Dave Bodymore: Ring of Honor 4/1/14

Whilst many will name NXT as the best hour of wrestling on TV at the moment, I would argue that ROH tv is as good if not better most weeks of the year. The first episode of ROH TV for 2014 is no different as we see two matches from Final Battle at the Hammerstein Ballroom in December 2013.

Match one on this weeks episode see’s ‘The Last Real Man’ Silas Young take on Mark Briscoe in a Strap Match. Mark Briscoe had taken umbridge with the fact that Young claims to be the last real man and felt that he needed to teach Young a lesson just like his father would with him. The match very quickly moved to the outside where Young used the strap to propel Mark Briscoe into the barriers. Both men battled hard with Mark utilising the strap best to inflict pain on Young. After hitting the Froggy-Bow it looked like Briscoe was going to touch all 4 corners and win the match but as he was making his way to the fourth corner Silas through himself out the ring meaning Briscoe has no way of reaching the fourth corner. With Mark pulled to the apron Young launched him off the apron and onto the mats on the outside of the ring. With Briscoe now on his shoulders he made his way round the ring touching 3 corners with ease, what Young didn’t notice was that Briscoe was touching the corners as well, and as they reached the fourth corner Mark slid down Young’s back and tried to pull him away from the corner. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t stop ‘The Last Real Man’ touching the final turnbuckle pad and gaining the victory at one of ROH’s biggest shows of the year.

The Main event of this weeks episode is the World title match from Final Battle as Adam Cole defends his title against Michael Elgin and Jay Briscoe. Cole won the 16 man World title tournament and became World Champion after Briscoe had to forfeit the title due to injury. His main opponent during this time has been Michael Elgin and as number one contender it was scheduled to be these two men one on one at Final Battle. Jay Briscoe has had other plans though as he protests that he is still the real world champion after never being beaten. In his current unstable mindset he has had his own ROH title belt made and was given the chance to win a spot in the title match by matchmaker Nigel McGuinness. He beat Kevin Steen at The Golden Dream to earn his spot and make the Final Battle title match a triple threat match.

This weeks Main event will set a high standard for ROH to keep up for the rest of the year, as I am sure anyone who has seen these three men work would have expected. Unlike most traditional 3 man matches there are very few moments where you only have 2 in the ring and 1 man resting and between the three men they came up with several creative and exciting spots that need seeing to fully appreciate. As the match progressed it began to descend into chaos as both Elgin and Briscoe, who had formed an unlikely alliance, double chokeslammed Cole through a table at ringside. As Briscoe and Elgin battled on the apron both men fell through the commentary table and it looked as though Adam Cole would retain via a count out as he shouted at the ref to count. As Briscoe and Elgin returned to their feet Matt Hardy ran to ringside and hit his Twist of Fate on Briscoe. This brough Mark Briscoe to ringside and as the Briscoe Brothers fought with Hardy on the outside of the ring Michael Elgin powerbombed Cole from in the ring to the outside and onto the 3 men. Not satisfied with this Elgin hit the ropes and launched himself over the top rope and landing on top of Hardy, Cole and the Briscoes.

With all the mayhem at ringside Jay Briscoe managed to get a stronghold on the match again and hit Michael Elgin with back to back Jay Driller’s but both only managed to gain him a 2 count. As Jay lined up a third Jay Driller, Mark Briscoe and Matt Hardy began to fight on the outside again. This momentarily distracted Jay and allowed Cole to hit him with a superkick. With Briscoe down Adam Cole rolled Elgin up and, with a handful or his gear to assist, held him down for the 3 count and retained his title.

With much talk in recent months of a mentor for Adam Cole it seems that Matt Hardy must be that man and as Cole celebrated Hardy hit both Mark and Jay with Jay’s custom belt. Cole then went to hit Elgin with the ROH belt but was blocked only for Hardy to hit the Twist of fate on Elgin. The two men continued to celebrate in the ring but this was cut short as the familiar music of a man who has not been in ROH for a while hit and Chris Hero returned through the crowd to hit both men with roaring Elbows.

If you are looking for a good hour of exciting wrestling and interesting storylines you will not go far wrong by watching Ring of Honor right now! Many people have become disillusioned with TNA, who were the alternative option to WWE at one stage, and ROH are in a perfect position to capitalise on this. With the returns of Chris Hero and AJ Styles to ROH competition coming to TV soon there is no better time to sign up now on there website, where you can watch the TV show every week as well as get great discounts on ROH merchandise. Go to http://www.rohwrestling.com to find out more about membership options.