Nick Mason: Ones for the Future: Felony


Good afternoon and welcome back to another edition of ‘Ones for the Future’ this week, we sit down with Felony, who was kind enough to shake off the rigor mortis, and speak to us.

As you may not know, Felony has been known by the House of Pain fans for a long time, as she accompanied Barricade down to the ring, before eventually debuting as a wrestler in House of Pain academy shows.  She has accompanied Barricade down to the ring for a long time; most notably during the feat of which he failed to get knocked of his feet in a year, in the House of Pain ring.

Felony trained for over two years, to get the spot on the show that she has always wanted, she has just recently been announced as part of a spin off promotion; LCW Roses. We wish her the best of luck in that, and hope that the female wrestlers that are put in with her don’t get too badly hurt! She will tear anybody apart that is put in front of her! Which is displayed by her bloody ring gear!

Her style is at best described as creepy and other worldly, she is certainly a different character who adds depth to the House of Pain academy shows.

I am personally happy that characters such as Felony are beginning to re-emerge onto the scene, I believe this helps Professional Wrestling tell a story, which is of course an art form if done correctly.

If you see Felony staring you down; run for your life.

As Felony is a new wrestler to the scene, we do not have video footage of her; but we do have an interview! If you are interested in seeing Felony wrestle, visit the House of Pain wrestling academy or attend an LCW: roses show.


Hello and how are you today?
F: Still dead Nick

Good, well. Kind of, so let’s move on! How long have you been training with House of Pain?
F: I’ve been darkening the door for over 2 years now.

So you’ve been around for just over two years, how do you think your training has gone during this period of time?
F: It hasn’t been easy, wrestling isn’t something that has come easily to me, I’ve struggled now and again, especially when the rigor mortis (Stiffening in muscles after death) sets in, but Stixx is a great trainer, he lets me be myself, as disturbing as that can be for some people and helps bring out the best in me…or worst, whichever the way people choose to see it.

Who is your biggest inspiration in wrestling, did this impact the way you are?
F: Unusually for a girl I’ve always enjoyed watching the male power house wrestlers the most, such as Kane, The Undertaker, Mick Foley and Abyss. Their imposing size and scary appearances appealed to me, particularly when they occasionally take it to another level and do ‘hardcore’ matches. So I suppose in a way they inspired me to get into wrestling but obviously, taking into account my size, in a style that suited me. These days I watch the women closely and it’s hard not to be inspired by the likes of Mickie James, Gail Kim, Daffney, Mscheif, Winter, Angelina Love, Tara, ODB and Stephanie McMahon for their wrestling skill and/or the way they handle themselves characteristically.

How would you describe yourself as a wrestler?
F: I’m not a technician, high flyer or power house, maybe occasionally a bit of a brawler but I don’t think I have a particular style people would recognise or classify, I just get in there and do my thing and to be honest Nick, I’m not someone who particularly cares if I win or lose, for me it’s all about the amount of pain and suffering I can inflict on my opponent, or anyone else who’s nearby!

You also worked with Barricade as a manager, prior to your wrestling debut. How did that go for you?
F: He’s the House of Pain Heavyweight Champion, I think that speaks for itself.

What was the best thing about managing?
F: Well for one thing you get the best view of the match! But for me I would say it is a great way to prepare for wrestling yourself, it gets you used to working out in front of the crowd, plus when you do get your first match they already know what you’re about and react accordingly, certainly helped me a lot.

Now that you have made your pro wrestling debut, do you feel like a lot of pressure has been lifted from your shoulders?
F: Not so much pressure as frustration, I can finally get my hands on the people who deserve to know what my pain feels like!

You are going to be part of a new start up promotion named LCW: Roses, how does it feel to be a part of such a promotion, fighting against some of the best female wrestlers in the country?
F: I’m pleased to be involved in a new all women’s wrestling promotion, with some top talent it will help me gain experience and ruin some pretty faces!

Who are you most looking forward to tearing apart?
F: Lets see…. That Violet Vendetta sorta thinks she’s a bit special doesn’t she, I’ve seen her posing in her so called ‘glamorous 50’s pin-up’ pictures all over the place. She won’t want to have her picture taken when I’m finished with her!

Do you have any words for fans of LCW: Roses?
F: Be afraid, be very afraid.

There are a bunch of promoters reading this section, do you have any words for them?
F: I have something unusual to offer and death comes to us all eventually.

Brilliant, well, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today, more importantly, thanks for not ripping my head off.
F: there’s still time.