolutely insane by this situation, he has fought in previous matches with Ligero like a man enraged and trapped inside a fearsome thunder which explodes when he meets up with Ligero, the matches which they have held to date have been of a mind numbingly level of brutality, they have moved well past the point of standard wrestling matches or even stipulated types of wrestling matches.

We are not talking about ECW type of hardcore style match here or your bog standard WWE type of cage match we are discussing a match which is officially unsanctioned by Southside management, why? Because there is a real threat of serious or even mutilation level type of body injury going to occur here because of this root cause of envy and the acknowledged effects of it.

The main purpose of the cage really is to ensure that nobody else gets hurt, that the fight happens inside the sealed cage, it is not a match type selected to please the fans or to sell tickets it is designed for two purposes, one being the above and the other meaning that the promoter Ben Auld really does need this closing down before the levels of brutality and the associated risk factor of serious injury to almost anybody in the vicinity close him down!

As for the El Ligero side of things here, he is truly the innocent person in this whole situation who has been forced to defend himself and also the action’s of the promoter’s who have turned Kirby previously such a genial Yorkshireman into a guy whose promo’s of late on the topic have simply stated I shall end him, it ends now.

When you dig through all of the noise emanating about this fight (I cannot call it a match as it is unsanctioned) the possibilities of something rarely seen or even unique it’s nature happening have to exist, the reality is that both El Ligero and Martin Kirby are superb wrestlers, I have seen the pair of them on many occasions across the country and can honestly say that I have never seen a poor match from either one of them.

If this was purely a standard wrestling match inside those solid rows of steel then I would be excited, very excited about the prospects of something special, with both guys in possession of a dazzling array of moves including high flying specialist moves aided I would be sure by the design of the cage – which incidentally is the best cage in Europe – it would create something which for us fans would be exhilarating and truly memorable.

However this is just on a different level, I guess that the sense of having a fight on a show full otherwise of wrestling matches Ben Auld was thinking that ok he has made it clear that it is unsanctioned and he is not liable for whatever happens but at least by holding it in a venue and in front of a crowd he is contributing to reining this in slightly as without the time, the place and the venue these two men would be having the fight in random places around St Neots, the middle of the high street, near the boating lake, across children’s playgrounds so a sensible decision there by Mr Auld.

I suspect that there is something inherent about being a wrestler, when you acquire a moveset which you frequently use it becomes second nature and due to that I am sure that we shall see from both men some amazing wrestling happening inside the cage because it is the default setting for them, however in addition to that we shall see moments when it just degenerates totally from that to a bloody mess remembering Kirby’s envy, he will not be content merely with winning, remember his words of ending it, he will want to seriously hurt Ligero and in response Ligero you feel will have to fight in the same brutal fashion purely out of self preservation, if Ligero focuses solely upon reaching the point where Ego Kirby is no longer able to respond then Ligero starts to leave the cage then if Kirby has any breath in him still he will grab Ligero and it will continue – quite how this ends is beyond me I think one of them will have to be knocked out as I cannot see Ligero escaping the cage unless Kirby is knocked out and I cannot see Kirby choosing to leave the cage unless he has knocked Ligero out.

Some time ago Southside Wrestling Entertainment management took the sensible decision to refuse either man contact with each other, since then Martin Kirby forced some thumb tacks into Kay Lee Ray’s mouth when they recently met up in a Speed King title match, Kay Lee is the former girlfriend of El Ligero, this is the dark place that Ego Dragon is currently living in and this is the enormity of the task that Ligero faces in leaving us all dancing to his merry tune.

In more general terms this feud which has now ran for 2 years and 8 months and has included six singles matches between the pair including the No Ropes match and the I Quit Match, I have noticed is being widely commented upon as one of the best in British Wrestling History, I cannot comment upon that as to be honest I have not been around British Wrestling for years so I can only say what I see and that is that I have never seen or enjoyed a feud between two wrestlers that has followed through so logically or which has become so personal and such a massive deal that the only possible way to end it if indeed this does end it is in an unsanctioned fight inside a contraption designed to hurt.

Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, It seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come.

What will happen? How will this end? Will it indeed end? I have absolutely no idea but I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing the next and possibly final chapter in this brilliantly executed feud, not surprisingly there are hardly any tickets remaining for this event, please go to for further information.

Thank you to Southside for the use of the video and header image.