Who will leave and what follows?


This Sunday at The Britannia Hotel in Nottingham is Southside Wrestling’s first ever supershow.

It is a stacked card and has already been previewed on lockup by my co-founder Nick but I would like to write about one match in particular which stands out on this card.

It is the loser leaves SWE match up between Team Mills and Team Dale.

Team Mills representing SWE Ring Announcer and Commentator Diamond Dale Mills comprises of The Hunter Bros and Hardcore Bob Holly.

Team Dale representing The Golden Tongue and Mouthpiece of House Of Pain Harvey Dale comprises of Nathan Cruz, Max Angelus and SC Supreme.

It is a survivor series type of match up so basically the final man left in the ring wins the match for their side.

The feud between Dale Mills and Harvey Dale has ran for some time now, initially formed during the House Of Pain and Southside feud which is still having undercurrents running through it and more recently highlighted by more personal clashes such as Dale Mills being put through the table by the House Of Pain and two arm wrestling match up’s between Dale Mills and Harvey Dale.

The point has been reached where the two men can no longer tolerate each other in any shape, manner or form so this match has been created but what will happen and what are the likely ramifications of what will happen?

An important and possibly understated third cog in this wheel is the fellow commentator to Dale Mills and that is Adam Curtis who for over a year now has worn a House Of Pain top to the show’s and has sought to undermine Dale Mills at every possible opportunity and who is now talking about introducing the trojan.

So will Adam Curtis play his trump card, this talented man on the mic has been silenced by Ben Auld the SWE promoter for over a year now leading up to this showdown, he has been restricted in showing us what he wants to tell us and what he is about and now this clever clever man has seemingly hatched a plan which could totally sway the outcome of this match up.

This begs a further question then, who or what is this trojan? Is it a decoy, is it a wrestler involved in the match up? Is it somebody else who is going to come from the back to interfere? Is it a new group? Is it Adam Curtis himself?

With the various connotations at stake what happens then if Dale Mills is the loser and has to leave SWE?

Southside lose their voice of the show, the first man that you see at most SWE shows which you attend, part of the SWE management team, a long time friend of Ben Auld from the 1PW days, part of the commentary team.

Does the self appointed voice of wrestling Rob Maltman have a part to play here? He has made it very open and clear that he wants Dale Mills’ job, Rob is a man desparate to achieve in wrestling and he would have no hesitation in taking out Mills himself if he could then step into the bearded wonder’s shoes.

How about Max Angelus, highly unpredictable of late, nobody really knowing what he is going to do next, a former friend and a very close friend previously of Harvey Dale who then turned into a man working against Harvey Dale is now on the face of it back on the side of Harvey Dale but is this a plant by Southside management?

SC Supreme, the man with the chops to knock the breath out of literally anybody has not featured in Southside for some time now but he was an integral part of the original House Of Pain invasion of Southside and is a huge advocate for Harvey Dale.

Has he been brought back to help Harvey Dale or has he been offered a key slot on a show which people felt had moved on without him in order to take Harvey Dale out once and for all with a nice little back pocketer being made to him by Ben Auld and Dale Mills in the process.

What does Hardcore Bob Holly think to this? He is always up for a fight and having studied the history of bad blood between Dale Mills and Harvey Dale and about the various nefarious antics by HOP he has decided to show his scruples and is prepared to fight on behalf of Mills but Bob Holly is going to be astonished by how hard SC Supreme hits if they get in together, he may then resent Dale Mills for putting him in against such a monster and will he then fight to the edge for his team leader?

The Hunter Bros and Nathan Cruz are on opposing sides, wonderful wrestlers all of them but The Hunter Bros have been denied tag team title shots and wins by HOP factions including the masked Stixx who is managed by Harvey Dale so they will want revenge and Nathan Cruz is a long time friend of Harvey Dale staying at his house after show’s and drinking together so he will be fiercely loyal to his team leader.

Will Stixx and The Predators long time loyalists to their manager Harvey Dale who has saved them on numerous occasions stand idly by if he looks like he is losing or will they run out and return the favour and save him?

What are the ramifications for Harvey Dale leaving Southside if he does lose?

Would it mean the end of the HOP vs SWE feud as to be honest a lot of that has been driven by Mr Dale (perhaps to aid him in retaining relevancy).

One thing for certain is that whoever leaves it means that Southside Wrestling as we have known it for at least the past 15 months will change for ever, it will either mean a whole new face of the show or it will mean no more Golden Tongue.

The match itself should be an absolute belter with what is at stake and two desparate guys on the outside driving their forces on, this is a gamechanger, this is the beginning of a new era effectively for SWE, to be part of this please go to https://www.facebook.com/NBWSouthside?fref=ts and sort out your tickets for Sunday in Nottingham.