Dan Hallam: NXT 27/10/13


NXT opened with Emma dancing to the ring followed by Sasha Banks who was accompanied by Summer Rae. The match started with Sasha shoving Emma and Emma took her down with a double leg take down and took control of her arm. Emma went for a few roll ups and followed up with an arm drag and went back to work of Sasha’s arm. Sasha fought back and sent Emma head first into the turnbuckle and took control. Sasha beat down Emma and put her in a chin lock. Emma got to her feet and went for a snapmare but Sasha kept hold of the chin lock, Emma fought out and ran off the ropes but Sasha knocked her down with an elbow and talked trash to Emma who slapped Sasha which caused her to go mad with several clubs to Emma and put her in the chin lock again but Emma got out and took control putting Sasha in the dilemma and followed up with a running cross body in the corner and got a 2 count. Emma went for the Emma lock but Summer Rae got on the apron to distract Emma. Paige ran down to the ring and pulled Summer off the apron but the distraction allowed Sasha to get the roll up for the 3. After the match Paige went after Sasha but she ducked and Paige caught Emma by accident. Sasha and Summer Rae left while Paige and Emma had words in the ring. It’s amazing to see how Sasha has taken on the mean girl persona so well when just a few months ago she was just a generic face diva.

A video was shown of an interview with Bo Dallas last week where he said was going on vacation to celebrate his win over Sami Zayn and that he was going on the ‘Bo Dallas vs. the world tour’

Corey Graves was stood on the stage in a suit and said he guesses Adrian Neville and the fans want to know why he attacked Neville last week. Before he could continue Neville attacked Graves and they got into a brawl until the referees pulled them apart, Graves tried to leave but Neville dove over the top rope onto him and the referees pulled them apart again.

Casey Maron and Tommy Taylor were in the ring as the NXT tag team champions The Ascension made their way to the ring. O’Brien took control of Maron straight away and The Ascension made quick tags to beat down Maron. Maron went for a tag but Victor knocked Taylor off the apron. The Ascension finished off Maron with the fall of man leg sweep/back elbow combo for the pin.

An interview from last week with Sami Zayn was shown. He said he knows how Daniel Bryan feels not being the chosen one and not being allowed to win the championship. He said if he gets another shot he won’t let the NXT title go.

JBL was interviewed by Renee Young about Zayn saying he should have restarted the match when Bo used the turnbuckle but he didn’t. JBL said there is no conspiracy and said Zayn won’t be seen for a while.

CJ Parker made his way to the ring with the phone he stole from Tyler Breeze last week. Alexander Rusev made his way to the ring. Rusev took control with heavy shots to CJ and quickly locked in the camel clutch for the submission win. After the match Breeze attacked CJ with his spin kick, took his phone back and cut off some of Parker’s dreadlocks.

In the main event Corey Graves made his way to the ring for a match against his former tag team partner Adrian Neville. Neville started out quick with a dropkick and followed up with a series of kicks. Graves went to the apron but Neville dropkicked him to the floor and hit a dive to the outside. Neville continued to kick Graves but he went for the leg but Neville reversed it into a roll up for 2. Graves went after the leg again and beat Neville down and put him in a leg lock. Neville fought out with some kicks but Graves hit a headbutt and went for a suplex but Neville rolled through to get a 2 count on Graves. Graves went straight back to the leg and put him back in the leg lock. Neville hit some forearms and fought up to his feet and used his speed to take Graves down. Neville went to the top but Graves went after him, Neville jumped over Graves but hurt his leg when he landed, Graves hit a chop block and locked in the lucky 13 submission hold for the win. After the match Graves knocked Neville down on the outside and locked in the lucky 13 on the floor until referees pulled him off.

Star of the show: Corey Graves. It’s great to see him back in the heel role although seeing him in the suit did seem a bit off as he has the tattoos and the punk haircut. The commentators tried to justify it saying that he acted like he did so people would like him and that the suit wearing Graves is the real Graves but it just doesn’t match his personality.

Match of the night: Emma vs. Sasha Banks. The divas on NXT are putting on such better matches than the main roster divas. The divas have characters and are given the time to put on good matches rather than on Raw or Smackdown when they are only given a few minutes.