Nick Mason: Ones to Watch: Barricade


Good afternoon to all readers of LockUP, today we are inducting Barricade into the Ones to Watch column. So sit back, by the fire, with a consumable of your choice.

Barricade was trained by ‘The Heavyweight House of Pain’ Stixx at the House of Pain wrestling academy, and has seen great success on the academy shows, as well as when destroying other promotions from the inside out. He is lead to the ring by Felony, a creepy character who we have inducted to the Ones for the Future column in the past.

Barricade has been part of the House of Pain academy for over four years, and has dominated its academy shows, since making his debut. Two of his most recent feats include: Not being knocked of his feet during any matches for the academy in a year, of course this ended when he faced LJ Heron for the House of Pain championship. His second of course is winning that championship!

He is the type of wrestler that would make anybody with a sane mind shake in their boots, you put him in the ring with anybody stupid enough to think they can beat him, it’s going to be a very very bad day for his opponent. Barricade tends to lash out at times, we saw this on the academy show, when he destroyed young Matt Tornado, when he was taking part of Chevy Roodes public workout!

Barricade has already been out and about, and has worked for a wealth of promotions these include: PPW, PAID, GWA, NGW, Allstar, TIW, TAW and EAW.

Barricade needs that bigger stage, more often, not disrespect intended. EAW are a brilliant promotion to work for, the fans there are great, I reckon Barricade could improve tenfold whilst wrestling for that promotion.

We have a video for this edition of Ones to Watch; which is followed by a text based interview!





Good afternoon, Barricade. How are you feeling today?

B: Today I feel great!! It’s dark, it’s cold, just how I like it!!!

Brilliant, well, kind of. So, how long have you trained with the House of Pain?

B: Very recently I celebrated my 4 year anniversary at HOP

You’ve been in training for a while, who was your inspiration?

B: Originally my good friend and the uncrowned Full Throttle Champion, Benjamin Sinn (Virus) but more recently the wisdom and downright brutal leadership of Felony!!! What kept me going was knowing this is what I wanted!!! This is why I was given a huge powerful body!!!! Felony helped me see that whatever I wanted was mine for the taking!!!!!!

So, would you say that having a manager has helped to make your task easier? Considering all of the hate you receive from the crowd?

B: It’s not a question of making it easier!!!!! She gave me focus, she made me realise what it was I wanted and pushed me to become exactly that!!!! As for the crowd, what they think of me means nothing to me!!!!

So, you debuted in House of Pain a while ago, you’ve been on shows consistently month on month, what is the secret?

B: Again I think it all comes down to focus!! This past year has been a true showing of how dominant I can be!! The fact is in over a year now I haven’t been beaten in singles competition for HOP!!!!

You’ve worked for other wrestling promotions, who have you worked for?

B: The first place to taste my wrath was PPW in West Bromwich. Since then I have gone on to wrestle for PAID, GWA, NGW, Allstar, TIW, TAW and EAW!!! I have faced a wide variety of opponents but have always maintained my aggressive and ruthless approach!!!!!

Ok, back to the House of Pain and your dominance, you weren’t knocked off your feet for a year, leading to the title match with LJ Heron, do you think this could have cost your opponents the match, before they stood across from you in the ring?

B: I think as much as they may have looked confident getting in the ring across from me, deep down they knew it was going to take a miracle for them to be victorious!!!!

I think everybody knew it, but you finally picked up the HOP Championship in that match, what did it feel like to finally pick up the HOP championship, despite being on top for so long?

B: Being handed the belt finally proved to the world what we (myself and felony) had always known!!! That given just one chance I would take that championship away from LJ Heron!!!!!

What would you most like to improve about yourself? Or do you believe you’re the full package, ready to destroy anybody?

B: I am confident that no matter who is put in front of me they will suffer the same fate as everybody else!!!! To end the match staring up as Felony raises the hand of the victorious HOP Champion!!!!!!!

Are there any plans for you and Benjamin Sinn to branch out into the tag team division? To collect the clean sweep of titles?

B: I like your thinking Nick!!!!! Maybe just maybe this could happen one day!!!! All I would say is that Zak Northern and the new Tag Team champions Kid Danger and Moustachio should watch their backs!!!!

So, the House of Pain evolved a few months ago, a new promotion was formed in House of Pain: Evolution. When the promotion returns in the New Year, do you have any targets, considering you kidnapped individuals and destroyed Tyson T-Bone?

B: I still have a lot of unresolved issues with T-bone!! My issues are my own but suffice to say he will also have to continue watching his back!!!

Looking at the bigger picture, where would you like to be dominating in five years?

B: Wherever and whoever is brave or stupid enough to stand in my path!!!

If there are any promoters out there reading this, which there will be, do you have any words for them?

B: Book me and I will show you the meaning of destruction!!!!

And finally, for the people who may not get the picture of who you are, how would you explain yourself?

B: I’m 6’4, 280lbs of anger and twisted pain!!!! If you want any more then ask one of my many victims!!!!!!

We would like to thank you for taking the time out to take this interview! Thank you for not making me your next victim!

B: You are welcome, now get the hell out of my face before I change my mind!!!!!!