Ollie Harper: What if the Carters were to sell up

Ollie Harper

Now in a lot of ways, throughout the last couple of months, TNA Wrestling has been the talking point of many Wrestling News sources, for quite a lot of bad reasons. With talent cuts and cut backs to their weekly IMPACT Wrestling broadcasts being more and more evident on a monthly basis, Wrestling fans often do say, is it time for the company to wave the flag.

Within the last couple of days, interesting news has circulated the net regarding the possibility of the Carter family wanting out of TNA and wanting to sell up on all its resources to a potential buyer. Within this current financial climate, the question remains who would have an interest to buy TNA Wrestling off of this family.

If we turn the clock back and go back to 2001, when the Monday night wars were ceased when Vince McMahon bought out Ted Turners’ WCW, there was a lot of interest in the resources of WCW due to its historical video library, and also at the time there was a lot of young guys who potentially at the time would be valued additions to the World Wrestling Federation

Fast-forward almost 13 years later, a lot can be reflected on with if Vince McMahon would want to buy out another wrestling promotion. Looking at the TNA roster there would definitely be a selling point in terms of who is currently on their roster. Talents like Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles and Chris Sabin would be very much strong additions to the WWE, but the question remains, does Vince McMahon have an interest in TNA? Over the last couple of years he has never really made too much of a fuss about TNA in interviews and never really called them competition, but when it all comes down to it, Vince McMahon is a business man, and he wants what is going to make money in the long run. If there are guys like who I said above, that could bring something fresh to the table, would Vince really hesitate to buy out TNA?

Another potential buyer to look at is the original founder of TNA Wrestling Jeff Jarrett. It has been reported that within the last couple of weeks Jarrett has taken on more of a responsibility again backstage with talents. Could he be the man to buy back TNA off of the Carter family? It would seem over the last several years, the Carters have thrown literally everything they could at TNA to no results. If we look back at the beginning of 2010, TNA was going live on Mondays against WWE RAW, at an attempt to recapture the original excitement the Monday night wars generated. This very much became a flop as it was proving on a weekly basis, that the ratings weren’t by any means growing, even with talents like Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair and Ken Anderson being signed fans were still not bothered and wouldn’t tune in.

This past March, there was again an opportunity seen by the Carter family to take TNA on the road as it was felt, it was time, to progress the product out of its old home at Universal Studios, to a much more wider range of arenas throughout the United States, but 7 months later and this idea that at first had a lot of excitement and desire has worn thin, with now news that TNA is taking IMPACT off the road and taking it back to a single location, very much enforces why the Carter family could possibly be wanting to sell the company.

Looking back at potential buyers to the Carters, if they were to sell up, another name that springs to mind is Shane McMahon having left the wrestling business in January 2010, to focus on other endeavours within his career, however as of July 12th of this year, Shane recently has reported to have stepped down as the CEO of You On Demand.

With being born into a wrestling family could Shane McMahon be the man to make the acquisition.

The possibilities of this happening and what it would do to the overall landscape of the pro wrestling industry, is quite an extraordinary thought, having the son of perhaps the biggest owner in the industry in Vince McMahon running a company and pushing its resources to limits that fans have been wanting to see for years would be ground breaking to say the least.

Wrapping up, if the news is indeed true and the Carter family are wanting to sell TNA, then the person who decides to buy the product, needs to have a good understanding of the wrestling business and really know what the fans want to see in the current day. They also need to be able take responsibility within what they are putting out and how the fans are going to invest into it.

Looking at the WWE, the talent they scout mainly, at the moment is from the independents, from smaller promotions in the United States, like Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA, CZW and Evolve. These promotions could be described as breeding grounds for the next crop of talent to make the main stage. What the new buyer for TNA would need to do is use this formula, and think about what is out there on the independents that could be potential for a growing professional wrestling company. Talents that straight away spring to mind, instantly are guys like AR Fox, Ricochet, The Young Bucks, Brian Cage, Candice Le Rae, Christina Von Eerie and Michael Elgin.

Then you look at what the UK has, and there is talents like Noam Dar, El Ligero, The Hunter Brothers, Ryan Smile, Rampage Brown, Max Angelus and more that could all be valuable assets to a wrestling company, that’s wanting to change its overall landscape.

So to finish, if the news is true and the Carter family want to sell up, the question remains, who and what will TNA Wrestling become?

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