Southside Wrestling Entertainment – 3rd Anniversary show review

Early storm warnings were in place for the Southside trip, not the actual storm, but the storm in the ring that would be, El Ligero vs. ‘Ego Dragon’ Martin Kirby in the middle of the Southside squared circle.

Before we go any further, there are two points I would like to make, 1. Never trust Robert Shade with a car handbrake and 2. The chippy Rob mentioned in the preview, was actually quite nice.

Let me elaborate on the Handbrake incident, although it was quite comical.  We had stopped at the service station 10 minutes shy of St. Neots, and Rob thought it would have been funny to leave the hand brake off the car, i had no idea we were moving, in the car by this time was just me and his Son, Liam. We eventually realized that we were moving, and being filmed by the very annoying Gavinotts “On Youtube”. At this point, I had accepted that I had lost one of my nine lives. I would like this moment to go down in history, that we will now know Rob Shade as Handbrake Shade.

This was only the fourth Southside show I had attended, and this one seemed to amaze me more than the first one I went too. The crowd was large and electric, which ultimately made the atmosphere of the show similar to that of the HOP vs. SWE feud earlier this year.

HireWrestling also deserve huge credit, for their amazing set up which again, contributed to the show.


In the image, all three men stand-off unsure who will make the first move!

To kick the show off, we had an impressive Speed King number one contender match, which featured none other than ‘The Future’ MK McKinnan, Robbie X and Jimmy Havok.

All three are crowd favourites at Southside, as their previous efforts with the promotion haven’t gone un-noticed by the SWE faithful.

When I saw this match on the card, I initially thought, hmm, Jimmy Havok, does this mean tables, blood and chairs? The answer to that was no, but what was brought to the match by all three competitors was truly amazing.

We were treated to some quality high flying action, most notably the backflip off the top from Robbie X, to the outside, which got the crowd on their feet. There were many other awe-inspiring feats during this match, but there are just too many to list!

After a well fought contest, Mk McKinnan won by pinfall. We look forward to him challenging Martin Kirby for his Speed King title.


Next up, we were treated to yet another brilliant match, as The Predators look to defend their coveted Tag Team Titles. This time, they have to defend against both The Hunter Brothers and the Bangra Knights, in a triple threat tag team match. The predators were accompanied to the ring by the returning Harvey Dale.

It was fairly clear from the get go, that the Southside faithful hate The Predators, with all of their might. Which could have done wonders for the mind-set of both the Hunter Bro’s and the Bangra Knights.

Early on in the match “The Special Edition” Joseph Conners displayed great strength, by lifting both the Bangra Knights by himself, setting up for the trophy kill, but Paul Malen was nowhere in sight.

This match was fairly mixed, and saw different combinations of wrestlers in the ring at all times, which kept the match alive and gave the crowd a thought of ‘anything can happen’, many people love unpredictability, this was proven by the success of this match.

It looked like the match could’ve ended sooner, Both RJ Singh and one of the Hunter Brothers had each member of The Predators in a submission. However, the Predators escaped from both submission attempts.

Both the Bangra Knights and the Hunter Bro’s came close on a few occasions to defeating The Predators, but it wasn’t to be, The Predators retained the tag team titles.

If The Predators didn’t lose the titles this time, how will they lose it, is there really anybody out there that can defeat them? At the moment, it doesn’t seem so!


Thirdly we were treated to an international dream contest between Davey Richards and Tommy End. Any trainees watching, should have taken notes from these guys, this was joint best match of the night.

The match began with a great display of technical wrestling, which then lead to a barrage of stiff kicks, which made Southside fans gasp, as we could feel the strikes from our seats.

At one point during the match, Tommy End, comically returned an insult to a fan, stating “I don’t need your help, you hippy” Whilst Davey Richards seemed to like the Southside fans annoying the ref, by forcing him into a miscount!

We were treated to a warrior like performance from both wrestlers, at one point during the match, there was a barrage of submission attempts, which looked like damage could have been done, one of them looked like the spaghetti junction simplified!

After another well fought match, Tommy End picked up the victory over Davey Richards. Tommy End exited quickly, and it looked like Davey put that much into the match, he was barely able to leave the ring on his own accord!


Mad Man Manson and former TNA star Doug Williams squared off next, in a World of Sport rules match, which was to be decided in 3, 5 minute rounds.

Now, when you think Mad Man Manson, you think time to watch some brilliant wrestling related comedy, he’s just a naturally funny guy, but when you throw Doug Williams into the equation, you almost know we’re going to have a good quality wrestling match.

What was noticeable from the get go, the Hunter Brothers recovered incredibly quickly to aid each competitor down at ringside.

Impressive cardio was on show in the middle of the match, as both competitors took to the ropes, a number of times to try and out run each other, whilst they stopped to try and trick each other. Manson actually looked intelligent at this point! I never thought i would hear myself saying that.

Doug Williams did well in the ring to keep his cool, as Mansons comedy style is enough to make anybody laugh, that must be how he goats his opponents into winning. A similar method also annoys Joseph Conners.

After three rounds of technical/comedy greatness, Doug Williams picked up the win.


Finally, it was time to see Stixx defend his title against both Max Angelus and Mark Haskins, widely known as Hotdog Haskins! Could Harvey Dale lead Stixx to another title defense?

Again, another match we cannot complain about, another match of the highest quality, but nothing less was to be expected from these three. All three have a wealth of experience, Stixx and Max Angelus in independent wrestling, and Mark Haskins for his time both in TNA and on the independent circuit. We were in for a massive treat here today.

It was announced prior to the match bell that Mark Haskins, had cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to be pushed into the title match. Can Haskins win the belt? Along with this, it was announced that whoever is pinned will not receive another title match for at least a year.

About half way through the Match, Max Angelus decided that it was best that he took a back road in this match, as he left the ring to take a seat up in the back!

A pure war went on after that point, Stixx and Haskins visibly renewed a rivalry, which only pushed each of the competitors to another level, who would have thought this was possible!!! As if the match wasn’t already brilliant!

The ending of the match looked to become subject to numerous attempts at submissions from Hotdog Haskins, but after another brilliant match, Stixx finally tapped out, he has been knocked off his perch at the very top of Southside Wrestling Entertainment. To celebrate, Mark Haskins collected his son, Jack, from his wife.


After a brief 25 minute interval, it was time for the main event of the evening, with El Ligero and ‘Ego Dragon’ Martin Kirby going head to head, or horn to head, in a steel cage match, to end their long standing rivalry.

It was evident from the get go that this match would be brutal, it was just what we expected from these two, who fail to have a bad match, every match I have seen them in has been as good as the other, most notably last year, when the two locked horns in a mask vs. mask match.

Chairs and wood was set up in the steel cage prior to the match, which was the early indication that this match was about to get VERY VERY dirty.

Both competitors looked fired up on the way to the ring, which is understandable considering the nature of the match both men are about to be involved with.

Both men used the steel cage to their advantage consistently during the match, as expected, which included each other trying to throw each other into the cage.

The big bump of the match was El Ligero giving Martin Kirby a Firemans Carry slam off the top rope onto a make shift table, which was constructed purely of chairs and wood. It almost ended Kirbys night early, as it looked as if he caught his neck on the end of the wood.

Nearer to the end of the match, referee Joel got on the bad side of Martin Kirby, who hit him with a relentless kick to the head, which forced him to be removed from the ring by EAW workers in attendance this evening.

Things almost came to a head when Martin Kirby began cutting El Ligero away from his mask, de horning him eventually. The mask stays on and the mystery behind El Ligero remains!

As Martin Kirby left the ring, he was pictured with El Ligeros horn in his mouth, could this storm rumble on?

After a brutal war between these two warriors, Martin Kirby was crowed winner, as El Ligero lays defenceless in the middle of the ring. Ligero required the help of Southside Promoter Ben Auld to return to the back.


To conclude, this show was amazing and is well worth buying on DVD to watch or rewatch.

I would also like to give huge props to Hirewrestling, for supplying the Steel Cage, which is no doubt the best cage in Europe, and possibly the best on the Indy scene worldwide.

All photos used in this article were taken by the one, the only, Brett Hadley.