Good afternoon LockUP readers/fans, instead of the ones to watch section today, we feel that it is time to update you on the goings on within the section and a new subsection that we will be adding to the column with immediate effect.

After weeks of discussion between Robert and myself, we have finally decided that we will be rolling out a “Ones for the Future” sub section, which will feature up and coming wrestlers, who aren’t yet ready to perform on other shows, but are practising their trade on academy shows.

The Ones to Watch section will continue, we have witnessed great success with the column, and as a result of this, we will be opening this up to other wrestlers outside of the HOP within the next few weeks. Keep a check for the announcement.

Futhermore, we hope to have more content for our YouTube channel soon, we know you will look forward to those, at this time we will not share what kind of content will be uploaded, as we wish to keep it under wraps for the time being.

To conclude, we are always looking for suggestions by you, the fans. To help make your LockUP experience better. We are working hard to ensure that you enjoy reading the site. Remember, if there is anything you guys would like to see on the Website, send us a message or tweet us on the twitter, we will respond and consider any suggestions.

Thanks, once again.

Nick Mason

LockUP Co-Founder.

If you made it this far down, which you should have, there are a few announcements I wish to make 1. the Southside supershow preview will be released on Friday. And 2. I will be appearing on the Teamheel gutcheck podcast on the 15th of November. Be sure to check out my first public appearance with LockUP attached to my name.

Once more, thanks again.