CZW ‘Cerebral’


Last Saturday night, October 12th, CZW presented their latest iPPV offering, Cerebral. This show was part of a double header of shows with WSU, of whom DJ Hyde is now co-owner, and was a fantastic night of wrestling. On the night there were some stream issues, which meant intermittent freezing and at times missing some of the action, however this did not take away from the quality of the wrestling on show. Each time it worked again the wrestling was so good that I put the issues out of my mind. This is a testament to how good the CZW roster is right now, from top to bottom.

The Main Event for Cerebral was ‘The Bulldozer’ Matt Tremont finally getting his hands on Joe Gacy in a House of Horrors match. This match has been 9 months in the making and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The show opened with a returning Latin Dragon, who has been away to Mexico to do some training, taking on Shane Strickland. After the huge upset at Down With the Sickness, where Alex Colon stole the victory in the Chris Cash memorial ladder match, we got to see a more serious Strickland at Cerebral. This match was short but action packed and a really good start to the show. Strickland got the win with the Swerve Stomp.

The second match of the night was a tag match that put CZW’s odd couples against each other, with both teams competitors involved in rivalrys with each other. David Starr and JT Dunn seemed to have worked out their differences, whilst Hollister and Konley were still unable to co-exist. All 4 guys continued their recent impressive form to put on a really solid tag contest. The Juicy Product, Dunn & Starr, got the win with double roaring elbows that put Hollister and Konley out for the count.

Match three was supposed to be a special attraction match that would see Greg Excellent take on Cherry Bomb. This, however, was not the case as Cherry Bomb came to the ring to tell the CZW fans and Excellent that her husband, Pepper Parks, had made some calls. Parks had found someone to take care of their ‘Greg Excellent problem.’ At this point The Front ran to the ring and, as Greg Excellent was distracted by Sozio, Biff Busick attacked from behind. With this match now underway Busick, Cherry Bomb’s replacement, was in control for a lot of the match. Busick yet again showed that he definitely has what it takes to be a top name on the CZW roster in the future.
As Excellent was beginning to gain the upper hand on Busick Sozio distracted him. This allowed Cherry Bomb to slip into the ring and hit Excellent in the face with her high heel shoe. The distraction and following cheap shot allowed Busick to pick up the win with a big Half Nelson Suplex.

Next up, in the fourth match of the night, we got to see Chris Dickinson take on AR Fox. This was, in my opinion, match of the night. Dickinson’s power matched with Fox’s flying ability was a perfect match and both guys worked really well together. As I watched this match the main thought I had was how resilient Fox is. Dickinson was throwing Fox around with ease and he just absorbed the attack. At one stage Dickinson hit a burning hammer on Fox that put him directly on his head! Fox ended up getting the win with the Lo Mein Pain.

In a break from the action, Kimber Lee came to the ring to introduce Drew Gluak’s stand in for the evening. Chuck Taylor came out and decided he would implement a few changes to the Campaign. He brought out Orange Cassidy and The Swamp monster and told everyone that Gulak is an embarrasment to the Gentleman’s Club and that he hates him very much. With Night of Infamy only a few weeks away will we be seeing Gulak vs Chuck Taylor?

Returning to the action we had Lucky 13 taking on Ron Mathis. If Lucky 13 won this match then Devon Moore would finally get a one on one match with Drew Blood. This match started with both guys brawling through the curtain and continued from there. There were plenty of shenanigans in this match with plenty in the finish. As Lucky 13 was about to win Drew Blood dragged the ref out the ring and launched him into the barrier. Whilst the ref was down Mathis hit Lucky 13 with brass knuckles, this brought Devon Moore out to attack Mathis. ‘Sick’ Nick Mondo followed Moore out and they brawled around the ring.
With all the shenanigans at ringside Mathis hit Lucky 13 with a spinning piledriver. Devon Moore demanded that the new referee check Mathis’ trunks and there he found the knucks. With the decision reversed Lucky 13 won the match meaning that Devon Moore gets to face Drew Blood one on one!

After the interval we got a womens tag match as Christina Von Eerie and Neveah took on Kimber Lee and mystery partner Shanna. Recently Neveah has took the brunt of DJ Hyde’s hatred of OI4K as the Crist brothers are in Japan. Cerebral was no different as DJ Hyde made himself the special guest referee. He did whatever was neccesary in this match to make sure that Kimber Lee and Shanna didn’t lose. He refused to count pin attempts from the OI4K pairing and was the deciding factor in Kimber Lee and Shanna’s win. As Von Eerie was about to make the hot tag Hyde elbowed Neveah off the ring apron. As Von Eerie got in Hyde’s face Kimber Lee rolled her up, Hyde counted a quick 3 and Kimber Lee and Shanna won the match. With Hyde slowly trying to break Neveah down, it’s only a matter of time before the Crist Brothers return to make the save and I am sure the Combat Zone will erupt when this happens.

Match number seven saw 1 member of each of CZW’s top tag teams compete in a four way match with the winners basically becoming the number one contenders, unless BLK OUT won in which case there wouldn’t be one. The 4 men in the match were 4Loco’s Azriel, The Beaver Boy’s John Silver, Osirian Portal’s Amasis and BLK OUT’s Ruckus. With each man having their tag partner on the outside this was a very hectic match, with plenty of great action and some quality spots. As Amasis was about to get the win for the Osirian Portal, 4Loco’s Azriel came in and punted Amasis in the head and stealing the victory for 4Loco. I have really enjoyed 4Loco’s performances over recent months so BLK OUT vs 4Loco should be really good!

The Penultimate match saw Alex Colon make his first defence of the Wired title. His opponent Andrew Everett is having somewhat of a breakout year and, whilst losing this match, he continued to show just how impressive a Junior Heavyweight he is. I sometimes think that some of the stuff he does in the is nonsensical but then he does a perfect dropsault or impressive highspot and I couldn’t care less about wasted movements anymore! As Colon tried to use the title to knock Everett out, Shane Strickland saved the day stopping both him and Chrissy Rivera from cheating but with the referee distracted Everett went for a shooting star press and Colon dragged the wired title belt onto his knees and stole the victory for the second show running.

And so it was time for the match that we have waited nine months for as Joe Gacy and Matt Tremont faced off in a House of Horrors match. As the ring was being set up I wasn’t sure I would be able to give a description that would do this match justice. Four long poles were attached to the ring, one to each ringpost, and barbed wire stretched around the outside at around head height. Several barbed wire boards were placed on the outside of the ring, set up on the ring apron and the guardrail, while a table with barbed wire pumpkins was set up in the ring and two chair wrapped in barbed wire placed in opposite corners between top and middle ropes. A third corner had what looked like a board with nails attached to it jammed between the top and middle rope in similar fashion to the chairs! Before Gacy and Tremont had even been announced it was obvious this match was going to be brutal and it did not disappoint. In almost the first spot of the match Tremont was sent head first into one of the barbed wire chairs, through the ropes and onto the barbed wire board! Tremont spent a lot of the match being battered by Gacy with some brutal spots. At one stage there was an amazing visual of Gacy laid in barbed wire with blood spurting out his head onto his arm and the floor. The other notable spot I want to talk about was Tremont laid on the floor with a bed of nails laid on top of him. From here Gacy hit a lionsault onto the bed and Tremont! Both guys have my full respect and admiration for the amount they put themselves through in this match for the enjoyment of the watching fans!

Matt Tremont got the win when he stretched a section of barbed wire around Joe Gacy’s face, making him pass out from the pain. The close up camera shot showed the wire cutting into Gacy’s face! This brutal match was a great end to an excellent show from Combat Zone.

So summing up CZW’s latest offering, I would say that yet again they have shown they are leading the way on the independant wrestling scene at the moment. They have proved yet again that they are more than just a hardcore promotion. So if you haven’t watched this show yet then get to and order the Video on Demand as top to bottom this is a fantastic show and definitely worth watching.