Dan Hallam: NXT 10/11/13


NXT opened with Sylvester Lefort asking the mystery blonde from last week what she’s up to with Alexander Rusev and told her that he is his client. The mystery woman said something is Russian and Lefort left.

Lefort made his way to the ring followed by Rusev who was accompanied by the mystery blonde woman who was revealed to be called Lana. Lefort offered Rusev money as the match began but Rusev whipped him into the ropes knocked him down with a body block and locked in the camal clutch for the quick win.

Bayley and Charlotte were talking backstage about Bayley’s headband that Summer Rae and Sasha Banks had broken. Summer and Sasha arrived and apologised for breaking it and gave Bayley a new headband. They then snatched it back off her and talked trash to Charlotte and said that they could use someone like Bayley with them and left while Bayley looked excited.

El Local made his way to the ring for a match with Leo Kruger. Kruger went straight after Local but he ducked and hit some kicks, Kruger reversed with a big spinebuster for a 2 count. Kruger hit some knees and took Local down before sending him into the corner, Kruger ran in but Local got the boot up and went up to the 2nd rope but Kruger pulled him off and sent him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Kruger followed up with a big clothesline, 3 snap suplexes and locked in a dragon sleeper for the submission.

A video was shown of Paige and Emma arguing last week. Emma said it was an accident but Paige didn’t believe her and told her to get out of her face before she rips it off.

Travis Tyler and Troy McClain were in the ring as the NXT Tag Team Champions made their way to the ring for a non-title match. The match began with Victor taking Tyler down and The Ascension made quick tags and never allowed McClain to enter the match. The Ascension made quick work of their opponents finishing Tyler off with the fall of man combo for the win. The Ascension did make a very obvious mistake here after they hit their finisher as they both rolled out of the ring and Victor had to roll back in to make the cover as he seemed to forget that he was the legal man.

Mojo Rawley ran to the ring for a match with Tye Dillenger. They tied up to start with and Mojo took Dillenger to the corner for a clean break. Tye then took Mojo to the corner and hit some chops on him. Mojo went for Tye but he reversed him into a Russian leg sweep and hit a leg drop. Mojo fought back but Tye took him down with a snapmare and locked in a chin lock. , Mojo fought up but Tye took him down by the legs and went to work on him but he once again fought back and hit a slam on Tye , sent him into the corner, hit 2 big splashes, knocked him down with a rear view and finished him off with his running banzai drop style move for the 3.

It was announced that next week Adrian Neville and Corey Graves will face off in a 2 out of 3 falls match. They have a lot to live up to in my view after the Sami Zayn, Antonio Cesaro match several weeks back.

Luke Harper made his way to the ring for the main event against Kassius Ohno. Ohno went straight after Harper hitting him with a kick and they went to work pounding away on each other. Ohno took control kicking Harper into the corner, he whipped him off but Harper reversed it and sent Ohno flying with a back body drop and took control by standing on his head and hitting some hard shots. Harper hit a slam on Ohno, took him to the corner and whipped him into the opposite corner. Ohno fought back with some chops but Harper cut him off with a big right hand. Ohno tried to fight back but Harper wouldn’t let him and put him in a headlock. Ohno fought up but Harper whipped him into the corner and continued his beat down, he whipped Ohno off the ropes but he stopped himself and when Harper ran in he hit him with a rolling elbow which sent Harper to the outside, Ohno did a dropkick through the ropes to knock Harper down as NXT went to break. Back from break and Ohno was in control. He whipped Harper off the ropes but Harper hit a big boot to send Ohno to the floor. Ohno managed to get back in the ring at the referees count of 9 but Harper hit 3 elbow drops and went for the cover. Harper continued to beat down Ohno and pulled him up by his hair before whipping him into the corner. Harper ran in but Ohno moved and rolled him up for a 2 count. Harper hit a clothesline and locked in another headlock. Ohno fought up but Harper kept control with a body block and catapulted Ohno into the bottom rope. Harper pulled him up and slapped him before running off the ropes but Ohno ran off the other ropes and hit a big kick and pounded away on Harper, hit a bulldog, dropkick and flying forearm before going to the top rope and hitting a blockbuster on Harper for a near fall. Ohno went for a neckbreaker but harper pushed him away and hit a sidewalk slam for a 2. Harper hit a big boot on Ohno for another 2 count. Ohno pulled himself back up in the corner but Harper ran in with a back elbow to him. Ohno suddenly hit a spinning elbow out of nowhere for a 2 count and followed up with a series of kicks, Ohno ran off the ropes but Harper hit him with a big clothesline for the pin and the win.

Star of the show: Kassius Ohno. He showed a lot of heart in his match with Harper and it’s a shame to hear of his release from WWE this week. Hopefully I’ll see him wrestling somewhere soon and hopefully a UK promotion signs him for a match or 2.

Match of the night: Mojo Rawley v Tye Dillenger. It was a show full of squash matches but this 1 seemed to stand out from the rest. Although Harper and Ohno got a lot more time it just didn’t seem very special whereas this match did a great job of getting Rawley over as a face and Dillenger did a great job working as a heel that really made the crowd care about the match.

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