Nick Mason: Southside Supershow Review


After months of progressive excitement, Southside descended on the Britannia Hotel in Nottingham, for the first time. In a show which would prove to change the architecture of Southside for at least another year. A wealth of talent on show, EX WWE, TNA, Current ROH and Dragon gate USA. The talent announced was enough for the show to be considered already a good one.

Before we go any further, it is vital for me to announce to the world that I am a trainee of House of Pain, and am part of the crowd that tends to chant more than the average SWE fan, but I shall painfully put that beside me (Kind of) for the purpose of professionalism, at least that’s what i want you to believe.

It was revealed, that Shannon Moore didn’t make it into the UK, which was a shame, but the show went on without him.

Our special guest ring announcer, So Cal Val, was introduced to the Southside faithful by Diamond Dale Mills. So on went the first match, Awesome Kong vs. Kay Lee Ray.

Awesome Kong vs. Kay Lee Ray


What a way to kick off the Supershow, So Cal Val introduced the beautiful Kay Lee Ray to us for the second time in the day, but this time she came out a little more laid back, with a multi-coloured mouthpiece! However, things were spoilt moments later as Awesome Kong’s music hit, coming to us from Tokyo, Japan!

The size mismatch was evident from the get go, but it appeared that Awesome Kong is in much better shape than when she was in WWE, which has only improved her performance in the ring. Kay Lee Ray held her own during the match, which just reflects what kind of wrestler she is, she frequently goes in the ring with hard hitters and comes out smelling of roses.


This almost happened! Nightmares roll in… Now!

After a well fought contest, Awesome Kong picked up the win using her signature move, the Implant Buster.

Mark Haskins vs. Uhaa Nation – Southside Heavyweight Championship

Brilliant match, this was one of the matches I personally was waiting for, I have heard so much about Uhaa Nation over the past few months, it was finally time for me to see if he really was as good, as what I have been hearing. To sum up, he was even better than what I was hearing, a must watch, he will be in WWE soon.

Equally impressive however, Mark Haskins, although he defeated Stixx in the afternoon show, which now actually prevents him from having another title match in the next year. Hotdog once again proved why TNA took him, he consistently performs stand out matches for the Southside faithful, and has a right to sit at the top of the company, the crowd favourite.

Throughout the match, Uhaa displayed great strength and agility, which wowed the crowd, even the House of Pain section, who clearly appreciated his ability.

Uhaa looked set to win the title, as he hit Haskins with the first part of his finisher, when he went for the second part, Haskins swiftly avoided and put Uhaa in a bridged wristlock; Haskins retained the title belt.

‘Ego dragon’ Martin Kirby vs.??????????


As a result of Shannon Moore’s failure to gain entry to the United Kingdom, for apparently putting ‘Wrestler’ down on the visa form, Southside management couldn’t let the show go on without finding Kirby another opponent, this came in the shape of his Project Ego Teammate, Kristoffer Travis.

However, late on in the match, Adam Curtis turned Kris Travis, and they both walked out, resulting in the match becoming a no contest.

The Predators vs. Robbie X and??????????? – Southside Tag Team Championship


Finally, for the second element of mystery at the Supershow! Southside management had been plotting a mega plan to oust the Predators from the top of the tag team pile, as they have held the titles for well over a year.

The surprise tag team partner of one of the bright stars in Southside Wrestling, a man who just faced Uhaa Nation just 2 matches ago, ‘Hotdog’ Mark Haskins! The Southside fans cheered, and the House of Pain fans booed, as we knew if the predators was going to lose their titles, it would be right now.

The Predators started the match off brightly, and began to look dominant, obviously taking advantage of Mark Haskins’ slight injury from his match with Uhaa, and obviously fatigue as he fought so hard to retain his title belt.

This match up was never straight forward, and both teams looked to gain control numerous times throughout, but as the match grew older, we all began to wonder if it would take its toll on Haskins, but he fought on and finished the match without causing damage to himself.

Sadly, for us House of Pain fans, The Predators were dethroned, Robbie X and Mark Haskins had won the Southside Tag Team Championships. Robbie X picked up the victory after his flip off the top rope, managed to land a knee to the face of Paul Malen. Who may have been knocked out, but we must note that the knee to the face was purely accidental. It was a brilliant match, but we, the House of Pain, would have hoped that the predators could have kept their titles.

Survivor series style 6 Man Tag Match – Team Harvey Dale: SC Supreme ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz and Max Angelus ~ Team Diamond Dale Mills: The Hunter Brothers and Hardcore Holly


Finally, it was the time for the match the WHOLE crowd has been waiting for, who will leave Southside for good? Will it be Harvey Dale? Will it be Diamond ‘Stale’ Mills, this is the only time I will refer to him as this name, I promise.

Things looked exceptionally promising for Team Harvey Dale from the get go, as we, the House of Pain section, began chanting P45 directly at Diamond……. Dale Mills, as it looked likely that he would need one following this match.

SC Supreme looked like the guy that could spearhead Team Harvey Dale toward the win, as he was demanding in the ring, he provoked a very strong reaction from the crowd, as his chops were deafening. We could physically feel every time there was a chop landed on the chest of an opponent. Hardcore Holly wasn’t on the end of a chop, as Supreme could have killed his chest.

Things went from bad to worse for team DDM, as two men were eliminated, which left Hardcore Holly in the ring against Nathan Cruz. Which was never going to end well, the experience of Hardcore Holly would over shadow the talent of the showstealer, who was eliminated, not long after Supreme was eliminated. This deflated us.

It was time for Max Angelus, to finally return to us at the House of Pain, although it didn’t look likely considering his jacket, #RespectTheJacket.  However, Max Angelus looked a positive move for us, as he made quick work of Hardcore Holly, and in turn eliminated him.

It was about to go from bad to worse, for team Harvey Dale, as Max Angelus slapped both Dale and Harvey and left the match. It was time for Harvey Dale and Diamond Stale Mills to lock horns in the ring, which is what Fans from moth sections had been waiting for, for so so long. Sadly, Dale Mills managed to hit a nasty looking forearm.


It was time, for the Trojan, Adam Curtis piped up over the microphone and re orders SC Supreme to make his way back down, but referee Joel was there to usher him back toward the curtain. Curtis popped on a referee shirt, and began to make his way to the ring. Saying “I can do whatever I want.”

He did just that. He was about to get booed loudly, by the…………………………….House of Pain fans, yes, he put his friendship before our once unstoppable force, the House of Pain. He turned on Harvey Dale and bashed him over the head with a microphone.  Stale Mills took advantage and took the pin.

El Ligero vs ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters


El Ligero hasn’t been the same person since his loss in the cage match against ‘Ego Dragon’ Martin Kirby, it’s been evident that the match at the last show in St Neots has had an effect on the Masked Mexican. I heard many fans doubting El Ligero and were unsure about why he was acting the way he was. I put it this way, word for word. “El Ligero is a man who has lost his pride, he lost against his old best friend inside an extreme steel cage match, in which his mask was badly damaged; most of his pride that was lost, occurred when his mask was damaged, this all goes back to the history of the match, but that’s for a whole different article!”

Ligero almost walked out on the match early on, as he was being clearly man handled by ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters! However, he was spurred to return following Masters calling him a pussy. Ligero did return, and he return with a little more fire in his horn, but he was still being man handled by the guy who was obviously much bigger than him.

Chris Masters picked up the win after applying his much publicized ‘Master lock’. Where will Ligero go from this, within Southside?

Stixx vs. Kevin Steen


Prior to the match, Stixx announced that the match would be a Falls Count Anywhere match, ahead of the imposed No Disqualification match, which was revealed earlier in the afternoon show.

It was time for the main event of the evening, Stixx entered first followed by Ring of Honour star Kevin Steen, who go a massive cheer from the SWE Fan base, obviously not from the House of Pain, which Steen made effort to flip us the bird throughout the match.

Steen was forced into a black hole slam on the outside, which almost finished him right there and then, but it didn’t and the match rolled on.

Steen made effort to allow all SWE fans to get a look of the action, as he whipped Stixx into the corner posts, even if it was reversed momentarily, he took a few hits in this period. Stixx’s hopes of having any future kids were almost ended, as he was lifted and angrily thrown into the corner post, legs spit, OH THE MANHOOD!


(If pictures could talk, this one would describe the inside feeling of Stixx, sending his balls on a journey to another planet.

The Match continued to be back and forth, which was brilliant considering the fan split, even if it was 90% SWE fans and 10% HOP fans.

House of Pain had a day to forget, Stixx was almost beheaded by a Package Piledriver from Steen, which could have finished him right there, a very vicious slam head first into the mat, Stixx looked gone, he didn’t look himself. We thought Stixx wasn’t going to stand following the move, but he did, even though it took him a while to make it to his feet.

He was greeted for the first time by SWE and HOP fans shouting “Thank you Stixx, Thank you Stixx”


I very much enjoyed this show, even if I saw it from a House of Pain view, I lost my voice and damaged a vocal cord during this show, and it was well worth it. A Card packed full of International talent, which boasted experience. All of the elements were there, for the show to be brilliant. But the show saw some of the,  higher thought of wrestlers gain more light, such as Robbie X such as Max Angelus and I’m going to say this, maybe the most under rated SC Supreme!

I am going to single two International Talents out for individual praise.


Uhaa Nation- This was the first occasion that I saw Uhaa Nation in action, after hearing so much good about this guy. I thought what people were telling me was untrue, I have never heard of such talent. He has some of the best agility I have ever seen in a wrestling ring. His Double Backflip Senton finish was amazing and those who hadn’t heard of him in the crowd were well and truly impressed with him.

For those who don’t know Uhaa is a super massive muscular guy who moves like a wrestler weighing 100 pounds less, which is basically a freak of nature, he defies the laws of physics! Although, rules are there to be broken (When acceptable of course).

He was singled out for praise by Hardcore Holly following the show, which is just a testament to how good he is, he will be in the WWE or TNA within the next 1-3 years. If WWE can’t see such talent, they need a free eye test, in fact, here WWE, borrow mine.


Kevin Steen– Another first for me, I have heard so much about Kevin Steen, I was obviously dubious about him because of his match with Stixx. But again, for a large guy, he can move exceptionally, he hit both a cannonball and a senton of the top rope! Steen obviously shows that you don’t need the most fabulous body to be a big hit in professional wrestling.

He went toe to toe with one of Britain’s best, Stixx, and they had an exceptional match, which lead to Stixx being announced as one of his top five to wrestle in his YouTube web series, which you can check out below.

Steen looks like the genuine family man, who loves what he is doing, it was also revealed that he wasn’t feeling too good prior to this match, but he went out there and put on a blockbuster for the Supershow main event.

I can’t wait to see more of Steen, as he is the kind of wrestler I would like to become, in fact, I see the similarities already. But let’s keep that one quiet.

Now, I am going to mention my favourite stars from our shores on the show.


Mark Haskins- Mark Haskins has been pound for pound one of the best on Southside shows for a while and has deserved his great success, which has been earned not given. Since his return full time from TNA, he has shone a light into British wrestling and I personally think he can do the clean sweep of championships in Southside, maybe we will see him challenge or the Southside Speed King championship. It’s not likely but we can hope.

For the first time ever, i am lost for words, check out the video, make your own mind up!


Stixx- Now, you might think that this might be biased, considering he is the lead trainer at House of Pain, where I train, but looking passed that, it is hard not to single him out for special praise.  He continually puts on main event quality performances, even when he may not be in the main event of the show, his matches are sometimes hard for the next match to outdo.

Stixx leaves EVERYTHING in the ring, which was evident during his match with Steen in the Main event of the Supershow. Rest assured, that wasn’t just a onetime thing, this occurs every time he sets foot in the ring, promoting passion and dedication to a sport he does professionally.

Finally, thank you for sticking with us ‘till the end. This is my final review for Southside Wrestling Entertainment, as you will have Robert back on duty for the next show, I believe. I will return to doing what I do, running day to day operations of LockUP. If you enjoyed this, please share it out and let us know what you thought!

Props as always to the amazing photographer, Brett Hadley, who allows us to use his work on our blog posts. All photos were taken by him and are not to be re distributed without expressed consent from Southside Wrestling Entertainment, or the man himself.