Nick Mason – Southside Supershow Preview


With a little over a week to go until many well-known wrestling names collide inside the Britannia hotel in a Southside ring, that’s right, we’re talking about the much publicized supershow, which takes place on the 17th of November.

We are to be blessed by such names as Chris Masters, Awesome Kong, Shannon Moore, Hardcore Holly, UHAA Nation, Kevin Steen and So Cal Val.

The card for the Supershow looks something like this, in no particular order:

“The Masterpiece” Chris Masters vs. “The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero


A UK favourite in El Ligero takes on former WWE favourite Chris Masters, who most famously held numerous masterlock challenges, back in 2005.

This match is likely to be a massive blockbuster, as both competitors have years of experience in the squared circle. Props to Southside for putting this match together, this will give El Ligero an all new challenge, which is something he needs. But will the previous feud with Martin Kirby stay on the mind of the Mexican Sensation? Or will he move on? Only time will tell.

Chris Masters has previously appeared in the UK under Preston City Wrestling, to which he wowed the crowd with his amazing physique and wrestling style.

Kevin Steen vs. “The Heavyweight House of Pain” Stixx


These two have met in the past, in what proved to be a fiery exchange between the two heavyweights. Kevin Steen is known worldwide for his efforts in Ring of Honour and various other Indy promotions around the globe; Stixx not so much, but he still brings a fair bit to the table, so it won’t just be a push over win for Steen.

For many who don’t know, Stixx recently lost his title at the hands of Mark Haskins, who cashed in his money in the bank suitcase to be included in the match, which was supposed to be contested between Stixx and Max Angelus.

Prior to the match bell, it was announced that the looser would not receive another Southside Heavyweight title shot for at least another year. Will this prove enough inspiration for Stixx to maul over Kevin Steen to show he is still dangerous, despite losing the belt.

Shannon Moore vs. Martin Kirby


Another match which will make the Southside faithful purr. Shannon Moore has wrestled for 3 of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world; these being World Championship Wrestling (WCW) World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Total Nonstop Action (TNA).

Martin Kirby on the otherhand, has gathered his experience for his time on the UK independent scene, he was part of the Project Ego tag team, which received fan backing, up and down the United Kingdom. Kirby was also involved in the feud of the year, in my opinion, when the Ego Dragon’s mask was removed by El Ligero, when the two faced off in a no rope, no DQ match; the looser would have to remove their mask.

This match is looking to be another blockbuster, but will the effects of the feud with El Ligero still linger on Martin Kirby’s mind? Kirby will have his back up against the world against this ring veteran, will he have enough in the tank to pick up the win? We’ll have to see.

Mark Haskins vs. UHAA NATION for the Southside Heavyweight Championship


Mark Haskins has just won the Southside Heavyweight Championship, he would have asked for an easier opponent, some “Hotdog” fans might say. Mark has been one of the best performers for Southside up there alongside Stixx, El Ligero and Martin Kirby. But he will be matched all the way, when he stands opposite UHAA Nation.

Rather surprisingly, Uhaa nation hasn’t been around the professional wrestling business for that long, he made his debut in 2009 for World Wrestling Allience 4 (WWA4), the promotion in which he trained.

He bills himself as the most complete wrestler, does he have right to say that? Obviously so. He was picked up by Dragon Gate in 2011, a promotion which is known worldwide, which has also aided him to become a better superstar.

I have been watching more of Uhaa Nation recently, this is because I am totally amazed how such a big guy can do some of the moves that he can do. Uhaa will more than likely though a few curveballs at Mark Haskins in this match, he stands a good chance of taking the Heavyweight title away from ‘Hotdog’ Haskins. For a short preview on Uhaa Nation, we will link a video for you to see him in action.


Awesome Kong vs. Kay Lee Ray


Awesome Kong, also known as Amazing Kong and of course, Kharma, will find herself up against Kay Lee Ray at the supershow, in what looks like a clear size mismatch.

This shouldn’t step between the two though, because Kay Lee Ray is a hell of a wrestler, therefore she should be able to handle Awesome Kong in the ring, even though it will be tough. Awesome Kong is a very dominant female wrestler, if not the most dominant in history.  She has no qualms slamming a female, or a male, through the mat, she possesses the unstoppable force to do such a thing!

Awesome Kong has performed for some of the largest promotions out there, WWE, TNA and Shimmer. She has also been featured on All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling.

Let’s remember, Kay Lee Ray fought Martin Kirby recently, and she pushed him almost to breaking point, in a brutal battle for the Speedking title, unfortunately she lost, but her efforts will be remembered.

Looser Leaves Southside: Dale Mills or Harvey Dale. Team Mills: Hardcore Holly and the Hunter Brothers. Team Dale: Max Angelus, Nathan Cruz and SC Supreme.


This match was announced by Southside promoter, Ben Auld in the past week, in what would decide the future of either Dale Mills or Harvey Dale; as the loser MUST leave Southside.

On paper, the obvious winner is Harvey Dale, as he has packed his team full of firepower in SC Supreme, Nathan Cruz and Max Angelus, who isn’t sure who he is at the moment. He walked out of the triple threat match at the anniversary show.

The has been a feud going on now for some time between Dale and Harvey, most notably, the arm wrestling matches, the two took part in, I would have rather seen them get in the ring for a face to face confrontation, containing various wrestling holds, submissions and finishers. But it wasn’t to be, I wonder if we will see something like that at this match?

Dale Mills appears to have selected his team with knowledge, he has selected Hardcore Holly, and the Hunter Brothers, obviously, the chemistry between the Hunter brothers could aid their team on to victory. Hardcore Holly once wrestled in the WWE, so he should fit seamlessly into the match.

Adam Curtis made some strange remarks in the aftermath of the Anniversairy show, which could see him take back what was his? What could this mean? Many are unsure, but he hinted that the Southside faithful will find out what he means at the Supershow, what are you waiting for? Could this be the beginning of House of Pain vs. Southside Wrestling Entertainment PT.2??

Kristoffer Travis vs. MK McKinnan

Two bright superstars come head to head in what will prove to be another great match, “The Future” MK McKinnan will face Kris Travis.

Kris Travis, who is the other member of Project Ego, will challenge “The Future” prove his credentials, Travis has travelled up and down the country beating countless opponents.  This is a brilliant opponent for MK, who recently overcame a triple threat match at the anniversary show, the match involved both Robbie X and Jimmy Havok.

Will MK overcome the odds to defeat Kristoffer Travis? Come to the show and find out; he wouldn’t have the name ‘The Future’ for nothing.