Nick Mason: Ones to Watch: The Mighty Zhukov


Welcome back to the Ones to Watch section, after a one week break due to a second hardware failure in my PC! So, this week, we continue with our trend looking into the House of Pain, so we have Zhukov. Sit back, relax grab yourself a drink, I certainly had a drink, and enjoy this addition.

“The Mighty” Zhukov, from Russia, is known best for his explosive power in the ring against any opponent, prior to this, he is also known for his tribulations as the ringside assistant to Jürgen Heimlich.

He later joined a stable named “The European Union” which features Himself, Jürgen and Guise, which appears to have fractured, but both Zhukov and Guise believe recent road bumps are just distractions, and they will be back to strength in no time.

Zhukov isn’t scared of doing the dirty work, he gets stuck in where it matters, even if it means sacrificing himself. Once, he almost gouged his eye out on a chair, that i vacated, due to a busted nose. But if anybody asks, it wasn’t me.

Will the European Union continue to crumble? Or will Zhukov be instrumental in the reforming of the team? Many think so, he has the capability to do such.

In House of Pain’s last show, Zhukov took to tag action with Guise, in an effort to collect the HoP tag championships, they were however unlucky on this occasion. But, could this be evidence that the European Union are on their way back? If so, the locker room should be on high alert, as both men pose a sizable threat.

Previously, i have seen him both in matches and in training. In my opinion, he has a very bright future in British Wrestling, the character itself sells really well, and the crowd engage well. He has already proven he can step up to the plate, he’s previously fought at All-star, he just needs a wider audience to see what he can do.

Unfortunately there is no video available for this addition. Please continue on to the interview.



Good afternoon, Zhukov, how are you doing today?

Z: Correction, good afternoon *Mighty* Zhukov. And I am well, here, drink! (Passes a full shot of vodka.) We talk, we drink.

I can agree with that! So how long have you been training at the House of Pain?

Z: I have been at House of Pain nearly 3 years.

3 years is a good length of time, who has been your biggest inspiration, aside from this vodka?

Z: Da! Is good! (Swigs another shot) You see during the old days, we never see American wrestling, but Russians love Olympic wrestling and one of the biggest names that inspired me was Alexander Karelin. The way he could throw men around like toys, as a child I dreamt of doing such things.

So would you say your inspiration helped you define your wrestling style?

Z: Da! When I was young, I did not know potential of my strength so I was encouraged to train in wrestling, judo and sambo. But I grew up quick, I grew too big for training with other children, soon I was throwing full grown men around!

Now we know where the term Mighty comes from! Moving away from wrestling for a moment, you’ve also worked as a manager, most notably for Jürgen Heimlich. Did this work take pressure of your eventual debut, or did it raise expectations?

Z: You are right! Here drink! (Forces another glass in your hand) Well I have performed for many audiences during my travels, but Jürgen asked me to watch his back, giving me time to get used to the British crowds. If you look back at early appearances, I am quiet, I had not learnt much English and still getting used to your British “quirks” as you say. The more I got involved, the more I wanted to become a part of the action. I saw many of Jürgen’s opponents and I thought “I can beat them, I want to fight!”

You were part of a stable known as the European Union, what happened with that?

Z: Ah the GLORIOUS European Union! Let me assure you, the Union is as strong as ever! Yes, Jürgen and I had a fallout after a Wild Card match but we settled our differences over a good vodka or four. HAHAHA! But for now Guise and I are focused on the HoP Tag Team division, whilst Jürgen rubs shoulders with champions and tours the world!

Do you prefer tag wrestling, or singles wrestling?

Z: Ha! I am versatile fighter! I enjoy any opportunity to demonstrate my physical superiority over puny opponents.

So, coming to the end of this interview, what do you most like to say to the fans that don’t like you?

Z: (Zhukov pauses, finishes his drink and slams down the glass) the fans that don’t like me?! The Mighty Zhukov has travelled from Russia, across the world, through Europe to Britain. I was fighting in bars, fighting in streets, taking on all comers and not once did I think about the opinions of those that didn’t like me. Let them hate. I will fight, I will win and I will prevail.

So, if any promoters or wrestling fans are reading this, which they will be, how would you summarize yourself?

Z: Comrades! Some call me the angry Russian Bear. Some call me the unstoppable Red Bull. And some call me the unrelenting Siberian Blizzard. But I am. The. Mighty. Zhukov. A vodka fuelled, loudmouth that will not go down easy. Dasvidaniya!

In the next five years, where would you like to be in the wrestling industry?

Z: I would like to wrestle for as many promotions and gain as much experience as possible. I would love to wrestle for All Star wrestling again as I thoroughly enjoyed my first appearance there this year. I would like to follow Jürgen Heimlich’s example of travelling around the world as an entertaining wrestler and fighter.

Thank you for the interview, Comrade. How can promoters get hold of you should they wish to book you?

Contact The Mighty Zhukov on, the Facebook fan page or @themightyzhukov on twitter.

N: Once again, thank you. Most importantly, thanks for not ripping my head off!

Z: You’re welcome Comrade, now we get drunk! Dasvidaniya!

Images taken by Dan Hallam