Nick Mason: Ones for the Future: Supersonic Steve Harris


Hello and Welcome to the first edition of ‘Ones to the Future’ you guys may already be familiar with out ‘Ones to Watch’ section, this is like a spin off, that will run directly beside it. These won’t be as regular, but we have a few for you.

For our first edition, we have ‘Supersonic’ Steve Harris, of course, he is out of the House of Pain academy. A talent who has impressed thus far on the academy shows.

Steve Harris, a man who has trained for only 9 months, debuted out House of Pain shows not that long ago; significant improvement has been noted, and he has the raw talent to be something great.

Now, we aren’t suggesting the Steve is ready to run out onto the scene, but he has already wrestled outside of the HOP, at such an early stage in his already evolving career.

He looks great in training, which is what the fans don’t see, unless they want to train in wrestling that is. I personally believe that happy training is good training, this shines though, as he brings his wife to training, who actively participates as well.

Now, it is proven that you must take the rough with the smooth when you are a rookie in professional wrestling, coming from a trainee stand point, I can related to this. Many HOP fans, may remember, Steve Harris suffered a painful shoulder injury when participating in a tag team match, which featured another newcomer in Danny Draven, this injury occurred when he was thrown into the main stage. But, he is back doing what he loves, and is continuing to improve in the ring.

As this is ‘Ones for the Future’ there will be no video submission. But there will be an inverview!


Good afternoon, ‘Supersonic’ Steve Harris, How are you today? It’s a pleasure to have you on the Ones for the Future column!

SH: I’m very well, it’s a pleasure to be part of it.

How long have you trained at the House of Pain? 

SH: It was just under a year. I was quite lucky. I seemed to take to it much better than I expected and with time and effort and hard work Stixx put me up for my first match at Christmas Chaos last December.

In wrestling, who is your biggest inspiration, and did your inspiration help mold your wrestling style?

SH: Growing up, I was always a fan of the underdogs. As the youngest of 3 brothers, I always had a soft spot for Owen Hart over Bret as I felt sorry for him. Then 1-2-3 Kid (X-Pac), through to guys like Spike Dudley and Tajiri; then more modern guys like Daniel Bryan. I think I’ve drawn inspiration from a lot of these guys, but have looked to blend them and try create my own style. Also Hurricane/Gregory Helms was a massive inspiration too.

You’ve been on the lips of many House of Pain fans for a while, why do you think this is?

SH: I’m humbled if I am! I like to think my style is quite exciting and I like to have a good time when I’m out there which I think translates with the fans. I have a lot of energy and I’m always on a massive adrenaline high when I go out and if people see I’m having a good time whilst kicking butt, they’re happy too.

Since your debut at the House of Pain, you’ve been involved in both tag competition and singles competition, which do you prefer?

SH: Every match is a new adventure! Despite getting injured in that match, I had a lot of fun teaming with Matt Hall and Dynamite Murphy, and also teaming with Kane Arnell. But I’m most proud of my singles match against Alex Gracie. I came up short but I gave everything I had but it was a match that I look back on with fondness.

Elaborating on your Injury, what did you injury and how did it happen?

SH: I injured my shoulder. I was fighting with Danny Draven on the outside and got thrown in to the stage.

That sounds painful! Do you feel you are a much stronger competitor now?

SH: Definitely! I’m still a rookie but I’m learning from every match and every mistake. I’m not taking any stupid risks, anyone who saw my match with Zhukov saw how head-first I went in to that knows what I mean! I’m a lot more calculated now and know how to pick my spots.

How would you describe yourself to the typical wrestling fan, who may not have seen you in action?

SH: I would like to say like a good video game! Plenty of action, plenty of excitement and always entertaining.

So, you’re still improving as a wrestler, but you have already been out to other promotions, how long do you think it would be until you wrestle in different promotions?

SH: Well, I did a show just outside of Scunthorpe in the summer for Bob Barratt and Rebel Pro Wrestling which was a tremendous experience! It was an outdoor show on a beautiful day and I wrestled House of Pain’s own Stevie Mitchell. As far other promotions, only time will tell! I would absolutely love to get out there and experience as many promotions as possible and give them a nice look at what I can do.

Within the next five years, where would you like to be within the wrestling business?

SH: Still going strong! By that time, I’d like to have experienced different promotions, different opponents and just enjoying what I love. My wife is in training as well, so teaming with her I think would be a lot of fun as well!

Finally, for your fans, do you have any words of wisdom for them?

SH: Just keep believing in Super Sonic Steve Harris! There’s still a lot more to come before its Game Over for me.

How can fans/potential promoters contact you?

SH: On Twitter @SonicHarris and email